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Impulse 4/3/09


Angry Johnny
Jun 7, 2006
New Frontier Wrestling

Name: pete
Email Address: indifferentpete at gmail dot com
AIM/Yahoo Messenger: user poets
Preferred Method of Handling: Any
Best Way to Contact you: either/or


Name: Impulse
Nicknames: The Marathon Man
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 188
Handedness: Ambi


He has short (not quite buzzed) black hair with the barest hint of sideburns, brown eyes, and a mischievous look about him. He's a thin, wiry kid with a tattoo of a question mark on his left bicep and no visible scars. Muscular for his size, but still has a small frame.

Hailing From: New York, NY

Disposition: Quick - witted and sarcastic, but optimistic and good natured, well liked by the fans for his ability and adherence to the rules.


All-rounder. Can fly with the best and mat wrestle anyone to the ground.

Ring Attire:

Wrestles in long tights, various muted colors (red, green, blue, black, etc, but nothing really bright) with black boots and matching kneepads. Tapes up his hands and wrists when he wrestles, always has "JFZ" written with a sharpie on his right wrist.

To the ring:

Also wears a faded black leather jacker that looks about twenty years old, and any kind of wrestling T-shirt. If it's a contemporary shirt he will take it off and throw it to the crowd, if it's a vintage shirt it's his personal property and will hand it to the ring attendant with his jacket.

Theme Music: Queen V - "Revolution Baby"

Ring Entrance:

Walks out at the "LEFT! LEFT! LEFT RIGHT LEFT!" intro, stops at the top of the entranceway, and continues to the ring, slapping any hand that's outstretched.

When he gets to the ring, he climbs up the steps, then slingshots himself over the top, and goes to two (just two, but any two) corners to raise his hand in the air and thank the fans for their cheers. After that, he'll either pace around with his eyes on his opponent, or he'll lean against the far ropes while he waits for them to come out.


Mat wrestling, submission wrestling, hooking, high flying, imaginative improvisation. His moveset is limitless. But he is a classic babyface and will always fight fair. If an opponent brings a weapon into the ring his goal will be to disarm him and toss the weapon away, regardless of where the referee is. Does not curse during interviews.

He does not consider hooking to be cheating, so if he is desperate he may use a hook to turn the tide, but will be careful to never permantly damage his opponent.

Also, he is double jointed in both elbows, both knees, and both wrists.

FINISHER A: Sudden Impact

Description - Superkick to the jaw.
Setup - Does not matter. Can pull it out of nowhere or can down his opponent and wait a la Shawn Michaels

FINISHER B: The Message

Description - Submission hold. Setup is anything that gets Impulse behind his opponent. He hooks them over the shoulder by the neck as if he was going for a neckbreaker/Rude Awakening, but quickly pulls his legs up, kicks his opponent in the back of the knees and when they drop to their knees on the mat, he holds on by their jaw and pulls. Added bonus, if he can rest his own legs on his opponent's for additional leverage

Strengths and weaknesses:

1. Optimistic. Believes the best of people up to the point of being proven wrong, but can easily recognize warning signs.
2. Resilient. He's thin and wiry and can take a lot of abuse, and can therefore wrestle at full capacity for longer than most.
3. Size. When he's out, he's out. Has to get creative against larger opponents and will not always have time.
4. Stamina. Wrestled in the TV Title Battle Royal at Wrestlestock II for 118 minutes straight (was third man in the ring and one of the last eliminated).
5. Strict babyface. Will never cheat, even against five to one odds.
6. Ethical. Will always side with a party who is getting unjustly screwed, regardless of affiliation. Does not believe anyone "deserves it."


On paper, he is the perfect wrestler, who can fly, mat wrestle, take opponents down, and do it all with style. What he can and will do in the ring is limited only by his size compared to his opponent's, and the imagination of the matchwriter.

CAVEAT: Will never cheat. Will never use a weapon or use illegal moves, not even in a NO DQ match. No exceptions.

Randall Knox was born in Manhatten in January, 1985 and wanted to wrestle from the time he was 10 years old. He and his friends would 'take bumps' in the street while skateboarding from place to place, but as they got gradually older he was more interested in finding out how to get involved for real.

Fortunately, there was a gym just three subway stops away called Coop's. When he was fourteen he went in for the first time and met the owner, Terry Cooper, and the most famous wrestler that ever stepped through Coop's ropes: Eli Flair.

Flair's manager, Poison Ivy, was more hands on with the kids who continued to show up to try to learn how to be the next King of Extreme, and with her urging, Terry Cooper started to run monthly shows again so his kids could have a place to practice. There was no money involved and no politic involved; just youngsters who wanted to learn the business. None of them were ever going to make any real money, but it wasn't about the money at that age/that time, it was about the experience.

Except for Knox. He was like a sponge, soaking up everything that was taught him, and then some.

When he was sixteen, one of the girls from his school, then - fourteen year old Rosalyn Callasantos - followed him to the gym where she learned some of the basics herself, despite continued chest pain and asthma attacks from smoke-seared lungs.

Knox would quickly eclipse his teachers and routinely closed out the monthly show with a stellar match against his main trainer, non-pro wrestler Johnny Fizzbin. Fizzbin had wrestled professionally very briefly in the CSWA but his heart wasn't in it, though he was described by any who saw him as the most naturalistic wrestler that ever lived.

As he got older, and Ivy McGinnis took a more direct hand in his progress, he would wrestle his first two professional matches. The first would be against his roommate and best friend, Luis Gonzales, as the 'dark match' at the FWO's 2003 Countdown to Oblivion 1 show that ended in a tragic shooting spree/fire. He had left soon after his match and missed it.

The second professional match he ever had would be during NFW Ultratitle Season 1's 'Rookie Match' during their infamous All-Star Week. He would wrestle now-former Tag Team Champion Blaine Hollywood in Blaine's debut.

After that, Knox went to college. He wanted to wrestle, but Ivy McGinnis told him that college was more important, citing the statistic of wrestlers who actually break through and are able to make a living as so miniscule as to defy logic.

Even while studying at Syracuse, Knox continued to wrestle. He took the name 'Impulse' and wrestled for local promotions under a mask for four years, honing the mat wrestling and flying skills that Johnny Fizzbin taught him and the shooting/hooking that Terry Cooper taught him to dangerous levels.

When he graduated, he immediately started sending tapes everywhere he could, but in the midst of the economic downturn, companies were reluctant to take a chance on a 188 pound rookie with such limited TV experience. The only bite he got was from Craig Miles' New Frontier Wrestling, but, coming as he did from such well - known roots, he was looking for a way to get himself over on merit alone.

In Knox's mind, the knowledge that he trained at Coop's Gym, by Eli Flair and Ivy McGinnis personally, may influence the people around him to either suck up to him, or target him to get Eli or Ivy's attention. The only way for him to make it on his own, he surmised, was to do so totally anonymously.

Hence, The Messenger Is Not Important.

For months he wrestled under the mask, gaining experience, gaining respect, and gaining the kind of shot he was looking for - in the Sears Tower match for the NFW Television Championship.

Partly due to the fact that he wanted to differentiate himself from the Impulse imposter, and partly due to the fact that he felt he had come full circle and was ready to be himself, moments after winning the belt, he took his mask off and showed his face for the first time to the NFW fans.


20 moves: See matchwriting guide.
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