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Hunting the Iceman


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Jan 1, 2000
Boldon UK
(Stanley looked on as Serf packed a few pairs of trousers into a bag, as he did so Stanley muttered under his breath, a weary look on his face. Alfred noticed this and crossed the room to talk to him.)

A: Are you alright Lawrence?

LS: I am fine Alfred……just fine.

A: You don’t look fine to me.

LS: Like I say old chap……I am fine.

A: I hate to bother you……but I worry about you…….this card is important.

LS: I am well aware of the implications of this card Alfred.

S: Maybe you need to lie down for a bit Mr Stanley….I can finish the rest of the packing.

A: And the rest of the jobs to be done can be completed by me.

LS: I appreciate your concern……both of you…..but I am not in need of rest.

A: Two matches in one night might suggest otherwise.

S: And one’s for the World title too.

A: Whilst the other sees you face that damned Hornet.

S: And….umm….’her’.

LS: Are the pair of you trying out for jobs in the CSWA marketing and advertising department?!?!

A: No….just making a few points to you.

LS: I am fully aware of the matches I have been assigned for the weekend…..and I know the importance of each of them.

A: Good.

LS: Believe me…..I fully intend to leave the arena the CSWA World champion…and having extracted a small measure of revenge on Hornet.

S: What about….err….’her’?

LS: By….’her’…..I assume you mean Teri Melton?!?!

S: Yeah.

LS: What is there to do?

A: Umm…..that’s a very measured approach to have old chap.

LS: I despise Miss Melton for what she had done and the way she has done it…..but she is not a wrestler.

A: And she’s no lady either.

S: No….I heard one of the lighting guys calling her the locker room slut!

(Serf’s huge smile disappeared as Stanley looked daggers at him.)

LS: Other people’s opinions of her matter little to me…..although I freely admit to wanting to make her pay. However the best way I can do that is to extract punishment on the new love of her life….Hornet.

A: I’m wondering if its such a good idea to have these two matches on the one card…..both have huge ramifications and ideally you’d be totally fresh for both.

LS: Maybe….but these opportunities are too good to pass up…..I will show everyone just what a force Lawrence Stanley is in the CSWA….and is going to be for the considerable future.

S: If you wanted to Mr Stanley…..I could take your place in the six man tag match……you’ll have your opportunity to get Hornet later in the year….you need to focus totally on the World title fight with Steve Radder.

LS: A kind gesture Serf…..but I will never back out of a fight….especially against that cad Hornet….after the IOC I have proven that I can compete in gruelling events and still get favourable outcomes……I must make sure that this weekend is another example.

A: Well said……and after the IOC you should be confident about facing Radder.

S: But…Radder won.

(Stanley looked at him again.)

S: I…err…..never….umm…said that.

LS: Yes….Steve Radder beat me….but anyone who was at that card will testify that I dominated that match and should have beaten him….I will not make the same mistake twice.

A: That’s the attitude…..Radder is coming off a high from the IOC……this will be the perfect way to bring him back down to earth…..with a bump.

LS: And what a bump it will be….one that will knock the CSWA World title off him…and have it land around my waist.

A: I have a perfect plan I want to run by you to help you achieve that.

LS: Excellent…Serf….you finish off the packing….we have work to do.

(Fade to black.)

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