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Horror Business vs. Bad Company


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Jan 1, 2000
Amsterdam, NY
Beginning of the End


The scene, a pristine mountain villa in the hills of Norway, about 200 miles outside of the capital city of Oslo. The shot moves over the mountains, and into the sky, where a white 747 soars across the midday sky like an albatross. The camera seems to play a game of "follow the leader" with the jet before catching up to it and revealing the inside. The plane is the private jet of Edward C. Fenton, owner of Fenton Aerospace Technologies. The inside could easily fit 200, but is instead lavishly decorated with several suites, a recreation room, and a full service kitchen and bar. Sitting on a comfortable Italian black leather sofa is Fenton himself, impeccably clad in a navy blue Armani suit.

EF: Well, mortals, welcome to my life. The life of a multi-billionaire, something none of you can possibly comprehend. And welcome to the first step of a professional wrestling takeover. I, as you may well know, am Edward Cornwallis Fenton IV. My friends call me Eddie. All of you idiots should get down on your knees and address me only as Mr. Fenton. I could buy and sell each and every one of you out there in TV land. But I won't. I'm not in in the custom of taking things that are of no value to me. But I have two new associates who take great pleasure in the destruction of pitiful, worthless lives.
Jose, the music!

Cue up: "Bad Company" by Bad Company, as two men, one nearly seven feet tall, the other just short of six feet, but both incredibly well built, walk into the room and stand behind Fenton, one on either side.

EF: Global Xtreme Wrestling, allow me to be the first to introduce you to the greatest force in the history of this industry, Bad Company. On my right is "The Flash", Skylar Trace, one of America's finest martial artists and pound for pound one of the strongest and fastest men in the world. To my left is Victor Hendricks, "Tank" a 6'9", nearly 400 pound man crushing monster. Together they form the most lethal tag team this world has ever seen, and I control their every move. You see, I take pleasure in the pain of others, and these two are pain inducing machines, merciless, without feeling or compassion.

Now, on to Onslaught, which ironically will be what Messrs. Carson and Zombie will experience when this tidal wave of pain hits the Oslo Spektrum. You see, these two horses are just itching to get out of the gate, and they’re gonna knock the living $#!% out of the first thing they see. And Paul, Kyle, sadly you two happen to be the showpiece for the rest of the world. It’s not that we don’t like you two, even though we don’t. It’s about business boys. It’s about the business of quickly ascending G X Dubya’s tag team ladder until we take those two gold belts from the waists of, uh, who are the tag chumps again? What? Buffoon Bartholomew and Fatty McCheesefries? The Muenster Boys? Okay. Doesn’t really matter what imported cheese they’re named after, just as it makes no difference who are first opponents are. Horror Business, you’re about to find out the true meaning of your little moniker. Tank and Flash will just take care of business, while you two feel the horror. Well, I guess that’s all. Except, GXW fans, remember that The End is near. Afternoon, gentlemen.

Fenton sits down and turns his head from the camera.


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