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jOlt Wrestling is in Trouble!


Aug 19, 2006
Two days before the Thieves Honor event, Damien Lee had to make the unfortunate announcement that the War Games match between The Sinners and The Dead Cell was cancelled. Those who wanted to see that match on the PPV extravaganza were upset and even cancelled their Pay-Per-View orders. Some even saw the cancellations of subscriptions from the WrestleNet NOW Network due to the scrubbing of the match.

This sent shockwaves through Wall Street and the jOlt stock that was already struggling to take off, took an even bigger hit when investors began to sell off their stock of the company, dropping the stock down to $1.08 per share, more than half of what it originally started selling for. jOlt Wrestling, in news of these events, is facing a possible financial crisis. With the cancellation of The Hype, the War Games Match, and now subscriptions and PPV Buys, jOlt is taking even more cost-cutting measures.

"We regret to inform our fans in the mid-west, but we are cancelling our tour and holding the next four iNtense programs from the jOlt Arena in Miami, Florida. Tickets are already on sale for these events and we are expecting good turnouts for these upcoming shows as we head into the Death Wish Pay-Per-View where I'm sure many will be highly entertained by what we have in store for them." News of cancelling dates will not sit well with investors. The opening bell on Monday will tell us either a positive or grim tale of jOlt's future. So far, ticket sales have been rather slow for iNtense as the 25,000 seat arena has only sold 8,000 tickets where more than double is usually sold when they open up sales. It is a last minute announcement however, so many may not be in the know. jOlt looks to promote the events in Miami heavily in order to boost ticket sales.

Many are nervous backstage with the moves jOlt has made thus far. Damien Lee continues to assure his staff that everything will be fine and that they will work through these issues to make jOlt a prosperous company.

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