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Justin Sane vs. Devon Slayton



Fade in

(The scene opens with the camera following Justin around his New York Apartment. He walks over to the kitch and graps a beer out of the fridge and walks over to his big screen T.V. He puts in a tape in the VCR, its a recording of Revolution. He fast forwards to the cruiserweight championship match, and begins to chuckle to himself. Then turns to the camera to speak.)

Justin: Look at this match, pathetic. Zell shouldn't be the cruiserweight champion, he is not worthy. But on to matters that are in front of me. Devon Slayton, who that hell are you? Are you even real? I don't know you, and I don't to know you. Come Onslaught, we will be forced to go one on one. So I'll give you some fair warning...

(Looks back at the T.V. just in time to see Zell getting hit with the Emerald Fusion, making his face cringe.)

Justin: Did you see that? Damn, well, Devon thats what will happen to you come Onslaught, but I won't be as nice.

( Justin gets up and turns off the tape and the T.V. then walks toward the door.)

Justin: Come Onslaught Everyone will know exactly why I am "THE WHOLE F'N SHOW"

( Justin pushes the camera crew out the door)

Fade out

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