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Gunnar Van Patton

The Red Hood

Mar 12, 2013
Gotham City
Handler Information

Name: Duane / Tony / That Asshole / Whatever
Email Address: zombiekillerzero@gmail.com
Best Way to Contact You: Skype or email
eWrestling Experience: fWo, DEF, ACW, jOlt, NBW
How did you find DEFIANCE? Repeat offender (I talk to Mikey and Gorman)
Are you willing to write matches? Yes, I prefer to.

Writing Sample
(If Lindz wants a longer match, I have some ready.)

namae wa NAITO NAITO
katachi mo NAITOoooo
watashi no AI TO AI SO
sakai no KATTOUooooo

Yeah, KARI had beaten Fight Man, a veteran of the roster. Yeah, she squashed a delusional, piece-of-crap nobody on 183. But make no mistake: this was her first real test since making her debut back at Carnivale.

But if KARI was nervous or worried at all, she didn't show it. As she emerged from the back just as the post-rock noise gave way to more female Japanese crooning, she wore her usual condescending smirk, and even gave off a slight laugh. Excited fans on both sides of the aisle reached out to touch her as she walked down the rampway, only to be avoided or worse...

"Um. No. Keep your hands to yourself, moocher."

The Objectivist Princess made her way up the steel steps and into the ring via a slingshot over the top rope. She hopped up to the middle rope, using her high vantage point to look over the mass of humanity on hand for tonight's event. Though, she wished she hadn't, as the very sight of some of the fans made her sick to her stomach.

"I thought they didn't feed you fuckers well." she muttered. "Some of you clearly found Gadaffi's secret food supply."

Once descending from the ropes, she looked to adjust her boots when air raid sirens played throughout the arena. Soldiers with the monochromatic stars and bars emblazoned on their chest marched on the tron. The sirens stopped and without warning, red, white, and blue pyro exploded from the stage.


From the very ceiling of the arena, one Gunnar Van Patton repelled down to the top of the entrance ramp. With the black and white confederate flag waving on the tron, GVP kept his back to the ring, enjoying the chanting of the crowd.


He slowly tied his rebel flag bandana over his damaged eye and he spun in place and pointed his gun-shaped hand at the waiting KARI. He started his march down to the ring with a devilish grin upon his face due to seeing the utter contempt his opponent had for him. He made sure to smack as many hands as possible by extending both arms out to each side of the isle. The Confederate stopped about half way down to tie a black bandana around a young blonde boy's head, as if he were a wild west outlaw.

"I'm just shocked you picked the only blonde kid in attendance tonight." KARI said with a slight grin.

Once tightening the bandana, GVP raced to the ring and leapt up to the apron with ease. He looked to the still chanting crowd before launching himself up to the top in one fluid motion and executing a backflip into the ring to which the crowd threw black and white streamers into the ring. He spun around and pointed a pair of pistol-shaped hands at KARI before turning them skyward and spewing a blast of red mist into the air.

His bulletproof vest was quickly removed and discarded, much to the delight of many females in the crowd. Though, the same couldn't be said for the Deep Cutter, who was eager to get started.

With the tolling of the ring bell, the two fighters stepped out to the middle of the ring. Cocky as ever, GVP smirked at his female foe. KARI wasn't impressed and was surely not going to cower in the presence of the Confederate. Van Patton sized her up and spat some tobacco juice down at her feet.

"Now, Ah ain't above hittin' a lady," GVP smiled. "However, Ah wasn't exactly ready to wrestle tonight, so how's about Ah be a gentleman and offer ya the chance to mosey up that there ramp and Ah save ya from the biggest ass-whoopin' of yer life?"

"Well, golly gee, mister," KARI replied all sweet and innocent, obviously pouring on the sarcasm. "That's so nice of you! Such a southern gentleman! Though, I know I'm just a woman and all, but how about you shut the fuck up and watch me hand you your ass?"

Van Patton was not amused.

"If that's how ya want it, little lady. Don't say Ah didn't try."

"Shut up and fight, hillbilly."

The ScandinAzn pulled her hands up in a fighting stance, which makes GVP's eyes widen upon seeing it.

"Oh yeah, Ah heard yer quite the striker. Though, Ah've yet to see anythang impressive."

GVP brings his hands up in a Muay Thai stance, as the two begin to circle.

"Ya liftin' those tree trunks ya like to call legs to kick me... NOW, THAT WOULD BE IMPRESSIVE!"

That struck a chord KARI and she came charging toward her opponent with a left hand, which GVP avoided by leaning to the right. The same hand tried to backhand immediately after the miss only to have her foe duck under it. A right hand to the body was snagged by Van Patton's right hand at the wrist, but he had to release it to block and incoming left hand. GVP leaned back to avoid a wild right hand aimed for his jaw and had to duck and backpedal quickly to avoid a trio of spinning punches. A right hand from KARI was caught at the wrist and so was a left. She instantly tried to kick the Southern Soldier's right leg out from under him using her right leg. This made GVP release her left arm and she kicked her other arm free with the same leg. She exploded with a simple front kick that her foe deflected while jumping backwards. GVP was now up against the ropes and his foe tried to drive her boot through his chest. He side stepped it and had to swat away a left-footed thrust kick. A vicious right hand was deflected and GVP quickly re-positioned himself in the middle of the ring.

"Maybe if ya lost a little weight, thunder thighs, ya might be able to actually hit me. Ah mean they're surely long enough to reach across the Gulf of Mexico."

Seeing the devilish smirk on her enemy's face, the OP growled and tried for roundhouse. Van Patton blocked it with his left arm and he slipped under a huge leaping rendition of the same kick. In the blink of an eye, KARI tried for a hurricane kick with her left and a straight kick aimed at her opponent's head. GVP was able to narrowly avoid the first and blocked the second, only to have her never drop the leg and snap her leg at the knee for a second. Barely getting his hand up in time, Van Patton deflected kick and deflected the following right hand. Lefts and rights came flying at the Confederate from all angles and he amazed everyone by keeping up with his lightning fast enemy. KARI was able to snag one of her foe's arms off a blocked strike and quickly apprehended the other. A quick twist by her crossed GVP's arms and the two engaged in a quick tug of war that allowed her to catch her foe in the ribs and then, in the thigh with kicks. She spun around and used his locked arms to snapmare the Confederate over to which he instantly positioned himself in a one-armed pushup, which he did made sure to do five repetitions of.

"That the best ya got? You hit like a girl. Worse yet, like Min!"

Oh yeah, that pissed the ScandinAzn off. She didn't even give GVP a chance to stand up. She tried to sweep his left hand out from under him to which he countered by switching hands. She looked to sock him in the jaw with a roundhouse and he fell flat to the ground to avoid it. He then had to launch himself up off the floor and into the air to avoid the spinning back heel kick coming right at him. He used the push to reposition his hands and execute a front handspring to his feet. A brutal leaping sidekick struck GVP in the chest and forced him to stumble back into the corner.

Van Patton looked down at his chest and casually brushed off the spot where she struck him, before locking eyes with his opponent.

"I'm going to to put the next one through your face, you condescending hillbilly fuck."

"Is that right, darlin'?"

Not even taking a fighting stance, Van Patton marched out to the center of the ring and got right in his foe's face.

"Ah could be wrong, but that attire had to come from the men's department, as Ah reckon they don't make sizes that big in women's."

KARI roared and fired off a right hand. It was caught by GVP with both hands and immediately pressed to her chest. A left was blocked and the follow-up right was once again pushed against the Deep Cutter's body. A wild left was brushed aside. Her right hand whipped over GVP's head and she tried to chop him, using the overswing as a windup. Yet, Van Patton shoved it back against her chest. Giving her no space to breathe, let alone work, GVP kept his body nearly pressed against her's matching her attempts at stepping backwards. KARI's rage building an building with each second. She roared once more while unleashing a left hand. GVP pinned her arm against her with his left hand and cocked his right arm back. He could've socked her right in the mouth with one of his patented Muay Thai elbows, but he didn't.

Knowing he was disrespecting her, she tried for a right, but had him use her own left arm to deflect the punch and stop just mere centimeters from her stomach with a punch from his free hand.

KARI snarled and forced both of her arms downward, leaving her face wide open for GVP to throw a Muay Thai elbow that came to a halt right before her jaw.

The female warrior was at her breaking point. She broke her hands free with a roar and landed an quick left-right-left to GVP's chest. A wild right was caught, but a left struck the soldier in the ribs. The Objectivist Princess tried for a left to the head and had it blocked. However, with GVP's hands busy, she was able to send him back into the ropes with a brutal front kick to the dead center of her foe's chest.

That shot was picture perfect and dropped the Confederate to one knee.

"Not talking shit, now, huh, you slave-owning fuck?"

Van Patton rose up to his feet and tightened his bandana.

"Missy... Ah'm gonna somehow make ya uglier than ya already are."


Like a rocket, KARI flew towards her opponent and tried for a right-footed sidekick aimed right at his face. Quicker than a hiccup, GVP caught her leg by the ankle and twisted it slightly before delivering an axe kick down across the back of her knee that violently sent her face first to the mat.

Clutching at her leg in pain, but never letting her eyes leave her foe, KARI was boiling with rage.

"Honey, I reckon ya should be more careful with those big ol' clod-hoppers. Somebody might actually get hurt."

GVP cracked his neck with a quick twist and brought his hands up, as his foe climbed back to a vertical base. The fire in her eyes had become a raging inferno of hatred.

"Such anger... is it that time of the month?"

"You're fucking dead." KARI spat.

"Bring it, Sasquatch."

The American Avenger couldn't help but smirk devilishly and began to bounce up and down with his fists held up like he was Guile from Street Fighter. The fighters began to circle and KARI was the first to step forward. That was a really poor choice. GVP unleashed a roundhouse that swept not only one leg, but both legs out from under the female warrior, sending her crashing down ungracefully to the mat.

Refusing to show any fear, the Deep Cutter hurried back up to a vertical base and bent her leg at the knee a few times to relieve some of the pain caused by two strikes in a row to it. She wiped her nose with her thumb and brought her hands up to match her foe. Like a pair of boxers, the duo met in the middle of the ring and despite the referee's pleas to open their hands, the two looked to do battle the way they both loved to.


A left-handed jab by GVP split his foe's two hands and snapped her head back. KARI took a moment to check her mouth. There are no words to describe how that pissed the female off.

"You cocksucker..." the Objectivist Princess snarled, which only made GVP grin evilly.

The two squared off and before KARI could think...


A second did the same and even with her eyes starting to water, KARI's rage overcame the effects with ease. There was one thing she didn't like and that was anyone touching her flawless face. She was uber-protective of her looks and it was a sure fire way to piss her off. However, giving up that info was really the wrong thing to do with her opponent.

Testing his foe, the Confederate faked a pair of jabs, causing his enemy to hop backwards with each. Not wanting to stay on the defensive, the OP threw two jabs of her own to which GVP just casually smacked them away like they were meaningless.

"Aww... What's the problem, ya Amazonian abomination? Worried that Ahm gonna ruin those good looks?" asked and offered his chin. "IMPOSSIBLE. Now, quit yer fuckin' around and hit me."

A growl slipped out of the female fighter and she tried a left-right combination. With his left, GVP smacked away the initial left and deflected the following right and then, rocked her jaw with a solid right hand.

KARI stumbled back into the ropes and before she could react, the Star-Spangled Soldier was on top of her. Instinctively, the ScandinAzn covered up her head. Noticing it, GVP tried to drive his left hand through her abdomen with a trio of body shots that opened up the tiniest of openings for him to smack her in the ear with a huge right.

That was all that was needed to take KARI off her feet. Her stay on the mat was a short one with GVP pulling her up to her feet and out to the middle of the ring. A left to the ribs, a left to the jaw, a right to the jaw, and a right-handed spinning backfist left the young upstart out on her feet. She could do nothing, as Van Patton pulled out an old favorite from the lucharesu playbook, the Ultimo Dragon kick combination.

"Come on now. Ah thought ya liked that lucharesu shit?" GVP asked his fallen opponent and casually kicked her in the side of the head, as she got to all fours. "Ah think that last kick might have actually improved yer looks."

Van Patton pulled his foe up to her feet and electrified the crowd with a brutal Muay Thai elbow. The impact back KARI up into the ropes and she was immediately whipped to the other side of the ring. GVP charged at his foe and missed her with a lariat. The two fighters hit opposite ropes and the Southern Soldier sent the newcomer crashing to the mat rather unceremoniously with a rolling leg sweep.

The strike worked on two levels, as it once again struck KARI's leg and it sent her face first into the mat. Van Patton was up in a flash courtesy of a front handspring, but once upright, he took his time pulling her up to one knee. A stiff, low kick to her damaged leg and he quickly followed it up with one of his patented roundhouses to her chest.


KARI could only crumble to the mat and clutch at her chest in agony.

"That's how ya hit somebody where Ah come from."

Leading his sore opponent to the corner by her hair, GVP propped her up only to smack her in the jaw with a stiff back elbow. An Irish whip sent KARI racing to the opposite corner where she gripped the top rope and looked to launch herself over the approaching Van Patton. No newcomer to the squared circle, Van Patton was able to catch her leg in midair and use her own momentum to deliver a kneebreaker.

Never once releasing her leg, GVP instantly pulled her up for what looked to be an Argentinean backbreaker, only to flip her off his shoulders and down face first across his knee.

The stunned KARI was an easy target for the American Avenger to explode off the with a busaiku knee kick.

Van Patton couldn't help but take a moment to bask in the approval of the crowd, bowing to all four sides of the ring, while his enemy lay motionless on the mat. GVP took his time making his way over to the newcomer, allowing her to get to one knee before he pulled her all the way to her feet.


Another low kick followed by a roundhouse sent KARI literally flying back into the ropes and she found herself soon hurrying to the far ropes. A ricochet handspring off the ropes and the OP came flying back at her enemy with a twisting gamengiri.

"I'll show this fucker," KARI snarled while getting back to a vertical base.

GVP was quickly back on his feet, but he was off-balance and he stumbled into the ropes. KARI raced to the corner and ran up the ropes, only to leap off of them and send Van Patton tumbling out to the apron with a pinpoint accurate sidekick to the mouth.

There was no chance she was going to let up.

"Van PATTTTTTTTTON!" she roared and delivered a front dropkick through the ropes, catching her seated foe in the side of the head.

With his brain just rattled in his head, GVP found it difficult to stand out on the floor and he was in no position to stop his opponent, as she came crashing down upon him with a beautiful triangle moonsault.

"You touched my face, you fucking hillbilly inbred piece of racist SHIT," KARI barked at the fallen GVP and slapped him in the face. "Let's see how well you can talk shit with a broken FUCKING JAW!"

Soon enough, Van Patton was backed against the security barrier. He was breathing heavy, as KARI stretched out her leg, hoping to get some blood pumping through it. The constant use of her leg, especially with the high risk move, didn't lessen the pressure on it. However, his opponent was not going to hold back and she took the opportunity to smack him in the abdomen with a roundhouse of her own.

"How do you fucking like it, hillbilly boy?"

A second was delivered to nearly the same spot.


"Ya know... It only hurts when Ah laugh," GVP chuckled and held his torso. "Ah reckon when yer done ticklin' me, ya can kick me like ya mean it."

"You cocky prick!"

KARI snarled through gritted teeth, blocking out the soreness in her leg, and threw all she had into a third kick that buckled GVP's legs, forcing him to crouch against the security barrier.

With a handful of hair, KARI led him back to the ring and shoved her adversary back into the ring. She met him at a vertical base, delivering a wicked reverse knife-edge chop and a solebutt right to the Confederate's gut. The kick stunned the Texan and allowed The Objectivist Princess to dart to the ropes. Exploding out of the ropes, KARI looked for a lucha-style satellite headscissors. Van Patton would not budge at the first attempt to take him over, so she held onto him like a pillar or strength and whipped around behind him before locking her powerful legs around his head once more, this time sending him flying.


The momentum had GVP land across the middle rope. In no time flat, KARI delivered both her legs right into his face with a gorgeous tiger spin kick, or 619 to our American fans.

Be it from instincts or the will to win, Van Patton refused to stay down. However, with where the pieces were positioned on the chess board, he probably should have. Dazed and off-balance, GVP staggered right into position for KARI to leaping off the top rope courtesy of a springboard.


An object in motion stays in motion. It is a simple principle and KARI was a shining example of it. She raced to the ropes as fast as she could and ricocheted off the middle rope.


Despite her amazing display of athletic ability, the crowd wasn't too fond of the young upstart and she made sure they knew the feeling was mutual by flipping the bird to an obvious smark in the crowd, as she went for a cover.

"Ah reckon that's the end of this chapter." KARI smirked, deliberately imitating his Southern drawl (badly).




Showing he had some fuel left in the tank, GVP launched his foe off of him and sat right up.

"Count faster, you moron..."

KARI was anything but pleased by the referee not counting to three. That was definitely no secret. She dragged her opponent back up and waffled him with a kick to the stomach. It looked like another DDT might be in the Southern Soldier's future and he knew it. A Muay Thai elbow struck the female fighter's sore leg, instantly breaking the Confederate free of the front face lock. He once again caught her with a shinbreaker.

Without letting her fall to the floor, Van Patton transitioned right into something a bit more brutal.


That made the entire arena groan, as KARI was deposited right on her head. With his foe lifeless on the mat, GVP battled back up to a vertical base and used his tactical glove as a napkin to wipe his mouth. He took a deep breath to collect himself and with authority, he scooped his adversary up off the mat. An Irish whip rocketed the Deep Cutter into the ropes. A lariat missed its target and KARI looked for another satellite headscissors. However, the well-schooled Van Patton had other ideas...


GVP was not afraid to return the favor with some lucharesu flavor of his own and he did so at just the right time. He had his foe locked in a submission that torqued her leg in the dead center of the ring. KARI roared in pain and that was nothing more than a sign for Van Patton to apply more pressure. He stretched her leg for all he was worth. The OP snarled and growled. Her will to win matching her opponent's. She refused to submit, but she knew that she couldn't take very much more. She curled herself up, so she was practically sitting on GVP's shoulders. There was only one way out and she was not above taking it. She dug her fingers deep into her foe's, giving him the choice of breaking the hold or going blind.

The hold was broken, but KARI was in no position to take advantage. She held her leg close in agony, unable to even move it without a surge of pain raging through her body. The American Avenger fought off the effects of the eye rake and whether KARI liked it or not, she was forced to use her leg due to GVP launching her into the corner. He raced in after her, but was stopped in his tracks by a spinning back elbow to the jaw. The strike rocked the Confederate's head back and left him an easy target for the ScandinAzn to explode off the middle rope.


Making sure to hook her foe's legs, as she pinned him to the mat.




Using his great leg strength, Van Patton was able to get his opponent off just in the nick of time. KARI ran her fingers through her hair and looked at the mat in disbelief.

"Fucking hell..."

She was sure that she had him that time, but it was just not meant to be. KARI was first to her feet and she took the opportunity to collect some energy, while GVP was battling to get up off all fours. He had just gotten upright when a roundhouse to the chest made his entire body quake from the impact. Harkening back to his lycan days, Van Patton growled and was met with a second kick that forced him back into the corner. She whipped him into the far corner.


With her eruption, KARI charged towards her foe and fired her foot right at his face with an attempted Yakuza kick. However, Van Patton was not going to just let his handsome face get ruined. He snagged her foot coming in, shocking his opponent. A trio of elbows were driven into the OP's knee and put a horrifying cherry on top.


With no wasted motion, the Confederate snatches his adversary up and locked on a crossface chicken wing. It was no secret that the application of that submission means you're about to be dumped on your head and given a one way trip to Crystal Lake. KARI was no fool. She noticed the positioning right away. In a flash, she hurried towards the corner and slipped her head between the top and middle rope, slamming her foe facefirst into the turnbuckle.

Her leg was tighter than a virgin on prom night and just putting weight on it felt like absolute death. She refused to let that stop her, as she raced to the ropes. His nose colliding with the corner made his eyes water and he could do nothing to stop what was about to come next.


KARI scurried over to her fallen foe and drapes her body over him.




This time even the capacity crowd couldn't believe that Van Patton had escaped defeat with KARI spiking him on his head so violently. KARI slapped the mat in outright rage. She was fuming that her foe just would not accept defeat. She burst to her feet and was chomping at the bits, motioning for GVP to get up.

"Alright you fucker. Get your redneck, hillbilly, tobacco-chewing, inbred piece of useless SHIT ass up! I'm going to kick your teeth down your goddamn throat!"

The Confederate rose up and with KARI's rage overpowering the pain in her leg, alternating kicks struck him repeatedly, leading off for a middle kick. Connecting with all the previous strikes, the Deep Cutter said fuck it to her normal combinations and looked to the SaikouKARI Combination. She wound up with all she had and...


or not...

A swing and a miss, strike one. However, KARI adapted on the fly and was able to spin right into a step-up enziguiri that put GVP on dream street.

Showing amazing toughness, Van Patton stayed upright despite stars circling his head. KARI ran up the ropes like she was looking for her triangle enziguiri, or the SankakuKARI. However, she dove at her foe and instead looked for another DDT. This time, GVP was ready. He spun with the momentum and let her feet touch the mat just so he could plant her with a Northern Lights suplex.

GVP put so much momentum into the suplex, he was able to do a back handspring. That simple gymnastic move positioned him right at KARI's feet. Before the young upstart could react, the Confederate had her legs in a modified figure four.

That's step one.

He pulled her straight leg vertical and gripped her ankle.

That's step two.

Using all of his weight, GVP whipped himself backwards to the mat, locking in the Nagata Lock while contorting her foot with an ankle lock.

That's step three.

Would you like to play a game?


The rarely seen leg submission of of the Confederate was clamped on and KARI was miles away from a ropebreak. She snarled and struggled for all she was worth. Not once an issue, the weight advantage was suddenly a deciding factor. KARI gripped at her head in horror. There was nowhere to go and with her top assests locked in the submission, already hurting from earlier attacks, she had no choice but to give in to vicious hold.




Ring that bell, referee.

Unfortunately for the young upstart, she went to the well once too often and it cost her. GVP released his vice grip with the tolling of the ring bell and he climbed back up to one knee. He took a deep breath and collected himself before rising all the way up to a vertical base. He left KARI to tend to her wounds and the referee to make sure she didn't need medical attention. Though, she thought she might, due to the repeated shots to her overprotected face.


The Southern Soldier nodded his head to the beat of the crowd's chanting and stepped up to the middle rope with his right foot on the top. Tonight, was a battle between experience and the power of youth. KARI fought valiantly, but for all her energy and might, she couldn't overcome the Confederate's ability to adapt. As for Van Patton, his path was heading in one direction and if you didn't know it, he made sure to tell the camera closest to him with Kid Rock blaring in the background.

"Zimmerman, listen and listen good. This soldier don't dig foxholes. Mah plan of operation is to keep on advancin' until Ah get my hands around that scrawny, stack of dimes ya call a neck, son, regardless of whether or not Ah gotta go up, over, or through anyone or anythang to get it. An ass-whoopin' of epic proportions brought to ya courtesy of the red, white, and blue."

As for our Objectivist Princess....she slowly sat up in the middle of the ring, and for the first time since coming to ACW, her face was completely devoid of emotion. She just sat there, staring into space, slowly realizing that she had failed in her first real test.


It wasn't a feeling the ScandinAzn was at all familiar with. And as she instantly decided, she didn't particularly like it.

Wrestler(s) Information

Ring Name: Gunnar Van Patton
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 241lbs

Hailing From: Arlington, TX

Alignment: Heel

Gimmick: "You either die a hero or live long enough to see yourself become the villain." He was once a star-spangled protector of the masses and sacrificed everything for that cause. However, the world moved on without him. Fighting injustice used to be what defined him and gave him a reason to live. Now, with no war to fight, the violence is all that remains. He lives and breathes combat. A nomad that travels the world looking for the biggest fight possible to quench his lust for battle. Though, he isn't above being a mercenary, if it get him something he wants.

Wrestling Style: Strong Style Hybrid. Stiff striking, submissions, and chain wrestling.

Three Weaknesses:

-Arrogant. Thinks he can beat anyone or overcome any obstacle. Will definitely shit talk and toy with a foe if given the chance.
-Can get lost in his blood lust. Getting DQ'ed for ignoring a referee's count or counted out to eliminate an opponent would not be a first for him.
-Worst. Teammate. EVER. Face or heel, he wants nothing to do with you. Don't expect him to make any friends. You're either a disposable asset or an enemy.

Three Strengths:
-Brutality. You better bring the heavy artillery, as he is going to show what stiff truly means.
-Stamina. Hope you don't have any dinner or possibly breakfast plans, as he can go all night.
-Ring IQ. He works a hybrid style and can adapt well. He watches a ton of film and will devise counters for trademark moves.


Ten regular moveset moves:

1) German suplex
2) PK
3) Dropkick to knee
4) Muay Thai style kicks, knees, and strikes
5) Belly-to-back suplex
6) Mandala Hineri
7) Dragon Screw Leg Whip
8) Regal-Plex
9) STO
10) Bootwash

2-5 trademark moves:

1) Go 2 Sleep
2) Anaconda Vice
3) "Jigsaw's Death Trap" - Nagata Lock / Ankle Lock combination
4) "Lament Configuration" - Koji Clutch
5) "FUKSZ" - The REAL Best brainbuster in the business

1 Finishing Move: Crystal Lake Killer- Crossface Chicken Wing / Cattle Mutilation hybrid



Totally. Obvs.
Dec 23, 2015
APPROVED! Duanthony has been here before, he's proven he can write, but he seems to disappear during those runs. Here's to hoping he makes it a good run this time around. DEF is for the eager and he is that.


I stalk, because I care
May 2, 2007
Looks like a great addition to our awesome roster. I vote yes.


Active member
Staff member
Feb 4, 2005
Always a solid writer (esp where matches are concerned, of course). Yes from me. Like Mikey said, definitely looking forward to seeing what you can do and get some solid legs underneath you. Hope you've been doing well, dude. :)


Crimson Lord ALWAYS Wins
Jul 12, 2017
Chicago, Illinios
Gimmick: "You either die a hero or live long enough to see yourself become the villain." He was once a star-spangled protector of the masses and sacrificed everything for that cause. However, the world moved on without him. Fighting injustice used to be what defined him and gave him a reason to live. Now, with no war to fight, the violence is all that remains. He lives and breathes combat. A nomad that travels the world looking for the biggest fight possible to quench his lust for battle. Though, he isn't above being a mercenary, if it get him something he wants.

Lord knows you got plenty of material from this fucked up world right now...Yes

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