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In the end, it doesn't even matter....


Sep 11, 1997
Katy, TX
"You can't judge a book by it's cover, they say. But even steak looks unappetizing when served on a trash can lid." - Jake Roberts

The wind is blowing...

Another storm is brewing in the distance....

"How appropriate", he thought.

Cut from static to a shot of the interior of a large study. "The Ego Buster" Dan Ryan sits comfortably in a tall-backed leather office chair behind a wooden desk, several papers strewn about. Behind him and to his left a picturesque window overlooks a large lake...birds chirp in the distance....filtering in through the opening. Ryan looks directly ahead, eyebrows furrowed in thought....mind concentrating on the task ahead.

Ryan: "Anticlimactic isn't it Evan?"

"When you think about it, it just isn't the same anymore...."

"This was the match that was to have taken place almost a year ago."

"The red hot fires of vengeance burning all around...two men fighting to defend the honor of their companies."

"It just didn't work out that way."

"And now here we are, a little wiser...a little older and in your case, a little more battle worn. There are no longer any World titles to brag over....yours lost to Windham....mine lost not long after."

"But on the other hand, in a way....not much has changed at all. The central focus of our conflict never has wavered at all."

"Everyone in this company misunderstood my purpose in coming here. Every last worker in the locker room mistook my intentions for an attack on this company....an attack on what gave them their well-being. But you know what it's all about...."

"Don't you, Evan?"

"I wager you knew what to expect less than five minutes after that fateful edition of GXW television...the night you made the critical error of choosing to step into the ring in another company after leaving on such bad terms. You disrespected an entire locker room that night, and you got your just reward for your actions."

"It could have ended there, but I discovered what I had suspected all along."

"It couldn't have truly ended there because the attitude of disrespect didn't end there. It carried all the way up to the top with you and your brethren here. It angered me...it motivated me...fueled me....for a long long time."

"Alas, that fire has dwindled. The attitudes in this company no longer concern me at night. But the conflict between US...between you and I....has never been settled. But I suppose we're the lucky ones, Evan."

"Here's our chance."

"I wonder....what will it be like when it finally comes to pass, Evan? Will it live up to all that it was billed to be?"

"What am I truly made of, Evan? Do I have the knowledge, skill and capability to do what I plan? Am I still just a blowhard who lets himself get sidetracked into meaningless mini-feuds with the Greensboro Champ?"

"Or am I more focused now than I have been in my entire life?"

"This little....break....we had.....was cathartic, Evan. It allowed to to rethink some things...to rediscover my roots so to speak. Only now have the events of the past year and a half begun to truly sink in. Only now do I have the determination to do what I know I can....what I WILL..do in my CSWA career. Only now do I have the complete and total peace that comes with knowing who you really are, who your friends are....and who they are NOT."

"Only now do I show the world how dangerous I can be."

"So it comes to this, my friend. We'll bury our little hatchet at Primetime. We'll work out our differences in the ring. You'll try to get your revenge....for the...GLORY....of the CSWA...."

"Only now.....will you find it impossible....."

Fade to static....

"When man truly finds his purpose, it is in that instant, it is in that moment that he becomes invulnerable."



Mountain Out of a Molehill


The setting for the scene isn't really relevant. Evan Aho's words are the message in and of themselves.

AHO - Naive, idealistic...hell, maybe even ignorant, I didn't expect anything out of the ordinary to happen when I made a return trip to GXW. As far as I was concerned, I left the league on the best of terms. I dropped all the titles I held, wrestled my contracted matches, put a couple of youngsters over and left without asking for anything in return.

When I ended up in town on the same night that GXW was hosting a show and Kin Hiroshi needed a tag team partner, I didn't see any problem in coming back. But apparently there was a problem, wasn't there Dan? Despite being written out of the storylines and phased out of the title picture, GXW never stopped needing me.

He chuckles.

I guess I should have been flattered, Dan. You guys never got over me.

To this day that eats you up, Dan. You can't stand the fact that I could be a part of GXW for so long and then leave without so much as a backward glance. Maybe I should be sorry for that, but I don't apologize for hurting the feelings of grown men.

You think this is about disrespect? Don't be such a drama queen. I don't care enough to disrespect you, Dan.

This was never about companies Dan. You made it sound that way, but from my end it makes no sense. I don't have bretheren in this company. I never fought against GXW. I never fought for CSWA. I wrestle for myself. I happened to be wearing the belt when you were wearing yours. As a result you concocted this scenario. But Dan, this isn't between us. This isn't between me and you. This is between you and you.

Don't get me wrong, I'm looking forward to this match. But I haven't lost a wink of sleep wondering when it would happen.

Glory, vengeance, respect...whatever. This is *wrestling*, I don't need any more motivation than that.

Do I know what it's all about? No Dan, I don't. I know what I'm all about. Nothing else is relevant.



Sep 11, 1997
Katy, TX
"They always say 'better late than never'. But sometimes it's better never....than late..."

"As expected, Evan. As expected...."

The events of the last week swirled through his mind. Too many commitments to keep...

"Too thin...just spread too thin...."

But the present is changing that. The present brings closer a goal long worked toward, and in an instant....reachable....

Simple scene marked by a long dressing room bench, Dan Ryan sitting still with beads of perspiration the evidence of the night's activities.

Ryan: "Evan, nice of you to show up. But then, you don't care about the mundane details of this business...like promoting a match. No talk and all action, to re-work a common phrase; That's what you're all about right, man?"


"And when you do speak, you still fail to grasp even the most simple concepts, such as why this match is even taking place. You've got the nerve to sit there and say you left the company on the best of terms. It may have seemed that way at the time, but soon thereafter it became increasingly clear why you left."

"Don't sit there and try to make a martyr of yourself, Evan. The last wrestling purist screwed over by the champion of his former company. No one screwed you over, Evan. It's just a shame that the simple unwritten rules of this business seem only to apply to others in your mind and not to you."

"Why don't you lay the facts out for everyone to see, man? You've never admitted your role in this situation, and in fact it's all because of you that it exists. You say you don't work FOR the CSWA or defend it, but you're more than willing to step into shadows while the entire company comes out firing to defend a situation caused by you."

"Maybe you really thought there was nothing wrong using the excuse that you needed more time to yourself when you left GXW, then turning around and coming here the next day. It's too bad, because had you been honest with the front office in the first place I'm sure you would have been free to go with our blessings. We're not in the business of holding a man back. If this was where your heart was, then more power to you. But you lied straight to our faces. Then you turned around and tried to walk back in like nothing ever happened. Maybe you didn't understand what you were doing. Maybe you still don't. Maybe despite all of the praise heaped upon you for being a throwback in this age of in your face 'sex sells' promotions, your whole outlook on this is a crock of crap. Maybe you're just too stupid to understand what it's like when a respected member of a roster throws his two faced behavior back in his old company's face...."

"Or maybe it's just that 'A-ho' is the perfect last name for you..."

"No matter what it is you THINK, we never really needed you. There wasn't any Evan Aho farewell show in GXW. You barely even made a dent in that company and you damn well know it, so don't jump out of character and try to develop an ego now."

"You didn't hurt my feelings, Evan. Quite the contrary. I didn't give two s**ts about your departure until I got the inside scoop. And even then it was only a minor annoyance...until you decided to pop back up again."

"But what happens to minor annoyances when they pop back up, Evan? In your case they get bitch-slapped back down. In your case, they get a 'what did I do?' look on their faces and lick their wounds limping back 'home'. In your case, they run to daddy and ask him to fight their battle for them. It's no secret why Hornet stepped out on the stage that first night over here. It's no secret why the Intruders marked us for their first target. You 'don't care enough', but your actions bear out a different fruit don't they?"

"You're right though. It's not about GXW and CSWA. It never has been. But then, that's a point I've tried to drive home for a very long time. You say it's not even between us. Well...."

"You did a damn good job of avoiding that didn't you? It's easy to keep from losing sleep when the entire world is fighting your battles for you."

"Maybe if you had some of that fire...the pride...the need to defend something other than the lost art of chain-wrestling....maybe you'd still be World Champion..."

"I know what you're all about too, Evan. Everyone does. What's relevant may be subjective, but at Primetime..."

"Your battle will be right before your face. I'm as tired of chasing you down as you are of running I'm sure. I'll finish the job, and in the end what's Evan Aho gonna say then? Better yet, what will they say about you?"

"After this....you won't be relevant either...."

Fade to static....

"So as a man believeth in his heart, so he is. If in his heart dwelleth wickedness, so shall that fruit bear witness. If deceit, it will come back upon him ten-fold" - Ancient Proverb


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