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IWF Announcement!


I stalk, because I care
May 2, 2007
(Fade in to Chairman Cho, he is seated behind his office desk with a grand smile on his face.)

Cho: Thank you everyone for your continued loyal support to the IWF Brand!

I come to you all today to make a very special announcement! In just a few short months IWF will begin a west coast tour, sponsored by none other then Starbucks, called the 'High Intensity Tour'!

Locations that we will hit are as followed,
Portland, Oregon
Phoenix, Arizona
Oakland, California
Sacramento, California

To top that off the tour will end with IWF's first ever Pay Per View!

Located at none other then Las Vegas, Nevada! IWF in conjunction with Starbucks will present.....

Emerald Night Fights in Sin City Lights!

That's not all! As I am sure our Seattle fan base is wondering... what about us? Well let me tell you... following our scheduled editions of the upcoming Chain Reaction #7 and #8 we will be having a farewell Supershow, featuring exclusive first come first serve FREE TICKETS! Yes I said that right folks, the first 5,000 fans to the show will receive free tickets! How can we support over 5,000 fans? Well! In another exciting announcement I am pleased to say that IWF's second ever supershow.....

IWF Presents: Surge

will be presented in none other then Seattle's own... KEY ARENA!!!!!

Yes that's right fans I said it... IWF, because of our dedicated fan base is moving to the big time!

One last thing before I sign off, after the High Intensity Tour concludes in Las Vegas, Nevada. The very next Chain Reaction will take place in Key Arena as well.

So again, I must thank all of our Seattle based fans and the fans growing worldwide for your continued support. Without you, IWF would not be growing like it is today!

Hope everyone enjoys the upcoming edition of Chain Reaction, this is Kimball Cho signing off!

(Fade to IWF copyright.)

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