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Hellfighter vs. Hiroshi


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Jan 1, 2000
Drury Lane.
Big Ass Ham

* The parking lot at The First Union Center has all but emptied after the debut of GXW's new program, OnSlaught. A few parking attendants wait patiently while a few straglers slowly walk to their cars. GXW employees also slowly make their way out from a successful broadcast. A small line of devoted fans wait with pen and paper in their hands for the remaining superstars to exit. An energetic no-name rookie and his flamboyant manager exit and quickly reenter the arena. They reappear a moment later, this time with a towel draped over the rookie's head, while his manager pushes the motionless crowd back. The duo hop in a nearby Pinto, and make tracks. A small man with a GXW logo on his shirt exits and faces the crowd. *

GXW OFFICIAL: "Thank you all for waiting, but all of the GXW superstars have left."

* The official walks back inside the arena as the crowd "boos" and begin their journey home. A few police squad cars park near the door, and riot gear clad officers make their way to the exit. They position themselves as a few of the megafans turn on their cars. *

COP #1: "Looks like a slow night, Jer."

COP #2: "Thank God! You saw what they did to Tom at GLobal Warfare, didn't ya'? Wife wants me to transfer out, says she can't stand not knowing if I'll come home..."

* The police barely hear the door close behind them over the car engines and stereos. A young voice catches their attention. They raise their riot shields as the young man speaks. *

YOUNG MAN: "Hey Jer, hey Luke. Tom still not out of the hospital?"

COP #2 "You kidding, Mr. Hiroshi? You saw it all, you were there..."

COP #1 "Doctors said he should wake up soon, Kin."

KIN HIROSHI: "Okay, I'll visit soon. I've been busy with GXW and CSWA. You guys ready this time?"

* Both cops nod. Kin listens to the stereos blasting rap, hip hop, and R&B. Over it all Kin can hear a few choice notes of easy listening music being played. He smiles and bows his head while dropping his suitcase with a thud. Kin pulls out his newly aquired GXW Television Title Belt from the bag as the police watch Kin with their eyes as big as dinner plates. Both begin to shake, but they just stare like deer in headlights. Kin tosses the title over his shoulder and cups his hands to his mouth. *


* The parade of cas brake, and drivers and passengers alike crane their necks. Some people open their doors and step out for a better look. Kin opens up his arms like he was expecting a hug from a long lost aunt. A group of fans begin to walk, then jog, then sprint towards Kin, pencils in hands. The police regain their composure as the rampaging mass closes in. Just as the three men are trampled, Kin puts his hands out as if to command the group to stop. The guards close their eyes and brace themselves just before the crowd comes to a screeching hault. *

KIN HIROSHI: "My people, there is plenty of time for autographs."

* The crowd looks around as pencils and notpads are flipped out. A few chuckles and snide remarks leap Kin's way. Kin moves in for autographs when... *

REPORTER #1: "Mr. Hiroshi, Jay Smith with Powerslam Press, do you feel your victory over Reaver was deserved due to Cameron Cruise's involvement?"

KIN HIROSHI: "What!? A reporter? Okay, all autographs come to the front."

* The crowd snickers again as no one moves foraward. Kin sighs as he hangs his head in shame. *

REPORTER #1: "Do you want me to repeat the question, Mr. Hiroshi?"

KIN HIROSHI: "No, but you want to know if this was an empty victory for me?"

* The reporter gives an affirmative nod, and Kin taps the title belt. *

KIN HIROSHI: "What do you think? I beat Reaver, and won the title. Doesn't feel empty. Reaver might feel a little cheated after I was so convincing about being an 'honest injun' in the ring and all. Hell, Cruise did me a favor, and us Japanese take kindly to favors. I'm Chewbacca to his Han Solo, I owe him."

REPORTER #1:: Been watching Star Wars again, Kin?"

KIN HIROSHI: *whispering* Oh yeah, Natalie Portman loves my wookie...

REPORTER #2: "What was that, Kin?"

KIN HIROSHI: "Nothing, next."

REPORTER #2: "Richie Simmons, Q.U.E.R. radio, what is your involvement with CSWA, and how are your GXW colleagues reacting to you wrestling in both leagues?"

KIN HIROSHI: "Wait. You name is 'Richie' Simmons, and you work for queer radio?"

REPORTER #2: "So?"

KIN HIROSHI: "Okaaaay...so, CSWA, right? Well, they got themselves a GXW 'invasion,' or so they like to say. I say they have new talent. What about the rookies in GXW? We have an invasion! Before I was in CSWA, I was wrestling for GXW. Before that, EWI. Before that, I was in Japan. Everyone has an influx at sometime or another, it's just whether that influx gets labeled that makes the difference. As for the boys in back, they show their support because I'm GXW. At CSWA, I get respect because I can wrestle. The's the main reason I signed with CSWA, I got respect, something that isn't existent in GXW. here, your a target or a doormat, it doesn't matter who you are, who your friends are, what you can do, or what you have done..."

REPORTER #2: "Is that something you hope to change?"

KIN HIROSHI: "I already have begun. Erik Zieba and I are on the same page now. Srure, he did beat Dupree for GXW control, but I put the initial fear into Dupree. I finally made up for S.S.N.'s mistakes."

REPORTER #1: "Speaking of S.S.N., a lot of fans are wondering when you and Eddy Love will finally face each other."

KIN HIROSHI: "That's hard to say. Eddy is a busy man, as am I. Plus, my agend is in GXW right now, although you never know what will happen in CSWA, in fact, I have a match against Nathan Storm coming up. I haven't heard of or from him, but I'm expecting good things."

REPORTER #3: "Yes. Mr. Habooki, I am King Fiesal III with Tiger Beat Magazine..."

KIN HIROSHI: "HEY! Kin, long time no see, how are Sky Suicide and 'Turn-On' Tony Sajec?"

KING FIESAL III "Ummm, okay, I guess. Anyways, word has it you also are facing off against Hellfighter at OnSlaught, and then Rob Sampson, Kendall Codine, and Justin Tyler at X-Perience. Any words for your opponents?"

* Kin smirks. Does Kin Hiroshi have anything to say? Doesn't he always? Never seeming to be at a loss of words, Kin speaks... *

KIN HIROSHI: "Sure, first thing first. Hellfighter. You know what would be cool for your image, man? First, have "Highway to Hell" by AC/DC as your entrance music, okay? Then, a midget dressed as a little devil comes running...no, no wait...scurrying out from the back, following me? Then you come out, casually following the devil-thingy to the ring, only you're dressed like that Arnold guy from 'Terminator 2', only more like 'Conan the Barbarian' era. Big sword and all! Then, when you finally get to the ring, you swing that big ass blade at the midget, but you miss because...well...he's a devil. Then you grab a mic and in a deep raspy voice you say, 'I'll get that little fu**er one of these days.' The only thing is, every, oh, say twenty days, you actually hit the little bastard! Then, after about four months you show off your trophy collection at a show. Then, when the angle is dying or you get bored, you could have an army of limbless midgets chase you down. Damn! That would AWESOME!"

* A dropjawed silence emerges from Kin's heartfelt message. Hiroshi stands tall and pround in the middle of the silence. Kin's arms are raised skyward, but slowly relax back to reality as Kin breathes a heavy sigh. *

KIN HIROSHI: "Man, I wish I could be a hellfighter..."

* A polite cough from one of the police men awakens the mind boggled crowd. A look of anticipation from "The Muffin Man" grazes the reporters *

KIN HIROSHI: "So, what do you think, guys?"

KING FIESAL III: "Kin, we wanted to know your thoughts on the match."

KIN HIROSHI: "Do the words slobberknocker, genious, brilliant, and match-of-the-year mean anything to you? Hellfighter is good, but I'm better. He thinks he can take my title from me? Hellfighter, you can pry it from my cold lifeless hands. WAIT...YEAH! You could use that line with your sword! OOO! OOO! You could name the sword too, but nothing geeky like Excalibur..."

REPORTER #1: "ahem..."

KIN HIROSHI: "Right, the match. Anyways, you can try to take my title, but it ain't happening. After our match, I will still be the Television Champion, and after X-Perience, I will become the Continental Champion. Justin Tyler seems to disagree, but he's wrong. Not only will I walk tall with the two titles, but a thrid would be a magnificant accomplishment in this league. It will happen, eventually, I mean, once I win the GXW Unified Championship as well! Tyler, if 'cockiness' is a measure of arrogance, self-assuredness, and selfishness then I'm a hundred times more cokcy than you. Hell, we could still call you 'Cocky' Justin Tyler, but I'ld be 'Shlong' Kin Hiroshi, that's how 'cocky' I am.

REPORTER #4: "*whispering to another reporter* Kin isn't cocky, he's such a..."


REPORTER #4: "Yes. Sorry about that, Dick Trickle, Cable 4 News. Kin, you are such a lightweight compared to Sampson, Hellfighter, Codine, and Tyler, do you really expect to win? Any secret strategies?"

KIN HIROSHI: "I thought that was you, Dick. Nice to see you again. In any match with a big man, I always need to be lightning around them. I mean sure the old cliche is the bigger they are, the harder they fall. But there is a little known cliche about us small guys...the faster we move, the futher we fly. So, I can't afford to have Sampson put one of his banana hands around me. Sure, I've looked up to the guy since I started wrestling around him. He's got talent, but he's starting to get sloppy in the ring, that's why I'm making my move now. Talent can only take you so far. Good thing I have good looks, lots of money, and am in great physical shape on top of my natural wrestling ability. As for Codine, man, what I wouldn't give to have not one, but two world title shots. Of course, it would only take me one shot to win it, and keep it. I bet I could make it through at least three CSWA pay-per-views with it, so that's like what? A year and a half or so? Now, I know you got a lot to prove at X-Perience, Codine. You need to prove that you can hack it in GXW after a few embarassing moments. I understand, I once ate a whole pizza by myself, and had do diet for like a month to stay down in my cruiserweight mode. But now that I'm going for the big prize, I do whatever I want. Kinda like what Tyler wants to do. Only thing is, Tyler won't be counting on me to do anything because I'm the small fry in the group. So, while Sampson lurches after me, while Codine trips in the ring and chokes, Tyler will be trying to figure out a way to pin himself. Meanwhile, all I have to do it wrestle one-on-one with any of them. Three-on-one is going to the extreme, and two-on-one against these guys might raise my heartbeat, but I can do one-on-one. As for Hellfighter, I don't know what I'm going to do with this guy. I'll get back to you.

* One of the guards opens up the door to a limo that has arrived during the questions. Kin Hiroshi hops in while reporters shout questions at the supermegastar. The tinted glass seperating the driver from Kin slowly comes down. *

DRIVER: Wow! You're Kin Hiroshi. Can I have your autograph, man? I'm your biggest fan!

KIN HIROSHI: Absolutely, absoltely.



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Jan 1, 2000
Springfield, Missouri
Finally, after all this time, Kin Hiroshi at last.

[updated:LAST EDITED ON Aug-10-02 AT 12:52 PM (EDT)]*Fade In...

*Pittsburg, Pennsylvannia...

*The geographical sight of GXW Onslaught and X-Perience...

*Evening time. The sun starting to set on "The Steel City". The red glow refracting through the windows of each and every skycraper...

*Changing views to the interior of a hotel highrise penthouse suite overlooking the city below. The view can see the Mellon Arena directly ahead...

(Inside this hotel room we hear a loud entertainment center up full volume. Playing on this big screen TV is the latest promo of GXW Television Champion, Kin Hiroshi. In the recorded press conference, he talks about many subjects from his TV title defense against "HellFighter" Michael Shutt on Onslaught, as well as his match on X-Perience for the Rob Sampson's GXW Continental Title and a host of other competitors fighting for the same thing. Although the television is at it's highest volumn, the camera hears a chuckling in the background. It pans around and sees a the shadow of a figure on the balcony. The glass door is standing wide open. The camera follows the laughter outside. The figure on the balcony is none other than "HellFighter" Michael Shutt. He is wearing black slacks, black steel toed cowboy boots, and an unbuttoned short sleeve silk shirt exposing his ripped muscular upper body. He is sitting on a lounge chair on the deck, with his feet up on the railing, drinking a glass from the bar, looks like a whiskey drink of somekind. Through the corner of his eye he glances over at the camera appearing to have much to talk about. Let's listen in.)

HellFighter: (Takes another slow drink from the glass, examines the glass, the liquir contents inside reflecting in his eyes. A gleeming smile appears again.) "You know during these last few weeks, me and Mister John Daniels have been spending some quality time together. We have almost formed an unbreakable friendship together."

(He looks over full at the camera, a look of question appears on his face.)

HellFighter: "Hey he may Jack to you, but if you have known him as long as I have these passed few weeks......Woooo Ahhhh...that was joke. Laugh, that was funny. Laugh. Oh come on. You'll laugh for Kin Hiroshi, but you won't laugh for me? Oh I get it. Afterall, he does have the funny bone, and I have...(Pauses)...My health...cheers."

(He downs the rest of the liquir and sets the glass down on the ground next to him. He leans back in the chair, feet off of the railing and looks into the camera.)

HellFighter: "Boy that hit the spot. But don't worry, I will be more than ready for my match this week against our esteemed GXW Television Champion, Kin Hiroshi. I can promise you that. No I take that back. I vow to you that I will be ready for Kin Hiroshi."

"Kin Hiroshi? Where to begin? I have always dreamt of facing the Muffin Man himself. For three long years I waited and waited for someone of Hiroshi's caliber to face me in a match. Now the wait is over. Here we are, and it is for championship gold nonetheless. Some would say what's the big deal, it's just the Television title? Ah but I beg to differ because it is something much much more. It is currently around Kin Hiroshi at this moment. Which means it makes it all the more pretigious, all the more sweet to take from him."

"Yeah I will almost feel really sad when I take the Television title from...how did you say it Hiroshi...oh yeah, pry it from your cold dead fingers. Wait a minute, Kin, Booby...that means if I pry this title out of your cold dead fingers, then that means you won't be able to compete for the GXW Continental Title on X-Perience. Hey Kin, I gotta ask this. If you are like too dead not to compete in the main event for the Continental Title, can I take your place? I always wanted to win two belts in one week. Please Kin, pretty please, with sugar on top? Now don't make me beg. Of forget it, I will just make it happen on Onslaught, and then worry about the rest when I cross that fork in the road. Instead of saying that I am going to take your title on Onslaught, I will just do it. I will just take it right then and there. Yep, that's right, I will just so happen to pry it from your cold dead fingers."

"You know Kin. I can call you Kin right? And you can call me Michael. There, we're on a first name basis now. You always brought a smile to my face. You always made me laugh. And it wasn't one of those laughs like Zero does to mock me out. It was a true laugh. I never once laughted at you. I laughted with you. I got all of your jokes. Just now, with your little suggestion about having the theme music change to 'Highway To Hell' By AC/DC, the part about having the little midget in the devil costume tagging along and all that crap. The part about me dressed up like Conan The Barbarian carrying my really big sword to the ring. You just never stop. You are just so damn funny. When I was so busy screwing over the EWI from you and the SSN, you were still bringing a smile to my face. Even when I felt like I was in the deepest of vallies, you always brought joy into my darkness. The wonders never cease Kin. You are a blessing to me."

"If I actually gave damn, you would always have a place right here in my heart."

(He pauses for a moment, trying to keep a straight face, and then he bust up in spontaneous laughter at his own joke.)

HellFighter: "Oh come on, laugh damn it. That was funny. I made a funny. I pulled another Kin Hiroshi." (Changes voice to sound like the big giant Looney Tunes Martian.) "I will love him, and hug him, and squeeze him, and call him George. (Normal voice) "Alright somebody stop me, I'm laughing again."

"You wish that you want to be a Hellfighter? Well I wish that I could be a muffin man, but we can't have everything we want. Life just isn't fair. Just like how I am going to take your GXW Television Title on Onslaught. That's not going to be fair is it? You see Kin, after our match, you won't just be the former GXW Television Champion. Not to mention having your dead, lifeless, bare naked, titleless waist being dragged into that main event on X-Perience. Oh let the dead arrise...if you actually believe in that sort of thing. Unless you are like me just doesn't give a damn. But Kin...Booby...you will be known as the guy, the same muffin man, who got beat by the so-called, single biggest joke in all of the GXW...let alone sports entertainment. Now do you really want that? Because I have no problems defying the odds and making all your dreams...or I mean nightmares come true. You can cound on that one ounce of truth."

"I close with this Kin. You say that you do not have a strategy against me yet? Well all I gotta says is you better develope one real quick against me...

Up high...

Down Low...

Power moves...

Technical moves...

Aerial moves...

I can hit you any where in or around that ring. Hey when it comes to winning, I will do whatever it takes. History has shown that I am one of the most multi versitile wrestlers in the GXW. I have been called, 'The High Flying Big Man'. So there is no limits to my talents or what I can do in a match. I can even go extreme. I will do anything for a win, and I will win. This is my vow. Even if I have to pin your cold dead carcus to the center of the ring 1-2-3. I will win."

(HellFighter gets up from the lounge chair and starts making his way back inside from the balcony with the glass in his hand.)

HellFighter: "Now all that talking has made me thirsty. I think I need to have another talk with my new best friend John. Well while I help myself again to the bar, mister cameraman, you know the way out. Please use the door now...yes I said door. Go now. This promo is over, you have heard me speak. That is all I have to say, and you can qoute me on it...all of it."

(As HellFighter fixes another drink at the bar, the camera complies and fades out.)



League Member
Jan 1, 2000
Springfield, Missouri
"No Laughing Matters (Anymore)"

*Fade In...

*Pittsburg, Pennsylvania...

*The Mellon Arena...

*The sight of GXW Onslaught and X-Perience...

(Backstage, we see "HellFighter" Michael P. Shutt, walking toward his locker room. He appears to be clean and focused as he walks to his dressing room for the evening. He is wearing black zipper warm up pants from Invincblewear.com, black with white trim, Asiacs tennis shoes, a plain white tank top muscle shirt, Oakley sunglasses, and carrying his duffle bag over his shoulder. He opens the door to his locker room. He tosses his bag into the room, but then stops himself, he looks back at the camera, smiles, and then yanks the camera from the cameraman who followed him to his locker room.)

HellFighter: "Don't worry, I'll give this right back when I'm done with it."

(With that said, he cloes the door on the camera man. Inside the locker room. HellFighter takes the camera, set it up into a good position so that it can film everything. He angles it on a table looking out in the center of the room. The camera is still rolling the entire time and has not stopped. He finally steps back. He takes a folding steel chair, turns it around backwards, then he sits in the chair with the back of the chair facing toward the camera. H gets ready to speak.)

HellFighter: "Here I am. Once again at the arena early so that I can get ready for my match on Onslaught against the Muffin Man himself, GXW Television Champion, Kin Hiroshi. I told you that Mister Johnny Daniels wouldn't be making an appearance in this match. I am sobered up and ready to fight. This match is between you and me Hiroshi. I didn't drink the whole time while I was preparing against you Kin...only when I was listening to your promos. You see Kin, you're funny when people are sober. That much is a given. But when people are tippsy when watching your promos. Its almost like the alcahol amplifies your sense of humor. So when I wasn't working out. Me, and Johnny took time out, watched one of your promos and had a good ol time. It was fun. And you know what, the more we watched you promos, the better they got...until the affects of the alcahol war off. Then it was right back to work."

"Just like now. No more John, no more nightcaps, and most of time...no more laughing. It all ends. In that ring, it doesn't matter who laughs last or hardest. It's who's left standing. Who gets the pin for the 1-2-3. Or who can make the other squeel like a pig...whoa...insert Deliverance joke here...oh never mind."

"Kin, you crack you jokes, tease me all you want. Hell go into this match expecting an easy win from me. It doesn't matter that I am almsot twice your size and can hit you many different way. In the end it doesn't matter does it. Everything ends. It's all Bull S(BEEP)t. Hell once again I probably find myself as another underdog. The betters in Vegas must be having a hay day with me. (Cynical) No, heaven forbid, I can't Kin Hiroshi, he's too good for me. I'm the biggest joke in the GXW. There is no way that I can win. (Normal voice) Once again I find myself stepping into the impossible, and once again I see myself pissing off alot of people. Those betters are going to be real pissed off at me. I wouldn't have it any other way. I want you to think that you have this match won Kin. So I can prove me right...and I hate it when I'm right."

(He pauses for a moment then then smiles really big as he giggles out loud.)

HellFighter: "Alright so I lied...sue me. I love it when I'm right, and I love to see when people are pissed off at me...especially when I win and they lose. Yeah Kinny, you are going to be real happy at me knowing that you lost to the so-called single biggest joke in the GXW. (Sarcastic) Instead of telling jokes, I'm one big giant joke. I'm a waste of human space. Why am I here? I'll tell all of you...


"My presence alone pisses people off, but in reality they fear what I will do. That is why everybody screws me over...metaphoracally speaking of course...that is why they play the behind the scenes politics game in order for them to beat me. They look for the easy way out. So Kin, are you going to lose like a sport, or are you going to be a man and hand over a title like the true living champion that you are? Makes no difference to me Kin. I am going to win no matter what, but are you going to be a man or will you be punk and try to play me like a violin? Choice is your's Kin. See you in a few hours Kin."

"And as for what I did to JP. Last week you got a taste of what I can and will do to you. If you want to start a war. Then be my guest. Just remember that you started this. Last week was only a consequence of what you did to me at Global Warfare. If you want to push the situation further. Then be and try. Marks my words JP, what I did to you on Revolution will be amplified 100 fold. History haas shown that you can't mess with me, and I intend to keep it that way. You try something at all during this match JP...and I will personally bury you. That is my vow."

"You have heard my words. That is all I gotta say, and you can quote me on every single sylabol. It is fact, it is truth, it is law, it will come to pass. Now I must fade to black...(Pause)...oh yeah, I'm my own cameraman...HellFighter, fade to black. This show is now over. To steal a line from the passed just for kicks and giggles...




Fade to black."

(As HellFighter walks over to turn off the camera. He pushes the button the camera cuts to static snow.)


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