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High Flyer: Hi!


UTA Hall of Famer and All-Around Nice Guy
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Jan 6, 2005
Los Angeles, CA, formerly PA
Mind you, this is my GUIDE. I don't care if you don't follow it. But it'd be nice.


Name: Thomas B. Ford
Email Address: fordianslip@gmail.com
AIM/Yahoo Messenger: fordianslip(AIM)
Preferred Method of Handling: Uhm... whatevs. I've done FW promos. I've done PTC, I've done Angle... Hell, I did what I deemed insane in IWO. In fact, I'd probably be happiest going nuts. You don't mind if I don't make much sense, do you?
Best Way to Contact you: Uhm, I'll see your im but i won't always respond. So e-mail or pm, probably.


Name: High Flyer
Nicknames: Your Time Traveling, Snow Selling Neighborhood Lunatic(or a combination of any of that), Oh, and his friends call him Fly.

Height: 6'0"
Weight: 204 ¼lbs (Actually 218 lbs)
Handedness: Right handed
Looks: http://www.nobrandwrestling.com//nbW07/poser/full/flyer.jpg

Hailing From: Born in Bethlehem, PA, Currently residing in Los Angeles, CA

Disposition: Face? Sure. Face.
Gimmick: He sells snow and sometimes time travels. What of it?

Ring Attire: He wears baggy long tights made out of material that resembles and FEELS like snow. He wears clover Shawn Michaels styled gloves. Black ring boots.
Theme Music: "Flyentology" by El-P
Ring Entrance: Music plays, some flashing lights, pyro shoots out as Flyer steps out. He raises his hand in a devil horn taunt, and saunters to the ring. He'll slap fans hands if the arena's made out like that. Then he enters the ring, and climbs a turnbuckle, or stares down his opponent, or what have you. Depends if he's champion. Depends if he's introduced first. Depends if he hates his opponent. He'll react to the situation he's in, more than just do a basic introduction.

Tactics/Style: (Technical, High-Flyer, etc. But go into a bit of detail. If he's modelled after a certain 'type' of wrestler, please detail. EX: A mix of Shawn Michaels/TAZ/Benoit) Learned Lucha Libre in Mexico from 93-98. In 98, spent a lot of time in Extreme/Hardcore Promotions. In 99, he highlighted his high flying ability, and focused on showmanship. In 2003, he began to incorporate submission wrestling, but never felt comfortable with it.

He's become a technical luchador. Kind of Chris Jericho esq, with a bit of AJ Styles mixed in. But then again, I have'nt watched wrestling in years, so I'd probably also say a bit of rey mysterio is in him too.

Intelligence - A wealth of experience, he has a great handle on ring psychology.
Speed/Agility - One of his totem poles. This used to be exceptional. Now it is better than most, and is still relied upon as his key "ace up his sleeve"
Charisma - What will keep him alive when he can no longer race around the ring. When he can no longer wrestle, he will no doubt take up the acting bug in some sort of schtick. He's very much a showman.

Weaknessess: (See Above)
Strength - Oddly enough, his strength is a weakness. He can only pick up people below 275 lbs. He can pick 350 pound people up in quick suplexes, but only if they are jumping with him. He can't even control anyone above 350+ lbs, and so will only strike/ddt/various other maneuvers to em.
Injuries: His left knee was ravaged with injuries between 2000 and 2003. He's since healed, but opponents will not hesitate to target them. He's also broken quite a few rib bones and his radius in his upper arm.
Stamina: At a younger age, Jack Harmen could wrestle an iron man match and not be tired. Not anymore. He will be winded. He will occassionally need to keep his breath. And he WILL be put down for longer than he had in the past. This is also an effective of his recent smoking habit.

-Devil Horns
-Climbing onto bottom rope and bouncing on top
-crucifix arms extended
-laughing/pointing at fallen opponent
-Cocky Pin

Snow Shovel
Other normalcies, IE: Steel chair, tables, ladders

Momentum Shifters
STRIKE – leaping calf kick, spinning wheel kick, rising dual palmed uppercut, leg sweep,
IMPACT – Ducking German Suplex, Running Lyger Bomb, Flapjack DDT, belly to belly, facebuster, tilt-a-whirl headscissors
SUBMISSION – dragon sleeper, STF,

Early Match
STRIKE – Quick Leg Drop, slaps to the head of a recovering opponent, eye rake, knee kick to downed opponent, elbow to knee of downed opponent, choke of downed opponent, punches to downed opponent.
IMPACT – Corkscrew suplex, neckbreaker, kneebreaker, arm drag, body slam,
SUBMISSION – Flyerboard(surfboard/bow & Arrow)
CHAINS – Snapmare takeover into spine kick, arm wrench into hook kick

Mid Match
STRIKE – Jericho Leaping forearm, mounted punches, foot face twist
IMPACT – ¾ facelock cut, bridging German Suplex, double arm ddt, reverse ddt, scoop piledriver, top rope hurricanrana, t-bone suplex
SUBMISSION – STF, Indian Deathlock
CHAINS – Leg sweeped inverted DDT, Opponent crotch-into leaping kick-into tree of woe(either running dropkick or a groin stand to follow)

Aerial Expertise
INSIDE to OUTSIDE – Springboard Shooting Star Press, Baseball Slide Hurricanrana, Asai Moonsault, Diving front flip splash, corkscrew body press
INSIDE to INSIDE - *****½ Frogsplash, “Traveling Through Time”(Cartwheel Elbow Drop), 450° Splash, Springboard Twisting Moonsault, Third Degree Frostbite(Reverse Senton Bomb), “Swanton” bomb, flipping neckbreaker, sideways corkscrew splash, springboard arm drag, triple jump moonsault, Lionsault, “Swandive”(diving Headbutt)
OUTSIDE to INSIDE – Springboard Lou Thesz Press w/ Punches, springboard missle dropkick, springboard STO

Late Match
STRIKE – Cartwheeled elbow into the corner, Pump Kick, Leaping super kick[Higher Range than his Locomotive],
IMPACT – Front Flipped Stunner, tilt-a-whirl Inverted DDT Bomb, Lunatic Bomb(Urangi Powerbomb), FlyerDriver(Michanoku Piledriver),
SUBMISSION – Figure Four around the Ring Post, leg grapevine, Dragon SLEEP!(Dragon sleeper)
CHAINS - Rising Single Arm DDT into a bulldog, into a crossface,

“Cold Snow”(A dual neck palmed leaping DDT)
Frequency: ****
Finishingness: **½
Usage: Usually used to drive the head and only the head directly into the mat. Very dangerous to the neck, won’t even be performed on those that are unwilling to take the blow. However, he’s built a way to drop off from grasping the neck as he lands on his back and time it so that the opponents head never really hits the mat, in a full on “worked” maneuver. But it’s not as showy in this fashion.

Sometimes done as a desperation counter when he’s been beaten down. Can be done as a setup to a high flying move, and even as a pinfall attempt, if the match has been going on for a while and Flyer has focused his attention on the head or the neck.

“Hypothermia” (Double Underhook Brainbuster)
Frequency: ****
Finishingess: ***
Usage: Usually done to those smaller or just ever so slightly larger. The smaller the body, the longer Flyer holds the opponent in the air before dropping them, British Bulldog style. He won’t perform the maneuver as it normally is when opponents weigh over 275 lbs. At this level to 350 or so, Flyer will attempt a double underhooked suplex, usually attempting to slam the opponents head milliseconds or a second before the rest of the body strikes the mat for full effect. Can be hit or miss in that regards for larger individuals. For smaller opponents, the Lunatic is in complete control. Done as a set up to a high flying maneuver, occasionally done as a pinfall attempt if Flyer is at a loss as to what to hit his opponent with. More times than not, if Flyer’s attempting this, the opponent will fight out of the underhook or reverse the motion or counter it in some way, usually into an exchange of counters.

Alternative Finishers
Peaceful Slumber(Modified Elevated Boston Crab)
Frequency: ***
Finishingness: ***½
Usage: This maneuver will be used whenever Flyer targets the legs or knees of an opponent, whether they be too large or too speedy. Flyer however, had a tendancy to lock the maneuver in lightly, which allows his opponents to crawl to safety. But once Flyer’s calf draps over the back of his opponents neck, it should be unable to be broken.
Variations: Through the ring ropes(think Tajiri’s Tarantula), Rolling(Opponent charges through, and Flyer does a Lance Storm roll through, grabbing one leg and then hooking the other : Usually desperate, and usually doesn’t work to perfection), Standing(An opponent attempts to hurraconrada Flyer, but Flyer steps forward and locks in the Peaceful Slumber instead).

True Finishers
The Locomotive(Running Yakuza Kick)
Frequency: *****
Finishingness: ****(if hit)
Usage: This move is used all the time. Usually, when Flyer preps his opponent for this maneuver, he will be focusing much of his attention on his opponents head and neck. Flyer will sometimes even start out a match by charging at his opponent and going for the knock out blow. This will usually cause his opponent to become a bit more cautious, although it rarely(in fact, never so far) has hit in the first minutes of a matchup. Still, this is a finisher that can come out of nowhere. As long as both men are standing, and even one of them is running towards the other, Flyer can pull this maneuver out of nowhere and quickly fall on his opponent, cradling him for the pin. Usually, a connection means the finale, as Flyer’s Yakuza Kick lets out a resounding echoing sound inside whatever arena he resides.
Variations: Both opponents need to be standing. Besides being in the ring and being outside of the ring, there have been two variations.
On Ropes: Done once, at CSWA 17, Flyer sprinted on the top rope as the Undertaker would walk, and caught a standing Alias with a yakuza kick. This threw out the balance from the Lunatic, and both men tumbled to the outside, unable to return. Flyer now, is very unlikely to try a maneuver like this again.
Opponent sitting on top : Should the opponent be winded and their head bent down slightly, Flyer will charge and kick the top of the opponents head with his Yakuza Kick. Most likely, this would happen in a tag team match, with Flyer’s partner softening the victim up as they sit on the top rope.

Ultimate Finisher
The Flying Moon Shot(Picture Perfect Top Rope Moonsault)
Frequency: -****
Finishingness: ****
Usage: This move is the RAREST of the rare. Jack Harmen is constantly worried about his knee, and landing awkwardly on the mat knee first, and will therefore only use this maneuver on an opponent he TRUSTS, or a CROWD of people. Now, while it IS Jack’s ultimate finisher, it doesn’t have a better effectiveness than the Locomotive, and as such, isn’t an automatic finish should it be hit. Still, more than likely, if you’re going to survive this maneuver, you should try to find a way to avoid it.
Variations: Opponent can be standing or fallen on the mat. They can also be on the outside of the ring, although if the rarity of the Moonsault is -*****, then the rarity of it on the outside is -******
Character Traits
-When Flyer is whipped into the corner from a semi-close distance, he will slam sternum first. When whipped from across the ring into the corner, Flyer will Shawn Michaels/Ric Flair flop to the outside, landing occasionally on the canvas, occasionally tumbling completely to the outside.
-When disorientated or blinded, Flyer will swing with wild punches to great comedic effect. He will also occasionally FAKE being blind, start wild swinging, and lure his opponent into his trap.
-Flyer is a talker, and will routinely trash talk his opponent DURING their matches. Expect lots of taunts.
-Rarely makes a mistake. Sometimes makes a poor decision but hardly follys or out and out ****s up.
-Very adept at selling. Spent years in America being some large douche’s punching bag.
-Flyer won’t punch a woman. Ever. He may shove her away, he may grab her and take her away from a confrontation kicking and screaming, but he won’t punch her in the face. He WILL kick her in the face if she deserves it though, or especially, if she’s an actual wrestler and it’s an actual match between the two.
-Loves to work in a spot into matches where each participant reverses the other finisher into their own.
-Flyer will rarely submit in title matches, or big time showdowns. He’s still more than able to, but he’ll try to fight through the pain first. In regular tv matches, he’s much quicker to pound the mat three times.
-A true background in lucha libre. Extremely fluid in the ring.
-Once considered the fastest wrestler in the world, he’s lost this mantel over the years. He is still incredibly agile, and has amazing balance. Can run and jump just about anywhere, ready to spring. He rarely will run, jump, and fall. Very well defined center of gravity.
-If his opponent is near the ropes and Flyer wants a pin, he will drag him to the center of the ring, or hook the leg closest to the ropes, depending how far into the match he is.
-If he’s near the ropes, he will occasionally use them for leverage on submissions and pins, even as a face.
-Will occasionally hook the tights of opponents he respects after a one count, to give him an extra advantage to win.
-Plays aggressive against opponents who anger him. Plays passive against opponents HE angers.
-If someone mentions or kills or does anything negative to any of his famiy members, he will try to MURDERDEATHKILL them.


Quick to a joke, quick to anger, the Lunatic hinges himself on unfiltered emotion. Sarcastic, pop culture orientated, and unamused, Jack Harmen quips his way through his opponents, and also makes pretty flips in the air while he fights them.

Jack is a loyal and trustworthy individual, that is, until his own paranoia gets the best of him and he believes YOU aren’t being Loyal and trustworthy, in which case, all best are OFF. He has a tendency to enter a federation and never leave, or go to a federation for a single show and disappear forever. He’s been hurt in the past by both the IWO and fWo closing its doors down for good, and as such, has no longer put much personal stock into the companies he currently works for.

Ultimately, Flyer’s the type of character who will rib your character, go “Hey, can’t you take a joke?” and then when your character ribs him, he’ll tear your head off while you shout through blood curdled screams, “JOKE! JOKE! Remember the joke!”

Flyer is a second generation superstar, having wrestled since his debut in Mexico in 1993. He came stateside in 1998, and has wrestled for the IWO, fWo, WWR, PRIME, and ****loads of other places you don't give two ****s about, because it's not NFW.

Flyer had a wife before they separated, and he has two children with her, Allocca Harmen and Veronica Young. Flyer used to blame their seperation on Craig, but now only does with 5 percent of his original 100 percent conviction. As such, they don't hate each other nearly as much as they have in the past. Still, I'm sure they annoy one another.


Divide 120 Points between:

AGILITY: 36(Leaping, Air-Strike/Defense)
SCIENTIFIC: 16(Technical/Amateur/Martial Arts Background)
SPEED: 31(Quickness in/out of the ring, moving around)

(Hint: Numbers ending in 0 and 5 minimizes your potential attack/defense values, try 1's and 6's)

Provide a 20-set movelist as follows:

1-15 : See Match Writing Aid for various help. SEE: Early/Mid/Aerial Maneuvers.
16. Sliced Bread #3
17: Springboard Lou Thesz Press w/ Knuckles
18: Hypothermia
19: Cold Snow
20: Locomotive


UTA Hall of Famer and All-Around Nice Guy
Staff member
Jan 6, 2005
Los Angeles, CA, formerly PA
So, High Flyer's a bad guy now, having wrestled as "Fake Impulse" as most recent as Crash 47.

3/29 - At Cyberslam, High Flyer suffered a minor high ankle sprain. He'll be in slight pain for about two months, but will be wrestling on said injury as soon as 4/15.

Changes to bios:
Weight: 222 lbs.(actually 218)
Disposition: Heel, Turned on Impulse while dressed as Fake Impulse
Gimmick: I haven't decided whether, even unmasked, if Flyer should continue to occassionally don the fake Impulse attire.
Theme Entrance: "Crazy Train" by Ozzy Osbourne

Injuries: His left knee was ravaged with injuries between 2000 and 2003. He's since healed, but opponents will not hesitate to target them. He's also broken quite a few rib bones and his radius in his upper arm. High Ankle Sprain(3/29 to 4/15, pain continues after until Late May 09).

(added to moveset guide above)
"Suddenly Boring" - A superkick, used to mock Impulse.

(additions as of 4/'09, due to Heeldom)
-He will hook the tights illegally for a pin.
-He will put his feet on the ropes for an added advantage during a pin.
-Use ropes for leverage during submission moves.
-Will pretend to be striken by foreign objects that litter the ring in order to draw a disqualification.
-Will attempt to cause a participant to be knocked out on outside of ring at an 8 or 9 count, rolling in to gain a cheap count out victory.
-Very likely to spray white mist into opponent's eyes during pivital turning points in a match.
-No qualms with kicking a person in their genitals.
-Will tear off ringside turnbuckle pads.
-Use of a manager or distraction to pull referee's attention away, the sky is the limit. Generally, High Flyer will do anything, whether mundane, classic, cliche'd, or inventive that one can think of.
-Will argue with an official for the littliest of reasons.

-High Flyer will smack the head of a recovering opponent.
-Flyer will pin a person with one foot, Chris Jericho style, to rub it in their faces.
-Will never call anyone by their actual name, except Steve Knox, and will only get Steve right when refering to him by his last name only, Knox. He will be more likely to call Steve Simon, than Steve.
-High Flyer will say things he doesn't believe, or make up lies, just to push a person's button or subvert their expectation.(IE: Saying he's attacked when he wasn't before the TV title match)
-Frustrated and annoyed, he will have little patience with comedy stars.
-And generally, anything else that would make you go, "jeez, what a prick. I hope he drowns in a river someday."
I'll add more when I think of more specifics.

More Recent Appearance
(Tights are, however, the fluffy snow like type.)

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