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Jun 9, 2004
Alright, this is where we're standing, and what we're going to do.

Quite frankly, to say that I'm disappointed in where UCW is right now is an under statement. We should be heading into a new PPV, but we're still stuck on one from two months ago. I have (I believe) three matches turned in for this show. Thank you to those of you that have turned in your material, but the rest isn't acceptable.

Matches that are currently out are the French/FATE match, the triple threat opener, Mr. I/Benji, and I'm trying to wrap up Bruce/Cloverleaf. I have sent out emails asking for the material with only a single reply that wasn't followed up on.

After 5 PM EST tomorrow, when I finish a test, everything else will pretty much be off my plate for now. At that time, my free time will be spent completing these four matches, starting with Bruce/Cloverleaf, until I finally have the card done. If anyone wishes to help and pick up a match, please let me know, but know that I would be asking for it to be done in a timely manner. If you are one of the ones that I've contacted that currently have a match out and maybe just didn't get the time to respond the emails I've sent, PM me or reply on here while you're logged into the account or something and let me know that you're still alive on working on it.

We had an excellent pace going on heading into this PPV and now it's been completely shot because of the time that this PPV has taken to get written up and half of the show still isn't even in. I have drastically cut back on my responsiblities elsewhere so that I might try to actually get this thing moving and keep UCW running in top form. So know that once this PPV is up, a ton of more effort is coming from this end on getting shows up.

Again, any and all help is appreciated, but I want this thing out ASAP. If that means me starting matches that are still out, that's what I'm willing to do. If you have the time this week, please let me know somehow. You all have the contact information.



League Member
Nov 1, 2005
Tag match done for you. I'm spent. Someone else going to step up and help?

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