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GXW UpDate 16 Aug 03 (Onslaught)


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Jul 8, 1998
Sierra Vista, Arizona
Hey Everyone,

I don't think it was posted, but here it goes anyway JUST IN CASE it wasn't.

Everyone knows that the Onslaught line up is posted on the RP boards, but what of the place and the RP/Angle dead lines?

Damn Z do your JOB! :)

Onslaught will be at the Mackey Arena in West Lafayette, Indiana

The Angle Deadline will be on Friday, 22 AUG 2003, at 11:59PM EST
The RP Deadline will be on Saturday, 23 AUG 2003, at 12NOON

And, just in case, you FORGOT the line up ... here it is (And yes there have been changes)

Sketch vs. "Primetime" Elden Golde

'The True American Idol' Andrew Flash vs. "Delicious" Dane Dawson

Angel Garza vs. Mercedes Devon

JJ HardKnockz vs. 'Big Air' Brian Hale

For the GXW Ladies' Title
Trynyty Wang vs. 'The Blonde Bomber' Jennifer Rowe

“Yours Truly” Adam Benjamin vs. 'Showtime' Shawn Matthews vs. 'Fallen Angel' Chris Slayton

'Wildfire' Johnny Rage vs. Randy Cobb

Semi-Final match in the Lords of the Ring Tag Title Tournament
GXW Unified World Tag Team Titles on the LINE!
The Assassins vs. StarMakers

Match Writers be ready.

Erik Z
Co-Owner GXW

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