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Hey Mister Superstar


Hex Angel

"In a business of stars, superstars, and f**kin' planets.... when two of those planets collide, the aftermath is felt for a long, long time."

Post- PRIMETIME, Eli Flair has done nothing to clean up. He's still in his wrestling attire, his hair is matted with sweat, his knuckles are raw from throwing punches, and there's a small splattering of blood on his face.

It's not hard to figure out who it belongs to.

"Are Hornet and I on an equal level? It depends on who you ask. He's got three World and three Unified titles in the CSWA over me, he's been making the main event money for twice as long as I've been wrestling, period. He paid his dues by wrestling night after night to prove the critics wrong, that he did indeed deserve the spotlight. I paid my dues by wrestling night after night, proving the critics wrong, that my blood, guts, and broken bones style could bring me to the top."

"Hornet is on the top half of six feet, just like I am. Hornet is closer to three hundred than two hundred, just like I am. Hornet has one of the most well- rounded styles you'll find. He can do a little bit of everything. I don't do a little bit of everything but everything I do is honed to a razor's edge.... and it's got a nasty, nasty bite."

"But something concerns me.... Something that nobody has been factoring into this matchup. Something that has meant the difference between winning and losing, between coming out on top and being branded the GOAT, something that has meant World Titles and TCB logos, something that has meant Staking a Claim and It's Nothing Personal."

"Hornet's brain."

"Think about it.... Hornet was the hero for ten years. He's been the villain for nearly three. Not just that, but he had plenty of practice several years ago, teamed with Windham and Pierce."

"The point of all this is that Hornet is always planning. I don't think he's ever gone into a situation that he wasn't sure he could win without a backup plan. He duped GUNS into watching his back against Randalls and Williams. He had Windham and Pierce watching his back against GUNS. He had Ivy watching his back against Vizzack, but I think that was more a matter of teaching him a lesson."

"He didn't have a backup plan when it came to me. I took it as a slap in the face. And he paid the price for it - he lost. He won't make that mistake again. Whatever I could possibly do to him at SHOWTIME.... he's got a plan, somewhere in is mind, to get out of the match with his extremities in full working order.... probably with his hand raised in victory, too."

Eli flicks at the blood on his face.

"Not this time, Hornet."

"Y'see.... this blood on my face belongs to you. You know that, you're the one who put it there. I'm sure it was done in a fit of anger over the problems our 'team' was having, if you can call us a team anymore. I'm sure it was done in a mocking, sarcastic manner, meant to infuriate me and get you just a little bit more 'over' as a badass with an atitude."

"Wrong move. Now I have a goal for SHOWTIME."

Eli wipes the blood on his face - much like Deacon Frost did in the movie BLADE.

"This is a war, Hornet.... it's not good versus evil, because there's no such thing. It's not even you versus me.... you and I are a very small microcosm in a very big world.... but you're going to be the war's first casualty, Hornet. I'm going to bust you open, and I'm going to take that blood that you flicked in my face, and I'm going to draw an 'X' - right in the middle of my forehead with it. What's it mean? Simple."

"Come and get me."


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