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Hi my name is ... Pete?


New member
Jul 8, 1998
Sierra Vista, Arizona
(The scene opens up to a CSWA backdrop where, in front, ‘Good God’ Kevin Powers looking right into a camera.)

So there I was … thinkin’ to myself. I had a bottle of beer in one hand and … oh let us just say a HUGE thing of Rum and cola in the other. I’m leanin’ over drinkin’ my drinks when I look up and see, OF ALL THINGS, promos for the CSWA.

I asked myself GOD OH GOD WHY am I watching this, but I kept the anger in me cause … I don’t hate … I crush a lot.

Who knew that was comin’? Raise your hands if you’re sure!

Anyways, I’m watchin the TV and, after getting past the Sight and GUNS lovefest, and LORD KNOWS they’re just trying to find out who can cry the biggest river for anyone to swim in, I see Radder try his best to chip in his two cents and mock me.

Mock me? This coming from the man who lost his smile and left the federation more times than Sweet Melissa lost track at the guys lined up at her front door.

Tell ya what Ice Princess. You just click your little ruby slippers three times and keep wishin’ for Kansas cause if you DO happen to show up I will be there and I WILL be looking forward to seeing what you THINK you can bring. Now go and fly away Fairy Boy and see if you can get a piece from Cameron Cruise. Then again … I think he’s MORE than ready to tear a piece off into you.

Then I realized why I was watchin’ the TV and that was because of my very NEXT opponent

Is it Pete Piper? No not him. He’s the one that blew a flute and lead all the rats out of the city. Rats. Cheese eaters. Some in the CSWA can recognize that, but I’m not gonna name Lawrence Stanley by name.

Is it Pete Gas? No not him. He’s in a rink-a-dink federation that two old ladies wouldn’t even give a squirt of urine for.

Is it Pete Russo? Pete Russo? Isn’t he a cousin to Vince Russo?

Is it Pete Hardy? YES THAT’S IT! It’s Pete Hardy. The man with one win and SWEARS he’s on a roll. Well it be a sad day true believers, sad but true, when he gets to Kansas City and realizes that a HUGE dose of Double G KP is waitin’ for him!

Sure people don’t think I take anything seriously and why should I? They just hate because I have fun at other people’s expense.

Sure people say a lot of things. Some things that really don’t mean a DAMN THING to me. I’ve always been one to make people understand that actions speak louder than words …

… and in Kansas City … Pete Hardy … you’re gonna find out EXACTLY what that means.

I ... have spoken!


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