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Hayat v Kreed


Jan 1, 2000
San Francisco, CA
It's the deciding match

* Yossi Hayat RP for C10.

**You can see Yossi in the promo room. He looks on a picture of the World title. **

Yossi: Kason Kreed... The fourth opponent of mine... You know, if I win this match, it's the third straight win. That means, that I'll have championship title shot... kikk... Kikim... Oh, sorry. You know, there is no one that rised so quick to the top but me. I'm used to that... Those civics... Hhhhhhhhhhhh... Sorry, civics class. The teacher was amazed of my knowledge. Because it's clear that this Smark Boy is someone to beware of.

My problems are a product of years of loneliness. I could have been this guy who's nice, smart and friendly... Who got everything in his life. Oh, yeah, that friendly part? Never worked out. Instead there was a cynical, angry thing called Smark Boy. I still don't know what is this thing. What is that thing called the Smark... KKKKKKKK... Smark Boy. This thing has poisoned my heart and turned it black. And this thing became to the horrible thing you see today.

So that thing will run into the ring and will defeat Kason Kreed. Oh yeah, and then it will win the world title from that phoney Mr. Entertaiment. Because that's the thing that will bring me fame. The fame will give me life. Life will cure me. That's the deal.

Two victories. That's what I need for getting the thing that I want. ttttttt... I hope it will stop those tics too.

Smarks know better. In two matches they will.

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