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Jan 1, 2000
Drury Lane.
* After answering a barrage of questions from reporters after the debut of the newest GXW card, OnSlaught, Kin Hiroshi manages to make his way into his limo thanks to hired law enforement officers. Kin, the newest GXW Television Title holder, takes the belt from his shoulder as he enters the limo. He lays it on the seat next to him and signs an autograph for the driver. There is plenty of leg room, and Hiroshi takes this luxury time to stretch his legs. *

KIN HIROSHI: Well, now that the GXW fans have what they want...

* Kin smiles and faces the camera. His toothy grin shines bright, even with the small cut remaining after his OnSlaught match with Reaver. *

KIN HIROSHI: CSWA. What can I say? I've been a very busy tycoon as of late. With my muffins reaching into this league, I've expanded my client roster nicely. In GXW, I'm beginning to get the respect I've deserved after all of my loyalty. Sure, back in the days of EWI, I did help run the SSN "A" Team with Eddy Love. I looked up to the man, adored him, moved with his every whim. Then he left without a word to me, and I fell into the bottom of the pile. Since then, I've had to scrape my way back into the hearts of the fans, and the minds of the front office.

* Kin taps the belt next to him. *

KIN HIROSHI: This right here is proof, but it's also the beginning. I'm headlining the next two GXW cards, OnSlaught and X-Perience, after headlining the past OnSlaught. I'm making it big now. It's just a matter of time before I win THE title.

* Kin folds his arms in front of him while reclining. He rolls his head, and pops his neck a few times. *

KIN HIROSHI: But all the while I was stuck in the Cruiserweight division over in GXW, I needed to make a name for myself. How was I suppossed to do that? Us small guys were being shunned by everyone. I found my answer in another company. CSWA, baby. Sure, I'm back at the bottom of the barrel, but for how long? Someone is bound to notice me soon. I've wrestled the best from Aho on down. I've walked next to the best, from Love and on. Now, it's time to be the best. My chance is at OnTime against Nathan Storm.

* The car takes a sharp corner, sending cameraman and Hiroshi into the door. *

KIN HIROSHI: What the hell?

* The driver seemingly gets control, and the car continues on it's path. *

KIN HIROSHI: Weird. Back to business. My list of concerns right now do not involve Nathan Storm. Hellfighter, Rob Sampson, Kendall Codine, and Justin Tyler are at the top of my list right now because of GXW, while Nathan Storm remains, well, at the bottom. "Japanese Thunder" Kin Hiroshi has suprises in store for Nathan Storm. Not like what Cameron Cruise had in store for Reaver at OnSlaught. More like a giant Hiroshi-ma Bomb that will send a shockwave right through the ranks of CSWA superstars.

* The car comes to a stop outside of a Merriot Hotel. Kin gathers his belt, and tries the door. It's still locked, but Kin can't seem to figure out how to unlock it. He presses the reciever to talk with the driver, but there is no response. *

KIN HIROSHI: God, not again. How many times am I going to be hijacked before I get some security?

* Kin puts his head in his hands and rubs his temples... *


OOC: Sorry about the delay, but with work and other...*cough*...obligations, I've been busy. I know it's not the best, but we'll see.

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