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HOW Tag Team Division Info

Lee Best

League Member
May 16, 2005

Alright I am going to give this division one final push here in HOW. Right now i am recruiting tag teams...and tag teams only.

I dont care if its one handler doing the team themselves or forming a family of characters like Mario.

But what i want is tag teams in tag team feuds and not guys in singles feuds that team up as tag teams here and there.

The focus of the team has to be on tag team wrestling and the occasional singles match.

Can a tag team wrestler win a singles title....sure. If they buy the title shot via the shop they get a shot at the singles title but they will not get a FEUD for a singles title.

Can there be double champs..sure..especially if someone does what i just described in the above paragrah.

So here is the basics of the tag team division.

  • Tag Team will have its own account. That way you will see A-Listers vs. Perfectly Marvelous instead of Mark and Sektor vs Triple M and Triple P.
  • With one account that means the team will have a 2 rp limit..not 2 per character. So you will have to login under the team account and post rps. One guy can do both...you can work together on each rp or take turns..doesnt matter..its a team.
  • Only the Tag Champs can be on both shows. There will be tag team feuds that ARENT for the Championships so you gotta know that going in.
  • Tag teams will be drafted Together..but only the teams that are legit teams will be drafted as such. The Blood Brothers obviously would have to give up all their singles feuds and focus in on tag action to be drafted together.
  • Payroll will be paid out to the team account. If the team makes a purchase and its for only one member of the team, I must be notified who it is for before i allow it to go thru.
I am sure there are a few little things i am missing but that is the jist of what I plan on doing.

So I want people to reply to this thread if you want to be involved in the Tag team division.

State who u will be teaming with or if you plan on running a team on your own list the team name and characters.

Thanks guys and the replies will make or end this last run for the tag team titles.

The Maurako Family (Matteo, Martino, Mario, & Mosé)
Brothers of the Beast (Jason Midnight, Reverend Tyson Ross, and Jacob Morgan)
Unnamed Scottywood Team
The A-Listers (Sektor and Mark O'Neal)

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