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GXW UpDate 19 Nov 03


New member
Jul 8, 1998
Sierra Vista, Arizona

Yes I've been away for awhile cause the US Army just LOVES to work me to death! So, on that note, I am trying to make a comeback cause I KNOW how much you all missed me!

Stop laughing :)

As you know there is a challenge thread in the Revolution RP section. We are also taking a look at the roster page to see who is active and who is not. Once we get an idea of who is on that page I will be sending info out to everyone so that they can update their stats and what-not.

I'm looking forward to 'returning' to GXW, but Chad, Dave, and everyone else who has been running with the ball ... you've been doing an OUTSTANDING JOB!

Erik Z
Co-Owner GXW

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