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I am Jack's true destiny


League Member
Jun 5, 2007
‘I have to say it again Jack – I will be the one that saves you.’

Legion is sitting down in a room that may be familiar to some – the room where the Deathmasks have been created in the past. Clear in the background is the mask that looks like Jack himself.

Legion: Devastator was a test regardless of the attack by the Chromatic Dragons to see if you were ready Jack. You managed to survive another day with a target affixed on you in the 12 pounds of gold you carry – paranoid that Eddie Mayfield going to pull his best version of the Baltimore Incident.

As I have said many times before – we have been through a lot during our years in NFW, at one point we were allies until you had to make me prove to the world your first secret – that you were the one named Thirteen then you decided to find peace with Nova.

In the back of your mind was that darkness – sure all of us had saw glimpse as you’ve played mind games with countless others both here and elsewhere – Impulse, Deacon, Craig Miles and then the truth came out when Impulse's revolution died – you and I have the same goal in mind: to bring total chaos to NFW – not to do what Hellfire, Avery and the like have before, just simply watching the world burn around us.

Think about it Jack – the message *I* sent the world when I burnt Lamont’s set had a little hidden message in there just for you – I knew your true desire towards NFW. You built your army while I did mine but yours has had to deal with someone trying to stop your control of the belt.

It’s typical – the first shot I get since Impulse tried his ultimatum and Castor decides to twist the knife in against us BOTH – Pat Black has to be stopped - Walking Dead or not.

Why? I want this match to be something they NEED to remember for years to come – they say that you hit harder the people you respect in this business and it’s true – in order for me to save you it has to be returned.

Bring your snow shovel, I’ll bring the barbed wire noose if need be and once the mist has cleared the world of chaos will be pleased as the two that embrace it the most will show others why above anything it HAS to be that way.

I shall give you what you have asked for MONTHS – true destruction, true CHAOS.

You’ll be free because of me.

The camera zooms on the deathmask and fades to black.

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