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Leyenda de Ocho


Main Event Caliber
Apr 16, 2012
St. Louis, MO
Wrestler Name: Leyenda de Ocho
Nicknames: The Cartridge Cruiser, The 8-Bit Legend
Billed From: Chicago, IL
Height: 5'8"
Weight: 188
Alignment: Face

Theme Music: Random - Spontaneous Devotion
Ring Entrance: As the entrance theme slowly builds throughout the arena, Ocho steps out from behind the curtain, pauses and raises both arms up holding out four fingers on each hand. As the drum beat kicks in, he sprints down the entrance ramp and hops into the ring underneath the bottom rope, keeping his momentum until he slides all the way out the other end of the ring (ala Paul London). He hops on top of the announce table and poses for the crowd, eventually going for a high five with the announcers (it's up to the announcers whether or not they high five back). He then hops off the table and into the ring, bouncing up and down, facing down his opponent if he's already entered or the entrance ramp if he hasn't.

Finisher & Description:
"Actualizar" (Spanish for "Upgrade") - Corkscrew second-rope Quebrada

Does your wrestler have any special set-up for their finisher?

Shining Wizard

Special Moves:

"Media-Jefe" (Spanish for "Mid-Boss") - hanging outside the ring with legs wrapped around opponents throat while opponent is in Tree of Woe; referee breaks hold
"The Tomahawk" - tag team maneuver; spinning headscissors on a teammate released into flying headbutt on opponent

Every Match Spots:
Eight strikes to opponent in corner
Knee strikes to an opponent's ribs in double underhook position (sometimes followed by double underhook suplex; depends on size of opponent and flow of the match)
When Irish Whipped into a corner, runs up the turnbuckles and hits dropkick on opponent

10-15 Moves:
Exploder Suplex
Frontflip Senton
Frontflip Double Axehandle
Moonsault variations
Spinning Heel Kick (to midsection)
Single-leg Boston Crab
Dragon Sleeper (only against other cruiserweights)
Tornado DDT
Sunset Flip

Used video games as an escape mechanism while growing up in a rough Chicago neighborhood; his love/passion/obsession for old games has turned them into his "dojo". Though he is a luchador in-ring, he is a nerdy, analytical white boy outside of it. A relative newcomer in the world of professional wrestling, he has spent several years training for an opportunity like this.

He travels with a large black duffel bag, overstuffed with dozens upon dozens of different masks and ring gear. Each set represents a different video game, and is selected situationally (depending on opponent, match circumstance, mood, etc).

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