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Jackson vs. Rage


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Jul 8, 1998
Sierra Vista, Arizona
The Four Of You F*cked With The Wrong N*gga

OORP: Posting for Phil

(It’s a warm summer day in Los Angeles, California as the scene opens up to Devon Jackson’s beach front mansion. As the camera pans around the grounds it spots Devon Jackson chilling on his deck. Dressed in a pair of khaki shorts, a wife beater, some Timberland boots and a black bucket hat to compliment it all. He takes a seat in a deck chair and begins to speak.)

“Haha the four of you messed with the wrong n*gga! Nevermind the fact you guys decided to make fun of me, but then you guys had to be tough guys and totally ruin my debut here in GXW. A federation that NEEDS me as it’s new star to survive.”

(Devon pulls out a little baggie and places it on the table next to him, the contents of that baggie are unknown.)

“But I have the chance to make all of this right come Onslaught as I get to step into the ring with the little leader of the 4 Suckerpunching Sissies who jumped my ass last week on Onslaught.”

(Devon turns and opens the bag and pours the contents onto the table.)

“Rage you may or may not be the leader of the little group that attacked me last week and declared themselves GXW’s Official Police Force, but I will treat like the ringleader and completely dismantle you! Hell I never did like the police...”

(As the scene fades out Devon pulls some paper out of his backpocket.)


(Scene opens up to a private gym. Several nautilus machines are around the room, as well as free weights. In the far right corner, Token is on the bench press. He’s got several large plates on each side of his bar, and he’s easily knocking off repetitions. Steve Hotbody is across the room working the leg machine. The Rant Ricky Gant is doing dumbbell curls in the middle of the room. “The Truth” Tommy Rage works out towards the front of the screen, working his shoulders on the nautilus machine. )

(Yo Nigga by Public Enemy is blasting in the gym)

(Rage turns and sees the camera)

RAGE: Turn down the music. The GXW finally decided to send out a camera crew.

(music fades to black)

RAGE: Well it’s about damn time you guys showed up. The most interesting thing in this promotion and you guys keep trying to keep us in the shadows. Oh wait, my bad I’m sure we’d get more press if we had shown up on Fish Fund like the rest of the roster here. I keep forgetting that this is the triple A affiliate of Greensboro.

As you can see, we’ve been working out damn hard, getting ready for my in ring debut. See, I’m worried. I need to make sure that I get extra preparation. Why you ask? Well, I messed with the wrong nigga. Do you know what that’s like? Do you know the trepidation one feels when messing with the wrong nigga? I mean that made me think twice about how he punked his pathetic ass at Onslaught. I mean, I second-guessed that utter humiliation of him for several seconds.

I mean after all the guy is actually talking about being the future here? The future? (laughs) Then man, I’m a prophet. No way even I thought the GXW was in THAT much trouble. I thought letting him in this promotion was some sort of community service that President Zieba had to serve. Adopt a wannabe program or something. I mean take a look at the guy. He looks like the Black Doogie Howswer and tries to act like tough black brotha #1 from some 70's Shaft movie.

(Hotbody and Gant from the background.)

Shut your mouth.

RAGE: D-Money get ready for the second D-Beatdown. You didn’t learn your lesson the first time, so this time I’ll make sure to beat it into you nice and slow, so even you mentally challenged ass can get it. Now if you excuse me, I’ve got to get back to my training. After all, I did mess with the wrong nigga.



League Member
Jan 1, 2000
I"m posting for PHIL.. Devon Jackson!!

Cue Up: ‘Oh Yeah’ by the Big Tymers

(The scene opens up to a GXW backdrop, after a few minutes of just the music in the backround Devon Jackson walks into the room laughing. Quickly he takes a seat dressed in a pair of Addidas work out pants and a wife beater..)

DJ: Haha finally Tommy you break your silence! One minute I’m waiting to hear you speak, the next minute I can’t wait for you to shut your damn trap.

(Devon fumbles around in his pocket and pulls out a lighter.)

DJ: I mean only a damn fool can sit around spout the type of BS you talk and actually expect it to fly. You say I talk like some bad brotha but look like I’m from Doogie Howser MD? Ok. I guess you can look at me like that for now. But come Onslaught I will make you pay for what you did. I will make you pay for jumping me and ruining my debut here in GXW.

(A grin slowly appears on Devon’s face.)

DJ: See all you know of my ability is what you saw when you and your friends jumped me and hell a 4 on 1 beatdown to you probably means alot...but to me? It doesn’t mean a damn thing. All that shows me is that I already am the big star I claim to be, if 4 relative nobodies need to make a big splash via jumping me.

(Devon scratches his forehead.)

DJ: Now you know THAT makes me feel good and at the same time it’s very counter productive to what YOU are trying to accomplish with your trash talk. You want to mock and laugh about what you did and that’s fine, because right now all this crap is talk. Just talk. Come Onslaught will be a time for action as I make a statement to the rest of the GXW roster and you Sucker punching sissies that I am the newest star in GXW.

(Devon pulls a little baggie from his pocket, he then takes out a little blunt.)

DJ: So train up Tommy! Train good! Talk all tough and while your talking tough, I will be sitting back at my crib jokin’ and tokin’ awaiting for my moment in the sun to prove just how bad you screwed up by...

(Devon lights up the blunt and after a couple hits he blows the smoke into the camera.)

DJ: F*cking With The Wrong N*gga! HAHA!

(The scene fades out to the GXW backdrop.)


(Scene fades in to an entertainment center. Sitting on a black leather coach is “The Truth” Tommy Rage, wearing a pair of black jeans and a black t-shirt with red writing. The shirts says, “You messed with” leaving us to hope and presume that the back says, “The Wrong Nigga”. He’s got a remote control in his hand, but the camera cannot see the big screen TV to see what he’s watching.)

RAGE: I keep watching the tape. Each and every second of it, over and over. I see one person lock on the dragon sleeper and subdue some weak punk ass loser. Oh sure, a few kicks while the loser is down, but that’s only natural right? Oh yeah, yada yada, you’re not supposed to kick a guy when he’s down, but you’ve got to admit it’s a lot of fun. Especially when the pathetic sap REALLY deserved it. A capacity crowd in attendance and you were boring them to tears. But keep holding on to that delusion that it took four guys to take you down. I’m sure in your little universe you even fought back valiantly before finally falling victim to the vicious mob. Maybe you can even retell history to make it seem that you were over. If you want we can edit the tape to put in a D-Money chant, instead of the “boring” chant that was heard through the arena.

Now here’s what I want you to do. Put down the drugs, you’re obviously high enough. The Mic spots have proven that. Grab yourself some Kleenex and dry your tears. Quit the boo-hoo crap about me spoiling your debut. I saved it. Instead of being the souvenir stand match, people actually stayed to watch you take a beating. The only chance you’ve ever got at getting over is being laid out while I do a mic spot.

The only time the GXW crowd gave a rat’s ass about you was when I pretended to offer you a spot running with my group. And let’s not forget your reaction. Hell the back row could see those teeth shine with that big goofy grin of yours as I held your hand in the air. I think you were sporting a semi. But now that you’ve been punked you need to pull out the Shaft Card and be big bad brotha. Well guess what, you better take a lot more drugs if you think you have a chance against me. Because in the real world, you don’t stand a chance.


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