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King of the Mountain: Perfection (C) vs. Leyenda de Ocho


Jan 1, 2000
The Emerald City Champion JAMES "PERFECTION" WITHERHOLD versus "THE CARTRIDGE CRUISER" LEYENDA DE OCHO in for the IWF Emerald City Championship.

RP period. ends 2/9/13.

John Doe

The Anorexic Ethiopian
Feb 2, 2004
Chicago, IL
A Perfect Return

“Jesus Christ and Holy Mary, look who decided to bask in my presence…”


[Perfection on some beach in what may be Australia enjoying a vacation it seems. He is lying back in a beach chair, a pair of swimming trunks with no shirt on. To his left and right are two ridiculously hot blonde females, and a small table with some sort of tropical drink and a Fiji Water. Perfection has his shades on and the Emerald City Belt in full glistening glow around his shoulder.]

PERFECTION: They shut the joint down for a few months rename it to some other stupid name, redistribute the stocks, and fired a bunch of people.

But through it all…I still remain YOUR champion. A man untouched by the auditors and accountants, a man who still has a piece of gold wrapped around his shoulder. The only REAL, UNADULTERATED, piece of human flesh to grace the Immortal Wrestling Federation halls.

And how does Nathan Fear intend to welcome me back?

By making me work the very first day as though I owe him something, a man who still has it in his mind to want to screw me by throwing wasters into the ring with me. As though any of YOU deserve to see me defend my title….

Against one man….Leyenda De Ocho…some bum from the hood-rat area of Chicago. Ladies please, if you will excuse yourselves.

[Perfection snarls a bit while he adjusts the title that is on his shoulder as the two girls get up and walk off scene, Perfection taking a long chug from his tropical drink.]

PERFECTION: Now…pay attention and pay attention well you “8-Bit” fraud! I don’t give a damn if you beat five, six, or twenty men in that ring! The only reason you won is because I paved the road for you!

Think about it you Neanderthal if I didn't leave Kerry Kuroyama out to dry do you really believe you would be wrestling for the most prestigious belt in the entire West coast.

I allowed you to capitalize on him, I allowed you to beat him till he had nothing left in the tank just so I could prove my point...

That no matter what I do, how I do it, I am always right. That without me everyone and EVERYTHING crumbles. You need a man like me to make it Perfect.

So, consider what I did for you a favor. Hell, you, Ocho, should be sending gift baskets to my home for allowing you not only to win but to have one night in your meager career that you get to hang with the ONLY, true, PERFECT, star this company has.

How many days in your life will you be the man to wrestle the Perfect specimen? How many days in your life will you be able to lose decisively against me?

[One single finger in the air which has become one of his normal gestures]

PERFECTION: Once. And only once! So I don’t have to bore the fans with a technical demonstration in wrestling and a landslide victory.

Call it professional courtesy.

And even though you won’t publicly say it, we all know you feel the same.

Seriously…just look at me Ocho! Women can barely do it without having their panties drenched! I am the history maker of IWF, the mover and the shaker. I have turned this company into a legitimate wrestling force!

Do you know how? By being impeccable, flawless, textbook in every fashion. Children worship me and women love me simply because of this…

[Shot of his smile]

And this.

[Shot of him flexing his bicep]

And you can’t forget this.

[Shot of the Emerald City Championship and back to a full shot of Perfection]

PERFECTION: All things you will never attain, all things that are mine to have and never share. Now, I know you will come out there and do your little monkey flip flop crap but let me remind you that your little circus show with C-Worth, Kerry, and Spooky ended.

I am not them - some tenth tier wrestler that decided to show up for gas money and a free meal. I AM the champion of this company.

The best and don’t you forget that.

In fact, remember it, embrace it, and respect it.

‘Cause just like I do to my girlfriends I won’t return the favor and only one of us DESERVES it.

[He smirks and removes his sunglasses pointing to himself while mouthing “me”.]

PERFECTION: The thing is you don’t have the smarts to lead like I have led. To teach how I have taught. To show the public how the world really operates and how to capitalize on it. How to work the room, work the people, and get what is YOURS.

On the other hand here is you, some cheap knock off, trying to take MY WORK, MY AMBITION, by trying to take MY title while preying on the hopes and dreams of the fans.
Like I am going to let that sh(FCC)t continue in MY company?

[He shakes his finger in a “no” manner.]

PERFECTION: And the suits? Well the suits are in the back trying to make you look like some sort of legit threat. You’re their typical underdog story…I know the drill, you have heart and passion. You’re gonna do it ‘cause it’s your destiny, you want to be the best and you know you can win or you sure hope you can!’

[He makes a jerking off motion in front of his crotch.]

PERFECTION: What a stroke.

But here I am yet again, the Big Bad Wolf of Reality coming to blow away another house made of cheap hope.
And I proudly do it because I care! I don’t believe in all that optimism crap you spread around like Gonorrhea at a brothel, Ocho. I say it how it is but you people are so uptight you can’t accept it. I show my colors full spectrum, while you hide behind a mask too afraid to show your face!

Luchador, tradition, whatever… I call you a coward.

I have never hid behind a mask because I want people to know who I am. And the more they see me the more they realize how right I am. The more right I am, Ocho, the more envious they become…the more they hate me out of jealousy.

But as much as they hate me… they love me. They buy my t-shirts, they pay $9.99 a month to be in my fan club…they would buy my pubic hair if they could, Ocho.

They love to hate me because I am real. I am someone they cannot be. You are flashy, you do your thing, you flip around like Shawn Johnson and make little girls’ faces light up but I am the real thing, I am PERFECT.
You will never understand it, in fact NO ONE CAN. You could never be the best at EVERYTHING...let alone anything I am the best at…which is everything, Ocho or could carry this burden of amazingness on your shoulders without pain because you don’t have astonishing muscle definition and strength.

Facts are facts and the faster you learn the truth the easier it will be for you to transition from the BRIEF limelight to fetching me my dry cleaning.

[He smiles taking a small sip of his Fiji Water that’s been sitting on the table this entire time untouched.]

Now, make like Manti Teo’s girlfriend and become NONEXISTENT.



Main Event Caliber
Apr 16, 2012
St. Louis, MO
Re: A Perfect Return

“It sounds like you’re having a blast out there, Perfection.”

(The camera opens to Leyenda de Ocho in a hotel room. On the desk, several promotional flyers are scattered about; “IWF King of the Mountain: Ocho/Perfection for the Emerald City Championship!”, “Ocho/Atken II for the Intergalactic Title! THREE STAGES OF ZELDA!” “BRAWL Tour: Superstars in action!”. A steel briefcase with a crudely-drawn Triforce on its corner sits at the foot of the bed. Ocho is wearing a fairly clean pair of royal blue workout pants, a royal blue t-shirt with a golden ring in the center, and a mask that resembles Sonic the Hedgehog.)

Ocho: “That drink certainly looks fruity and delightful...and those ladies, whew. Something’s gotta be in that Australian water, you know? And the beaches…Lord, the beaches!

You didn’t need to show me the picturesque footage for me to believe you, either. Know why?

While you’ve been there vacationing, working on your tan, enjoying the luxuries of life - I’ve been working. Hard. And it turns out? A lot of people will welcome you with open arms if you’re entertaining and a hard worker. I have been traveling the world, Perfection, but not for a pleasure trip - when I passed through Australia? I WRESTLED.

While you were building sand castles and boogie boarding, I went toe-to-toe with one of the greatest wrestlers in the modern era in front of 40,000 fans in Washington. I was in the co-main event of perhaps the biggest wrestling program of the YEAR. I’m going to have the chance to see Laos and tour all across the southern United States - all because people like the way I wrestle, and they know that I’m on the fastest track to being one of the best in the business.

But, please, Perfection, don’t let me take anything away from your vacation - those sandy beaches do look divine.”

(Ocho puts on a pair of bright red running shoes and begins to do a few warm-up stretches; calf raises, toe touches, etc.)

Ocho: “The only one hiding behind a mask is you, ‘Perfection’.” (Ocho makes quotation marks with his hands.) “The ‘Perfect’ champion hides behind a commentary table because he’s scared of what would happen if his tag partner got the win? The ‘Perfect’ champion is too scared to show what ACTUALLY happened when he won the belt from Vizier ta Seti?

I know, I know - you hear that all the time. And it’s all part of your ‘Perfect’ plan, I get where your head’s at. Your M.O. seems to get in at least a few people’s heads to the point where they believe you - just ask Terry Anderson, or those lovely ladies you’re spending time with. Here’s what you need to understand:

While you have been wasting away in Margaritaville the last few months, I have faced more intense competition, more fierce champions, more dastardly cunning villains and more all-around TALENT than you’ve gotten around to in your entire YEAR. Probably longer.”

(Ocho reaches into his pocket and pulls out an iPod Nano and a pair of ear buds. He puts the headphones in and selects a track to listen to.)

Ocho: “Sonic 3 soundtrack - classic. Makes me run faster. I know, it’s weird.

You know how to weasel your way into winning a title - congratulations, Perfection. You know how to have a good time - that’s great, too. Savor those beaches, because at King of the Mountain you’re facing the hardest-charging wrestler in the world who’s going to knock every ounce of rust off of you with an Actualizar to win the Emerald City Championship. I’m LIGHT YEARS ahead of the Ocho you last saw in Seattle, and you won’t be able to pull a fast one on me in that ring - I’ve seen at least 90% of the tricks in the book.

Maybe you still won’t think I’m for real. That’s fine. The last guy around here who thought that?

Spooky Doom.”

(Ocho makes his way to the door.)

Ocho: “Enjoy your vacation.”

(Fade to black.)
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John Doe

The Anorexic Ethiopian
Feb 2, 2004
Chicago, IL
Stop It...You Are Ruining A Perfect Return.

“You know...as much as you run that mouth of yours...you really don't know a damn thing you are saying...do you?”


[Perfection first class on a Virgin Atlantic flight, he has his own personal area, headphones in his ears and a full suit on. He is reading a magazine at the time, but notices the camera and removes his head set.]

PERFECTION: Oh boy! You are wrestling Laos? You are in front a 40 thousand fan arena? You are doing this and you are doing that?!

And somehow you are doing so much better than Rocko Daymon, you are somehow a former A1E Champion?

Hell! You must have been in the business so long you are a household name! Doesn't help Rocko is still a bum compared to none other than I, but Ocho vs Daymon...can you say squash?

Yet you run off from the mouth as though those little, puny, words will protect your from my fist...Ocho...

Please, for the love of God. STOP IT.

[He puts his hand up like a stop sign briefly before pressing the call service button]

PERFECTION: No one cares how many people you wrestled in front of you arrogant shit. And that's coming from me of all people!

No one cares, that you are in IGC's main event against some guy who invented a diet. IE: Phil-ATKEN for all of you idiots who aren't paying attention. For you people who are LOYAL and watch IWF and IWF alone.

Unlike this loser. This guy who wants to use IWF as his personal platform! This man who stands there using IWF broadcasting money as a personal resume for future employers! Mind you he does it with out earning his keep!

[The flight attendant reaches his area as she smiles at him]

PERFECTION: Bottle of champagne, hurry with it!

ATTENDANT: Yes Mr. Witherhold!

[She scurries off scene]

PERFECTION: That is the man you admire? This is the type of people that we root for? Some backstabbing Brutus named Leyenda Ocho!?

I beat the man who wrestled Hornet, his name was Vizier ta Seti! When was the last time you wrestled Hornet? NEVER?! Oh...okay.

I wrestled and defeated Rocko Daymon, who has yet to show his mug SINCE!

Shit, I have done more sitting on my ass enjoying a tan, sex, and alcohol than you could do in two career life times, Ocho!

[The attendant returns]


[He rips her into his lap and uses his teeth to pop the cork off the champagne bottle]

PERFECTION: Ocho, there is no GameShark for you...

No extra lives...

There is no up, down, up, down, b, a, select, start for you.

This is it.

This is where I show the world how damn good I HAVE been. I am the showcase, I am the reason the seats will be full, I am the reason the company is able to continue...not because of some fool who decided to bail when he thought he was on a sinking ship!

And bail you did.

[He takes a huge swig from the bottle reaching to undo the attendants blouse who slaps his hand away]

PERFECTION: You think you deserve MY belt? Why? Because you left and wrestled elsewhere? Because you said forget IWF, it's dead? Because you HAD NO FAITH?

I told you that you couldn't bear the burden of this belt and the weight it puts on you. Point proven...you can't be loyal, people can't trust a snake like you.

Sure I have weaseled, Ocho, within IWF...because I care. Unlike you! So greedy that you are in it for the buck, the cheap thrills, and cheap premise!

I get it and I would be the same way if I didn't have a percentage buyout at the changeover. Hell, why do you think Vizier isn't here? Because he is still “injured”?

Regardless, I still have an obligation to wrestle because I AM the champion even if it means wrestling little punks like you.

Even if it means showing everyone once again that I am the true, only PERFECT, wrestler.

And even if I truly believe no one deserves to see me do my job...not even a cheap advertisement scheme like you, Ocho.


[He taps his chin]

PERFECTION: I do have...ONE question though...

If your competition was so good...if you are so great and so worthy of better...why are you here?

Better yet...when I beat you...and beat you I will, what will be your next statement?

You were the best and then was beaten by the best?

Sounds like more stock options and money for me....

...Pure, real, honest motivation?

What could be more PERFECT?

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Main Event Caliber
Apr 16, 2012
St. Louis, MO
Re: Stop It...You Are Ruining A Perfect Return.

“Wow, Perfection...project your insecurities much?”

(The camera opens to Leyenda de Ocho in front of a newly-rebranded Immortal Wrestling Federation backdrop. He wears his Sonic mask with royal blue full-leg wrestling tights and bright red boots. He has set up a small TV to the side, where he plays through Sonic The Hedgehog 2 for the Sega Genesis as he speaks.)

Ocho: “There’s a real problem when your entire argument about me, the crux of why you say I don’t deserve a shot at the Emerald City Championship, can be completely dismantled by one simple fact: ever since I debuted with the IWF at Surge, I’ve appeared at every single show this company has put out. All of them. Every hiatus, every brand restructuring, every time the company has been on the precipice of death and somehow, some way found a way to keep on moving forward, I have come back without hesitation.

Where’s the abandonment?

If you want to try to twist the truth and rag on me for plying my craft, working my butt off and pursuing my dream of becoming a great wrestler while you sip on margaritas and waste precious months out of the prime of your career doing nothing, that’s not my problem. Anyone with half a mind can see that this isn’t even a case of the pot calling the kettle black - it’s the redneck calling the book illiterate.

You abandoned Kerry Kuroyama so he could be thrown to the wolves and you abandon the fans every single time you say they don’t deserve to see you wrestle. It’s that simple.”

(Ocho pauses the game; on the screen, Sonic is steps away from collecting the first Chaos Emerald in the game. Ocho turns to the camera.)

Ocho: “You asked why I keep coming back. It’s pretty simple, actually.

I keep coming back because I love the IWF, Perfection - maybe that’s too mushy for you to relate to. The IWF is like me…an underdog that started completely from scratch with hopes, with dreams. Fighting and clawing its way up through every setback, through every time they misspell “Duos” on the title of a match card and press on anyway as if it was intentional with a wink and a grin, through people like YOU who seem hell-bent on making a travesty of their prestigious championships, all with the hopes of one day becoming something greater than where they started. They do it for the fans, Perfection, and for the love of wrestling. And I love the hell out of that. It resonates with me as a competitor, and as a man.

When I win the Emerald City Championship, there will finally be someone at the top who can be an ambassador for the IWF, who can actively work hard to give this company the real chance it deserves. I will pin ANYONE’S shoulders to the mat that would do otherwise, with you at the top of the list. No matter what you think of me, the world knows I have worked hard enough to be able to back up my words.”

(Ocho unpauses the game and Sonic collects the Chaos Emerald.)

Ocho: “By the way, the code is up up down down left right left right B A. If you’re going to try to bully someone for who they are, get your facts straight first.”

(Fade to black.)

John Doe

The Anorexic Ethiopian
Feb 2, 2004
Chicago, IL
My Belt, My Terms.

“I don't wanna break your heat kid. I understand I was there, once.”


[A cigar room, Perfection sits in a full suit behind a desk feet on it of course. A lit cigar in his mouth and a class of scotch on a coaster in front of him. He exhales a large breath]

PERFECTION: But then a guy like me told a punk like you exactly what I am gonna tell you now:

“It doesn't matter and no one cares.”

You can break your bones, travel, lose your family, friends...Ha! Go for it kid. Go pursue the endless cat and mouse game.

See you haven't seen it all just yet. Once this company starts booming a big fish like Empire, CSWA, or New Frontier will come swoop it right up.

And do you think they will look a that scurrying little luchador who was traveling bingo hall to bingo hall? Or a star like me?

You think Dan Ryan, that weasel, did what YOU are doing? Please! Hornet? HA! One of the biggest politicians of them all, worked his way to the top shaking hands and popping pills with the big shots.

[He chuckles out a mouth of smoke taking his feet off the desk to face the camera.]

PERFECTION:...hard work....effort. You are more poisonous to society than a man like me.

But it takes a man like me to show people someone who is truly insane. One that really believes that there is good in the world and somehow by HIS good graces shall IWF survive.

What an ego, what balls on you, kid. To actually believe that your scrawny ass can bring this company where it needs to be!

Don't get me wrong! I got it, you have this dream this idea, blah, blah, blah, but you keep forgetting one little tiny thing.

I already have Perfected this company. I gave this company the chance to come back on the air. Between me beating Seti to a pulp and using Kerry as a punching bag I generated enough revenue to keep interests alive.

Me...not you...kept the machine in Perfect order.

[He takes a sip of the whiskey and points at the camera.]

PERFECTION: And if you think I am going to give you some epic match for pennies. You've lost your minds.

No, no, no. You want to show the world you're a big boy now? Then we do it on my terms, I AM THE CHAMPION....

...not you.

So, believe me when I say this is MY belt and you are gonna have to pay me more money before I give you the fight you are looking for.

No more of this me busting my ass for some cheapskate fans.

My belt,MY RULES.

You want the real deal Ocho? Have them fork over the cash.

Otherwise, I may just walk out that ring.

Do I have your attention yet?

[He smirks a shot of the Emerald City Title behind him.]



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