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ha;ppy birthday to me


Sep 10, 2008
acme michigan
not t complain or anything but i see people saying happy birthday for a lot of other buts not me???? thats f*cking gay dude. this place is cool but at the same time i hate it cause we had a league where i was about to be champion and then ti CLOSED DOWN!!!!!! your all just f*cking jealous of the way i write my rps and it f*cking shows plus you hate my haircut cause you wish you had it.

so happy birthday to me!!!!!!!!!!!!!

now we will see who my true friends are based on if they say happy birthday or not. and if not then your f*cking assfags all of you. also i wanna rp a guy who kinda talks like ric flair but he also f*cks a lot of girls and sometimes plays cemetary gates on his guitar before matches and then pantera comes out to join him, and hes playing for dimebag darrell.

R.I.P dimebag. you are lost BUT NOT FORGOTTTTTEEEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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