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Judging System


Jan 10, 2004
New York
For the FWSS, a specialized judging system was devised. This system will provide a criteria that all judges will be able to turn to when judging each of their assigned matches. In doing things this way, it will provide a uniform system throughout the entire judging process.

The criteria will include the following:

1) Match Relevance
How relevant was the RP to the wrestler's upcoming opponent?

2) Entertainment Value
How entertaining was the RP to read?

3) Personality Gauge
This category will take into account the "Personality/Gimmick" description each handler has been asked to submit in their Wrestler Bio. How well does the wrestler's personality/gimmick show through in the RP?

Now, each character has their strengths and weaknesses, and this system is supposed to give everyone the fairest chance to win, by looking at all participants' RP with a uniform criteria.

Keep in mind, though, that points WILL NOT be awarded for each RP, because that would put emphasis on QUANTITY, which is not what will determine the victors. Instead, this criteria will be used to help the judging committee determine who had the better QUALITY RP.

Also keep in mind: NO ONE CATEGORY HOLDS MORE WEIGHT THAN ANOTHER. Because each wrestler will likely be stronger in one category than another, all the categories will be equally considered in determining who has the best RP. Again, these categories are a uniform way for the judges to make a final choice on who has the best QUALITY RP.

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