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let me in your World Wrestlign "federation' im HONGRY for competition


League Member
Nov 30, 2020
Handler Information

Name: Jake
Email Address: jakecduvall@icloud.com
Best Way to Contact You: Discord and Twitter
eWrestling Experience: I applied here way back in the day, got accepted, and flaked. Sorry.
How did you find DEFIANCE? It's everywhere, man.
Are you willing to write matches? I GUESS

Writing Sample

It's a roleplay, sorry.


Wrestler(s) Information

Ring Name: Muriel Puddings
Height: 5'8"
Weight: 180 lbs.

Hailing From: Idaho Falls, ID

Alignment: Face

Gimmick: Muriel is a hyper-sexual and dim-witted individual who is abashedly unashamed of who she is. This would be completely fine if she also weren't a little bit gross. Behind the scenes, most are aware that it's simply an act. The mind behind the character is attempting to portray an imperfect human being who is still endeared, offering a "hero" for fans out there who may otherwise feel that they could never measure up to success due to their looks, behaviors, or lack of athletic ability.

Wrestling Style: If there is a classic cowardly heel trope, Muriel will do it. Begging off a beating, a Lee press-on nail to the pupil, nut shots: all is fair game. In addition to this, she also incorporates some unorthodox mid-match rituals: she?ll take a break to eat during a match, ask for a time out to pass gas (although usually using an aerosol can of potpourri as a ?common courtesy? that may or may not eventually be sprayed in the opponent?s eyes when the ref?s not looking), wipe a freshly-picked nose goblin on the opponent?s face, etc. However, she only hams up the antics when her opponent is overly arrogant themselves, making her beloved by audiences and the babyface side of the locker room.

Other than that, she?s pretty technically sound. Despite having never wrestled and being in her early 30s, she has been secretly training over the past several years during her time as a manager.

Three Weaknesses:
Lacks focus
Resistant to adaptability

Three Strengths:


Ten regular moveset moves:

1) Boot Scrape
2) Cannonball Splash
3) Log Roll
4) Various scissorholds
5) Spinebuster
6) Monkey Flip
7) Bell Clap
8) Wind-up and boxing-style punches
9) Discus Double Axe Handle
10) Mongolian Chop

2-5 trademark moves:

1) "Tapioca Sunrise" - a swinging neck breaker, Honky Tonk Man-style
2) "Custard Buster" - Bronco buster-style attack, but Muriel simply jumps and bounces on the opponent?s chest with her feet while hanging on to the ropes for leverage.
3) "Pudding Pop" - Tree of Woe set up, followed by a running head butt to the genitals.

1 Finishing Move:

"Snack Pack" - Muriel?s opponent is on the mat somewhat similar to the ?Child?s Pose? yoga position. She then crosses their arms around their torso and sits directly on their head. It doesn?t really hurt them, but it?s just hard to get out of and the opponent ultimately gives up in frustration and/or disgust. (I.e. Chikara Special)


I stalk, because I care
May 2, 2007
Is your Mom Hot? Or is someone else supposed to ask that? Also - free Uber Rides for Muriel as long as she downloads the 'StalkMe' app. Yes from me.

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