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Jay ‘The Reaper’ Styles vs. Stephen Waltz


Jan 1, 2000
SW - 001: A New Beginning


(In his office, former wrestling legend, Terry "The Idol" Anderson, received the call that would change the life of his student forever. Crooning over a mess of paperwork, applications and mailed invitations, the simple black touch-tone phone rang, interrupting his work. He took the receiver, and spoke, slightly irked at this untimely distraction.)

Anderson: Hello?

(Then the message was given. After that, the conversation ended with several thank-yous and congratulations being given from one end to the other. Excited, Terry put the receiver down, and looked back down the now insignificant mess of paper and ink before him.)

Anderson: Hah hah... he made it!

(With a swipe of his built arm, the space to the left of his desk became a blizzard of tumbling papers and pencils and paper clips, every meaningless article cast aside having no purpose. The goal had been reached, and now Terry could see his own smiling face in the glass surface of his office desk. He could hardly contain himself, but first he had to deliver the good news.)

(The windowed door to his office flew open as Terry stepped into his privately owned gymnasium, smile across his face and arms outstretched into the air. Then his eyes found the One, the Prodigy. Amidst the workout equipment, Stephen Waltz, the kid from Kokomo, Indiana, paced himself into a steady jog on the treadmill. He had been going at the same pace for the past ten minutes; the sweat was starting to build up over his brow, and his long brown hair began to dampen. But the stern, determined look in his face gave clear evidence that he had no intent to quit any time soon.)

Anderson: Hah! We did it, kid!

(Still running, Stephen looked up at his trainer and manager, greeting him from his smile. Terry Anderson was already running around the ring to meet the young boy who he was certain would one day be a legend. In his path, he nearly tripped over a bench, jarring the bar from its perch above the incline. His senses, though somewhat worn from his age, were still keen enough to bring back some of his old spirit, and he quickly managed to catch the steel bar before it fell and broke something. When everything was steadied, he broke into a sprint again.)

Waltz: Hey, Terry. Might want to chill out, before you break something.

Anderson: Nevermind that! Get off that blasted machine!

Waltz: But Terry... you told me a solid twenty minutes of jogging, to build a stronger respiratory system, and also work out a few leg muscles. Not to mention the stamina and endurance this sort of thing builds. What could be more important than training?

(Kicking himself inside, Terry could only roll his eyes, then dove for the plug outlet. The machine hummed to a stop, and Stephen came to a stop.)

Anderson: This is very important...

Waltz: But you said--

Anderson: I KNOW what I said! I take that back... at least for right now. Just let me tell you about the call I got...

(Terry took in a deep breath. Steph grabbed a towel and water bottle, and had taken a seat on one of the benches.)

Anderson: A talent rep from GXW called...

Waltz: You said that a few days ago. You said I'm signed, but there's a low chance I'll get to compete in anything, not for a while at least... you also said--

Anderson: I KNOW what I said! Damn, kid, would you let me finish?

(Stephen Waltz flashed his usual youth-like smile.)

Waltz: Sure, Terry.

(Another deep breath from "The Idol".)

Anderson: He told me that you're scheduled... Onslaught, in Northern Ireland.

(The young man's jaw nearly dropped to the floor, and then he jumped up with an explosion of glee.)

Waltz: Alright!! We did, Terry! We're in the game!!

(The sweaty form embraced his trainer, making Terry grimace a bit, in spite of his happiness. Sure, it's great to be an official professional wrestler, but was it worth getting sweat all over his nice brown suit? Still, he patted his student on the back in support, then pushed him away.)

Waltz: Wow... so where do we go from here?

Anderson: Well kid, enjoy this moment while it lasts, cause now that we're done waiting, we have a LOT to do. The training is going to get even more intense...

Waltz: Cool. Anything I can't handle?

Anderson: There's nothing you can't handle, kid. But let me tell you right now... the match is going to be a HELL lot different than what you've experienced so far going up against me in that ring. And it will be a whole new world when compared to the mat wrestling you did back in high school...

Waltz: I understand. It will be quite a rush, and a phenomenal challenge, but my confidence will bring me far!

Anderson: ...right. There's much I can tell you, but for now, we have to take care of one thing. Then it's training...

Waltz: What could be more important than training? I thought you said--

Anderson: Damnit, kid, I KNOW what I said! When are you going to learn not to take everything I say literally? I'll be contradicting myself a lot of times, if I haven't numerous times before. THAT'S something you can scribble down in your notebook...

(In his head, Stephen Waltz made a note to remember that statement.)

Waltz: Okay... more important than training?

Anderson: Well, don't get me wrong... training is an essential part of stepping into this match. It gets you prepped and ready to go up against the other man, and without it, you might as well not even show up to fight. However, every match... even the opener, deserves some sort of building excitement and anticipation. You need a way not to just get yourself prepared to fight... but for the fans and viewers to observe. You need to make this seem like it's a match worth watching, and if you pull it off well, then you'll go far.

Waltz: Okay. What kind of method do you have in mind?

Anderson: The standard promo...

(Stephen raised an eyebrow.)

Waltz: A promo? You mean, stand there in front of the backdrop with a mic, and just speak a whole bunch of trash talk? Terry, I know that was big in the 80's, but is it still that essential?

Anderson: Of course it is! The match is NOTHING without a promo! Sure, they were kind of cheesy and simple-minded in my hey-day... but those were when mic skills weren't essential. And we've advanced from those days. Haven't you been watched the shows, like I've told you?

Waltz: Well, you wouldn't let me. You told me that training was more important than--

Anderson: Shut up, I know what I said! Well fine... I'll fill you in. We'll do the first one in here... and to make you feel comfortable, I'll appear with you. I'll call Chuck; he has a camera.

Waltz: Sounds cool. And Terry... what is the name of the great man I have the deep honor of competing against, in my first, debut match in GXW?

Anderson: Uh... he told me Jay 'The Reaper' Styles.

(Stephen gave another excited, youthful grin.)

Waltz: 'Reaper'... that sounds so cool!

Anderson: Yeah, right... but Steph, don't ever say that on camera.

Waltz: Why not?

Anderson: Trust me, okay?

Waltz: You got it, Terry.



(The scene begins, fading in on two men seated on a bench. The environment is an enclosed gym, clean and well furnished. The owner must be a wealthy man, but it is obviously privately owned. Behind the two men, young and old respectively, there is a life-sized ring, an essential tool for training mat manuevers and techniques.)

(The two individuals are unique in their appearances. The older man, in his forties or fifties, is dressed in a nice brown leisure suit, his reddish-blonde hair well-trimmed and combed back. He has the smug smile of a dashing older man; the type of guys that women somehow find attractive, like Sean Connery or Harrison Ford. Seated next to him on the bench is a man of similar build, but quite younger. He doesn't hold the same ruggedly handsome looks in his face, but his youthful features would probably label him a "hottie" by many younger admirers. Dressed in a white T-shirt and trainers, the younger man, obviously built for a physical sport, is in the process of tying his hair back into a ponytail when the camera opens up from black.)

(The two men exchange glances, smile, and both look to the camera. The older man speaks first.)

Anderson: Fans and talent of Global X-treme Wrestling... allow me to introduce myself. By many, I've been deemed a wrestling legend. Some of you may have heard of me. My name is Terry "The Idol" Anderson... fomer SSWC Heavyweight Champion... two-time UCPW Pacific Title holder... and the list goes on. Back in the day, when many of you were growing up to shows like the Care Bears and My Little Pony, I was in that very ring, making the sport of 'professional wrestling' into what it is today.

(His smile broadens.)

Anderson: But I'm not here to talk about that. The good ol' days are long behind me. Rather, I'd like to introduce you all to somebody... my student, and prodigy. His name is Stephen Waltz.

(The younger man nods to the camera.)

Waltz: Hello, everybody.

Anderson: Steph... tell the viewers a little about yourself.

Waltz: Okay, well... I'm originally from Kokomo, Indiana. I went to Kokomo High School, and I was captain of the wrestling team. I made State Champion in my senior year, which I hold as a personal accomplishment. I also played football, and the Wildcats made it to the Finals, but fell a little short to the Carmel High School Greyhounds. I did about a year at Butler University, til I met Terry here. For the past half a year, I've been in this very gymnasium, working out Mr. Anderson's very intense training program... and so far, he thinks I have a lot of potential.

(He nods to his manager, handing off the torch.)

Anderson: Yeah, I know what many of you are thinking. It's not as impressive as the long backgrounds of many GXW veterans. But can you blame me? Steph is as rookie as it comes. Right, Steph?

(Waltz laughs.)

Waltz: Yeah, that's right... I'm sure every person surpasses me in experience, but it doesn't worry me. To every other pro wrestler in GXW, I give you the humblest of respect and honor. I suppose I could run my mouth, and cut you all down... but what grounds have I to stand on in order to say what you will? There's nothing I can do, except admit that every one of you is a better competitor than me.

(Stephen picks up a water bottle from his feet, takes a quick gush to clear his mouth, and continues.)

Waltz: Terry tells me that my first opponent in the sport of professional wrestling will be Jay 'The Reaper' Styles. To me, this name passes by just like Rob Sampson, or Zero, or Kevin Powers. Just a name... and thats all I know about him. I've never seen his face, or shaken his hand, or had conversation with... but the one thing I do know is that he has at least some experience in that ring, wheras I have none at all.

(He leans forward slightly, his eyes digging into the lens of the camera with upmost sincerity and respect.)

Waltz: I'm not going to play the typical pompous ass and cut you down... because I know, that by whatever experience you have, you are better than me. Many people--myself included--expect you to win this match. We can think of reasons why, but really, it doesn't really happen until the show. But Jay, my goal in this match is not to win...

(He gives a confident nod.)

Waltz: Rather, I'd like to prove a point to you. I want to impress you, to some degree, so that when the match is over, you'll give me the respect a growing superstar deserves. I want to prove to you that I can handle myself in the ring, and with experience and redundant training, I can be as good as you, perhaps even better.

(He looks to his trainer, Terry, and nods. Anderson takes it from there.)

Anderson: Furthermore, as green as he may be, it would be unwise to underestimate this kid. It doesn't matter WHO is in GXW, cause I can safely say that I've been a part of this industry longer than many, if not all of you. And I can assure you all that my student, Stephen Waltz, is a blossoming prodigy. I've never seen another man in that ring so spirited and well-placed. Whether it be fist to fist, technical holds, submission holds, power moves, or even high flying manuevers, Stephen Waltz is a master of the ring. He may not have the time to become as known or experienced as many of you, but I wouldn't be surprised if he managed just fine as he is now...

(Stephen giggles momentarily.)

Waltz: Please excuse my manager, everybody. He has rather high expectations. Perhaps I can live up to them, and then again, maybe not. It all depends on what happens in that ring, and whether or not I'm ready for it. I can't promise victory, but Jay Styles, I promise a good challenge. This match is a lesson, and win or lose, I'll come out one step closer to the true GXW skill.

(Another nod to his trainer, then back to the camera.)

Waltz: Once again, Mr. Styles... it is a direct honor to go up against you. I hope we make our match something for the both of us to remember. Until then, train well, and be sure not to let an arrogant ego cloud your vision as to what stands before you. I am a symbol of positive drive, determination, and the desire to learn.

(He gives a respectful nod to the camera.)

Waltz: Global X-treme Wrestling, you've been given your first look at a man who hopes to bring himself to new heights in your glorious federation. The road I take will most assuredly be long and winding, but I am sure I can manage to walk it, after time and experience. Let's make this a new beginning, for the both of us.

(The camera fades to black, as Stephen nods his goodbye and Terry flashes a saluting thumbs up. Scene ends.)



Ryan - Ian, how do I get to the morgue?

Ian - Just drive away from the YMCA.

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