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Bull On Parade
Jan 1, 2000
(Fade-in to a shot of Main St., Sweetwater, TX. Banners advertising the return of FISH FUND to the area and the re-opening of Fish Fund Park Arena hang from street lamps, one of which STEVE RADDER is leaning against.)

STEVE RADDER : It's been a long time since I was in elementary school, I mean, you know, a lot longer than it has been for GUNS, whose level of intelligence suggests it's been a mere 2 weeks since he was there, but I know a good playground fight when I see it.

(A nod and wink.)

STEVE RADDER : It's like a baseball fight almost - a little tougher though. You got a bunch of whiny babies yelling at eachother ... "you called me a name, you kicked my shins, wah, wah, wah." ... and talking like they want to fight, but they don't really. Kevin Powers? The guy's got himself so worked up over GUNS, Ivy, some guy named Triple X, and about everyone else in the world, including the guy at the 7-11, that he's forgotten one ... very ... important ... thing.

(RADDER points a thumb at his chest.)


(Another nod.)

STEVE RADDER : I'm still here Kevin, still hanging out, working out, waiting for the day I get my hands on you, your deafmute pal, and hell, even Eddy Love, if the tool costs me this match due to his lack of preparation. I'm still the man you face off against at FISH FUND, no matter what GUNS wishes. He's in some match so low on the card it's the one they give away on the PPV preview show, and he wants out. But you're not, Kevin. You're with me.

(RADDER pushes up off of the lamp post, and straightens up.)

STEVE RADDER : Now as for you, GUNS, "Respect your elders" and all ... let me tell you one thing. There is nothing ... nothing to respect about a man so stupid he's trying to pull off the old "I hate it here, I'm going to destroy the place" angle that so many before have tried to do. Guess what, GUNS? The CSWA is bigger than you. The CSWA survived without you. And the CSWA will survive despite you. You just go on with your handicapped promos bragging about how much you hate it here, how much you hate having a championship belt, and leave the actual wrestling to people THAT MATTER NOW. Not 10 years ago. You couldn't possibly be more lame. Throw me 3 rows into the crowd?

I'd love to see you try, old man.

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