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GRILLÉ v Wallace


Jan 1, 2000
San Francisco, CA
I'll add injury to your insult

* pain GRILLÉ RP for C14.

"Is funny, no?"

[FADE IN: on a brick wall in a location that doesn't mean a thing. The wall, however, has been spray painted. The words scrawled across the wall read "Viva la pain GRILLÉ" in purple. Standing before said wall is a man. His body scarred. He wears a pair of purple Ray Bans and a kerchief over his mouth. He wears a sleeveless black shirt with a flaming piece of toast on it and skinny leg purple jeans. Flip flops to top it off. Hands on hips.]

[He's PAIN GRILLÉ. Leader of the French Foreign Legion. Member of the New Era roster.]

[And his body language screams unimpressed.]

"Zis... Zis Wallace character. 'e is supposed to be, 'ow you say, 'umerous?

"I, 'owever, do not see zee funny side of zis. In fact, if I saw anyt'ing at all... It would zis front office going out of it's way to insult me. I see it crystal clear. In fact, I saw zis comin' zee second I signed a contract avec zis hideous mess of a wrestling promotion."

[GRILLÉ folds his arms across his chest, snarling behind the kerchief. He points to his temple.]

"Why did I t'ink zat New Era would be any different from zee federations zat 'ave insulted me previously? Why did I t'ink zat for one second zis place would treat wit' un petit shred of dignity? Zey 'ave gone out of zeir way to spit in my face."

[GRILLÉ lifts the kerchief and spits on the ground before putting it back in place. He throws his hands up in defeat.][/i]

"A clown? Really? You put me in zee ring avec monsieur funny man?

"Please. Why don't you just piss on me?"

[He points aggressively down the barrel of the camera.]

"'ere is zee t'ing, mon ami... Now I 'ave been put in zis situation where you insult me I am left wit' only one option.

"I 'ave to destroy you."

[GRILLÉ slowly nods his head, as if there were no actions left in the world.]

"I will show you zat I am zee Greatest T'ing Since Sliced Bread. I will tear you apart not for zee benefits of myself but out of spite. Spite of 'ow New Era 'as decided to treat me. Out of spite for 'ow I 'ave always been treated.

"When we meet, Wallace, I will crush you beneat' my boot's 'eel."

[GRILLÉ puts his index fingers into his dimples, mocking a smile.]

"Zen we see 'oo is laughing."

[GRILLÉ holds a defiant fist up.]


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