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JWO: Power Trip 4/28


League Member
Nov 22, 2003
Lafayette, Tennessee
(The scene opens to a wild crowd of people outside of The Red Iguana in downtown Nashville. People are going absolutely wild as the cameraman works his way through the crowd to see the JWO’s very own Hornswagglin’ Huck trying to make his way into the club.)

SECURITY: Sir, I’m going to ask you politely to make your way on down the street.

HUCK: Ah dun been tellin’ you that Ah’m one of dem rasslers gittin ready to do some rasslin’ for the JWO.

SECURITY: And I’ve told you already sir, that neither you (pauses) or the pig, are coming into the club.

(The camera pans down to Hoss, Huck’s faithful sidekick snorting and rooting away at the guards feet, when all of a sudden the guard kicks the pig.)

HUCK: Whut the hell?

(Huck pokes the Security Guard in the eye and then takes him down with a quick jab to the throat, which takes the air out of him. Huck then picks up Hoss and makes his way on down the street.)

(Quick cut to the inside of the Nashville Arena. Pyro explodes and rocks the entire building as the intro of Power Trip begins to play. As everything dies down, we cut to two men standing in the middle of the JWO ring, one dressed in a polo shirt featuring the JWO logo, and the other quite slovenly dressed, but sporting a San Jose Sharks jersey.)


TIM MINOR: Hello everyone and welcome to the premier episode of JWO: Power Trip! I’m Tim Minor and I’ll be calling the action here in the JWO along with my sidekick, Ray Rosa.

RAY ROSA: Sidekick, who the hell are you, Batman or The Lone Ranger, ‘cause I sure as hell ain’t Robin or Tonto. Listen up Tim Minor, a lot of people don’t know who the hell I am, and even more don’t give a crap who you are, but after tonight, the words that will be on everyone’s lips is going to be POWER TRIP!

TIM MINOR: I couldn’t have said that better myself, Ray. But what I can tell people is that here in the JWO, we’ve got established stars like Hida Yakamo mixing it up with the likes of Hornswagglin’ Huck and the man who’s on his way to the ring right now, OTAKU!

RAY ROSA: Otah-who?

(CUEUP: The opening to the show “Jushin Liger”. As the opening drone builds, the lights are cut. As the first bars play, various scenes from anime shows flash up on the big screen, until the lyrics kick in, when Otaku himself steps through the curtains, smoke rising around him. He poses for the fans, before walking to the ring, playing up to the fans as any face would. He climbs the ring steps, vaulting over the ropes, and, if his costume includes a cape, he poses, before swirling the cape off in one fluid movement, dropping it down to the ring attendant.)

TIM MINOR: Quite an entrance there by this young man, Ray as he prepares to take on Marshall Law.

RAY ROSA: Yeah, but I’d like to point out that a fancy entrance has never, EVER won someone a match.

(Otaku and Law lock up with Law being the more powerful man, and he literally throws Otaku into the corner and then follows in with a charge, but Otaku showing a lot of ring presence for a rookie, sidesteps it, letting Marshall Law ram straight into the corner. Otaku catches Law with a standing dropkick as he comes out of the corner, and then blitzes him with a barrage of kicks to the legs.

Otaku manages to take the big man down with a Russian Leg Sweep and then locks him in rear chinlock. Slowly, Marshall Law makes his way to the ropes for the break, but Otaku, sensing his weakened opponent stuns him with a Japanese Arm-Drag takedown. Otaku looking to end this match quickly, locks in the Angel Wings submission and Marshall Law quickly submits to the gruesome Double Chicken-Wing hold.)

WINNER: Otaku (Angel Wings submission 5:32)

TIM MINOR: An impressive win there in his very first match here in the JWO, Ray. Otaku shows that he can step into the ring with a bigger man, and hold his own.

RAY ROSA: Hold his own against a jabronie like Law, maybe, but we’ll see how he fares against someone like Hida Yakamo.

TIM MINOR: That will be a great one if they meet somewhere down the line Ray, but right now, it’s time to introduce you to our JWO Interviewer Extroidinairre, Jen Ramirez, who is standing by with the latest acquisition of the JWO, “The Bloodduster” AC Blood!

RAY ROSA: Have you seen the legs on this chick?

(CUTTO the backstage area.)

The cameras focused in on Jen Ramirez who was already armed with her microphone, holding it in an audible area to get into the swing of things, ever the professional for Jenkin's World Order.

Beside her stood a man that didn't much look like a superstar wrestler. In fact, you'd be more so inclined to label him a bar room brawler with the roof over the tool shed, but the mean gaze in his eye otherwise told you he meant business. His arms were folded as he stared down the barrel of the camera. Sending chills down the spines of the viewers at home.

Brushing the hair out of her eye, Jen Ramirez cleared her throat with a tiny cough before swinging into gear.

"Hello, fans. Jen Ramirez here and I've got an exclusive interview with the man who calls himself the Broken Mould. AC Blood. AC, welcome to jWo."

She pushed the mic under his nose as though he were supposed to respond. He turned and looked at her, giving her a flat out disrespectful glare as though she shouldn't have even been there.

"That the limit to your journalistic powers, Jen? You have a question for me or am I s'posed ta get all flustered coz ya welcomed me here? Huh? Ya think coz you're ANOTHER pretty face in a world filled with air-headed bimbos with more boobs than brains, present company INCLUDED, that when you say five words to me I go all school-boy and get nervous and do your every wish and desire?"

AC Blood shook his head, sticking his thumb into his chest.

"Uh-uh, Jen. AC Blood don't roll like that. AC Blood rolls like this. You got something worth askin', ask it. Otherwise, turn on those stillettos and make like a shepherd surrounded by wolves. Get the flock outta here."

Jen Ramirez, obviously disturbed by the poor attitude and lack of respect that AC Blood was showing her, crimson with embarrassment for being treated that way, nervously brushed the hair out of her face to try and remain professional and get the job done.

"Er... well, uh... well you've got a match tonight AC. Facing "the Complex" Chris Carmody, how do you think you'll fare?"

Once again, she shoved the mic into AC Blood's face, awaiting his response. He rolled his eyes and let out a heavy sigh.

"Oh for Christ's sake! You flunk out of journalism school? Are you even qualified to do this? There's more "um"s and "er"s than a God damn George Dubya Bush speech. Gimme that..."

Snatching the mic, AC Blood shoved Jen Ramirez to the side and began to cut his own promo.

"Jenkin's World Order. Lend me your ear. Tonight, when I climb inside of that ring and go one-on-one with the Complex, Chris Carmody, I will show you all its not about t-shirts and movie deals. That you don't need love triangles to be a wrestling promotion. You need WRESTLING! And when I go out there..."

AC Blood pointed to where the ring area would be.

"...when the Broken Mould goes out there, he rolls like this. I take one ***** like the Complex and smash his face in so hard that even dental records won't help to identify the body. By the time I'm finished he won't have a face even his mother would love. He'll be so damn ugly the Elephant Man would take him to clubs so HE looked good."

He paused a moment so he could enjoy his own comment, chuckling a moment under his breath.

"You want entertainment? Sit in your damn seats tonight and watch AC Blood, the Original Blood Duster, show you ALL what wrestling is all about. Line 'em up, jWo, line 'em up and I'll knock 'em down!"

Finished with the promo he pushed past Ramirez, shoving the mic into her over-grown chest and storming off down to where ever his locker room might be. Ramirez brushed her hair out of her face again.


AC Blood versus "the Complex" Chris Carmody later on in the evening. Would AC Blood live up to his own words or was he just another guy who could talk the talk, but not even show an inkling of the walk.

(CUTTO Tim Minor and Ray Rosa back at ringside.)

TIM MINOR: It’s certainly going to be interesting to see that match later on tonight as AC Blood will be squaring off against “The Complex” Chris Carmody, but up next we’ve got the man we saw earlier tonight, trying to make his way here to the arena folks, I’m talking about none other than Hornswagglin’ Huck and his pet pig, Hoss.

RAY ROSA: Is he bringing that pig out here or leaving it in the back?

(CUEUP: “The Devil Went Down To Georgia” by The Charlie Daniels Band as we see Huck come sauntering out from the back, playing his fiddle along with the band, and his sidekick Hoss at his side. As Huck makes his way down to ringside, he grabs a sign that reads “Push the Pig” and waves it around for the camera and then ties Hoss up to the corner post to start his match against Johnny Triton.)

TIM MINOR: I believe you’ve got your answer Ray. What’s the matter, scared of a little farm animal?

RAY ROSA: As long as that thing stays away from me, we’ll be fine. If not, it’s bacon for breakfast, if you know what I mean, Minor.

TIM MINOR: We saw Huck earlier as he leveled a security worker at a local nightspot here in Nashville and finally made his way down the street to The Nashville Arena. Will Johnny Triton fare any better?

(Huck climbs into the ring and the referee calls for the bell to start the match, and Johnny Triton sticks out a hand to which Huck meets him with a hard right to the head that spins Triton around. Huck not wasting any time and he picks Triton up and delivers an Atomic Drop that sends Triton sprawling through the ropes to the floor. The referee initiates the Ten Count and Triton realizes that he’s landed right in front of Hoss and he rapidly scoots away from him. The referee reaches five, and Triton climbs back into the ring and immediately gets a knee to the head from Huck as he climbs through the ropes. Huck covers




Huck pulls his opponent up from the mat and picks him up and deposits him directly back down to the mat with a bodyslam.

TIM MINOR: And Huck is enjoying this match here in front of all of these people Ray, look at him up there dancing.

RAY ROSA: Yeah, this inbred Georgian is going to be a disgrace to everything that the JWO is being built for, Minor. Can you imagine if he wins the JWO World Championship?

TIM MINOR: It could be great….

RAY ROSA: There’d be pig sh<censored> all over the belt.

Huck lets Triton get back to his feet before moving in and jabbing a thumb to the eye. The referee telling him that he can’t do that, and then Huck threatens to put a thumb into the ref’s eye! He decided against it, but not before Johnny Triton catches him with a stiff clothesline that takes the hillbilly to the mat. Triton delivering some boots to the head and then bounds off the ropes and drops a big knee across the forehead of Huck.

RAY ROSA: There we go, come on Triton.

TIM MINOR: Remember, we’re supposed to be impartial.

Huck begins rolling away from Triton and pulls himself up by the ropes. Triton comes off the opposite side and Huck surprises him with a big boot to the face that obliterated any momentum that Triton had.

Huck signaling to the crowd now, and Triton is slowly coming to, Huck moves into position and locks in a brutal looking Full Nelson and begins jerking Johnny Triton side to side and Triton has no option but to give up.

WINNER: Hornswagglin’ Huck via Full Nelson submission (6:27)

TIM MINOR: These fans are loving this as Huck begins playing his fiddle in the middle of the ring.

RAY ROSA: Loving it because they’re probably all related to him within 3 degrees, Minor. That’s how they do things down here in the south.

TIM MINOR: Keep saying things like that and you’ll be lucky to make it out of here alive, Ray.

(Huck makes his way out of the ring, and unties Hoss and leads him back up the ramp to the biggest ovation of the night.)

TIM MINOR: And up next, we’ve got the somewhat strange personality of Faye Walker taking on….

RAY ROSA: meds. That’s what she needs to be taking on. I’ll tell you something Tim, I was backstage earlier and I saw Faye Walker and Kaira Hastings and those two right there are going to be trouble in the JWO. They will mess with anyone at any time.

TIM MINOR: And tonight, she’ll get the chance as she’s going up against Crash Carson.

(Crash Carson makes his way to the ring, without music, and he’s got the appearance of the average sized male wrestler.

CUEUP: “Gave Up” by Nine Inch Nails as Kaira Hastings makes her way out onto the stage with Faye Walker following a step behind. Walker keeps her head down, almost as if intentionally watching the footsteps of Hastings, so that she can follow wherever she goes. Once at ringside, Hastings whispers something to Walker, and Walker slides under the bottom rope, and the referee checks her out before calling for the bell.

Faye Walker charges at Carson and catches him off guard with a Lou Thesz press and begins scratching and clubbing at him like a wild woman. Carson completely overtaken by the barrage rolls to his stomach to defend himself, but Walker takes the opportunity to lock in a Figure Four Necklock and bridges backwards, hooking the legs of Carson, causing him to immediately tap out.)

WINNER: Faye Walker via Life’s Vicious Circle (Bridging Figure Four Necklock) (0:39)

TIM MINOR: What a move there Ray, this Faye Walker may be quite an unknown commodity in the wrestling business, but she just took Crash Carson out and submitted him in under a minute.

RAY ROSA: They say there’s nothing like a woman scorned, and I just hope to God that I’ve never scorned either of these two, Tim.

TIM MINOR: Kaira Hastings now up in the ring and both women laying it to the fallen Carson. They’re sending a message to everyone in the back that they’re not to be taken lightly, that’s for sure. And here come some more officials to separate everyone.

RAY ROSA: I’m sensing a theme to this show, Minor, that’s three matches and three submissions.

TIM MINOR: Indeed it is, and we’ll find out if we can make it four for four right after this.

(CUTTO: A commercial for NFW Wrestlebowl 2 on ESEN)

TIM MINOR: It’s main event time fans, as “The Bloodduster” AC Blood is about to take on “The Complex” Chris Carmody. Some of our more knowledgeable fans might know that AC Blood is the latest man to sign a contract with JWO, but at the same time, he’s been the first one to really lay it on the line as to how it’s going to be. I’m sure that whenever the dust settles, this man, like him or hate him, is going to come out on top here in the JWO.

RAY ROSA: I’m not too familiar with Blood or Carmody, but I did catch his segment earlier this week and his interview with “Legs” Ramirez earlier, and I’m liking what I see, and what I see is future JWO World Champion, mark it down.

TIM MINOR: Bold prediction there from Ray Rosa fans, and there’s the music, so let’s go to the ring.

(CUEUP: “Drink, Fight, F**k” by Bloodduster as AC Blood emerges from the backstage area. His intensity is prominent as he pumps his fists by his sides to psyche himself up. Throwing his fists above his head he then makes his way down to the ring. Ignoring the fans he makes it straight down to the ring steps, storming up those and through the ropes and climbs the closest turn buckle and pounds his chest with his fist. Psyching himself up further as he talks himself up to the fans and whoever else will listen.)

RAY ROSA: Tim Minor, I’m calling it right now. This man, with this intensity and drive, will be the FIRST JWO World Champion!

TIM MINOR: That very well could be, Ray, but there’s more than a few people in the back who might argue that fact with you.

(After the referee checks Blood and Carmody, he calls for the bell and Blood charges straight out and clotheslines “The Complex” down to the mat. He follows that up with a series of stomps to the back and neck area of Chris Carmody, who looks totally outclassed in the early goings of this match.)

TIM MINOR: And this monster now, goading the fans on with taunts and he’s letting Carmody get back to his feet.

RAY ROSA: If he gets back to his feet, the best idea would be to run, Tim.

TIM MINOR: This young kid has too much heart to run away from a fight as he spins AC Blood around and connects with a hard right hand.

(The two men exchange punches in the middle of the ring, but eventually AC Blood gets the better of the exchange by following up with a knee to the mid-section. Blood lifts his opponent into the air and drops him back down with an Atomic Drop and Carmody arches back in pain. Blood doesn’t waste any time as he immediately scoops him up and hoists him over his shoulder and delivers a running Powerslam that levels Carmody for the pin.)




TIM MINOR: AC Blood just lifted Carmody off of the mat and he’s telling the referee that he’s not finished. He’s definitely taking this opportunity to send a message to the other wrestlers in the back.

RAY ROSA: Look at this Tim, I think he’s calling for this move I’ve heard so much about.

TIM MINOR: That would be called Blood Duster, his namesake, and there he goes, he double underhooks the arms and drops Chris Carmody to the mat face first with a devastating DDT. It’s all textbook from here.




TIM MINOR: This is ridiculous, he’s got the man beat, but he pulls him up by the hair again, and the referee admonishing him about it.

RAY ROSA: I think that was a legal kickout, Tim.

TIM MINOR: Only you would think that, Ray. AC Blood has a sick smile on his face now as he looks to be going for that same move, and damn him, he drops this kid one more time.

RAY ROSA: Hey, he’s hooking the leg so he can’t kick out like last time.




WINNER: “The Blood Duster” AC Blood via Blood Duster (Double Underhook DDT) (8:59)

TIM MINOR: And this disgusting display of sportsmanship is over now, and AC Blood is telling the world that he’s here for one thing, and he’s talking about the JWO World Championship.

RAY ROSA: Look up on the stage, Tim, here comes Otaku, Faye Walker, Kaira Hastings, and that damn Hillbilly.

TIM MINOR: Don’t’ forget about Hoss, Ray. All of these JWO Superstars are sizing each other up, because they know that somewhere down the road, their paths will be crossing. Fans, for Ray Rosa and Jen Ramirez, I’m Tim Minor saying join us next week when we go on another POWER TRIP!

(FADEOUT as the screen cuts to split shots of all of the competitors staring each other down.)

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