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HOW Rating, Total Gate

Lee Best

League Member
May 16, 2005
Those that are familiar with High Octane Wrestling know that Lee Best uses a simple but complex system to bring realism into this game we call efedding. One of those systems is his payroll system which has been often duplicated. Well Lee has upped the anti and by factoring in the number of roleplays done Lee has figured out a way to find the “gate” for each show.

Below are the gate receipts for the first Mayhem in the Refueled era.

“High Octane Wrestling sold a total of 10,750 tickets for its first Mayhem back. The United Center has a capacity of 21,500, so you can see that the arena was only half full. People are obviously skeptical of Lee Best and the return of HOW. The total gate from those ticket sales brought in a total of $322,500. The rating for the show was a respectable 2.0″

Expect Lee to be very disappointed with these numbers and next weeks Mayhem to be amped up!!

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