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Jan 1, 2000
{{...FADE-IN: Shane Southern sits in the locker room area after his match with Hornet at ON TIME. Choosing to not even shower yet, he stands there, STONE faced. His wet brown hair has loosed itself from it's pony tail and hang to his shoulders dripping sweat. A cut above his left eye hasn't been tended to yet either. Southern gingerly stands on his throbbing knees and walks closer to the camera...}}

SHANE SOUTHERN: " Notta' good night for tha' three guys that'er gonna' be teamin' ta'gether at Primetime. Stanley looses ta' Guns, I loose ta' Hornet, n' Sight looses ta' Lance Leizure...I suppose we're not puttin' on tha' SHOW ever'body has come to expect from us. I can see it now...I can see tha' detractors comin' outta' tha' shadows...OH fer THREE...and THEY expect ta' be main eventers? "

" What can I say...people loose matches. Maybe we're not ready...maybe management is right, maybe Merritt knows what he's doin' after all. {{...Southern thinks for a second...}} NAH. Let me tell ya' all somethin' right now. We lost those matches fer ONE reason...EACH one of us were pinned to tha' mat NOT 'cause we were outwrestled, but because we lacked FOCUS. It's somethin' I've gotta' work on. It's somethin' Sight n' Stanley have got ta' work on It don't mean we ain't ready fer PRIMETIME...in fact, I'm ready NOW more than ever. "

" Hornet...nice match. THAT'S what I'm talkin' 'bout...THAT's what I been sayin' I wanted all along. Justa' chance ta' show what I can DO. I lost that match 'cause I lost FOCUS. I lost that match 'cause I was payin' attention ta' things OUTSIDE tha' ring insteada' what I got goin' on INSIDE of it. You taught me another lesson ta'night Hornet, n' it looks like...at FISH FUND, I'll get ta' repay tha' favor. But it's not about THAT right now. Right now it's 'bout THREE guys gettin' inta' tha' ring at Primetime n' showin' ever'body that what happened at ON TIME is NOT gonna' happen again. That is...if we all can REGAIN tha' focus that got us here in tha' first place. "

" Ya' know Sight, lemme' just lay it out fer you right now. I don't gotta' problem with you, in fact, over tha' last few weeks, we've become friends. I don't pass judgement on people 'till I see PROOF. We've gotta' match comin' up...I EXPECT you ta' give it ALL ya' got, this GXW crap be damned. I want YOU ta' show ME at Primetime that PASSION, that DESIRE, that FOCUS that got ya' to this point in tha' first place. What happened in mah' match with Hornet is forgotten. You did what ya' thought ya' had ta' do...{{...shrugs...}} I can respect that. Now, let's put ON TIME behind us n' kick some Hip Hopp ASS. "

" It was a down night fer us, but tha' CSWA's best n' brightest ain't through yet. We may be down, but we're DAMN SURE not out. Yer gonna' find THAT out at PRIMETIME. "

" Party's Over. "

{{...FADE OUT...}}

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