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HOW News and notes...

Lee Best

League Member
May 16, 2005
High Octane Wrestling presented War Games on Monday August 11th live from the United Center in Chicago Illinois. The event when on without a hitch and today the gate receipts were officially announced as HOW raked in $869,600 dollars in ticket sales as the event was not a full sell out but as word spread about the War Games match the event has pulled in even more money via PPV buys during a week or replays.

Lee Best suffered a concussion during the event but did release the following statement as it was announced he would be wrestling at the next HOW PPV: Rumble at the Rock live from Alcatraz Prison on October 13th.

"Yes I got my ass kicked, yes my Best Alliance lost the match, and yes I know have to face my longtime rival Chris Kostoff and YES I might be selling 49% of the company, but with all that said there are some positives to talk about.

I have fired Xander Hayes, Enigma, and several other wrestlers who failed to "show" up at the PPV. There is nothing better than firing some worthless ****s to heal my wounds. I also came to a mutual agreement to allow The Masked Marvel aka Ness, out of his contract which also clears up some more cash for me....I mean the company.

So with all the said I think it is time to once again allow 3-5 wrestlers a shot at making it on the HOW Roster. As with any wrestling company the last 5% of the roster has a high turnover rate and HOW is no different. If i can get even one solid guy to stick I am happy cause quite frankly we dont NEED any more wrestlers and I sure as hell dont want to be paying anymore but there is a budget opening so why not.

Finally I just want to formally announce that I will be bringing back High Octane Television or HOTv for short. This will be a wrestling channel committed to bringing three to five feds an umbrella to compete under and also to bring some people together that would normally would never work together in this industry. There is no launch date as I have the sale of HOW to go over first but look for something within the 3rd quarter."

If anyone is interested in catching the War Games match head over to HOWrestling.com or contact Lee Best to set up a HOW account to check out War Games.

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