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Magnus Destructo


Jan 1, 2000
Wrestler Name: Magnus Destructo
Nicknames: The Baron of Brutality, The Dreaded Devourer, The King of All Monsters
Billed From: The Keep of Eternal Darkness
Height: 6'10"
Weight: 314 lbs.
Alignment: Monster Heel

Theme Music: "Progenies of the Great Apocalypse" by Dimmu Borgir
Ring Entrance: The music hits and pillars of fire blast up from either side of the entry way. The Baron of Brutality emerges wearing demonic corpsepaint with a blackened and spikey helmet and breastplate combo, spattered in blood like he just fought his way out of hell to get to the ring. He lets out a bloodthirsty ROAR that can be heard clearly over the PA, and marches down the rampway, accompanied by a member or two of his entourage. On his way down the aisle, he'll bully the fans as well as he can, whether it be knocking the drinks out of their hands or ripping signs apart with his teeth. When he gets to the ring, he does the Warrior shake on all four sets of ropes, does his signature roar, and paces around like a cage animal until the match begins.

Finisher & Description: Destructo-Bomb (Inverted Front Powerbomb)
Set-up Maneuver: Charging Yakuza Kick
Special Moves:
- Carpathian Claw (Two-Handed Clawhold)
- Spinal Tap (Lifting Full-Nelson Backbreaker)
- The Butcher's Cleaver (Double Axe-Handle Smash off the top rope)

Every Match Spots:
- Blatant choke against turnbuckle with tongue out, a la Gene Simmons
- No sells any random move by his opponent, roars like a beast, and counters with a two-handed chokeslam
- Runs off the ropes a few times, caps it off with a Clothesline from Hell, and pops to his feet roaring like a behemoth into the audience

10-15 Moves:
- Big Chop
- Big Boot
- Gorilla Press
- Headbutt
- Abdominal Stretch
- Sidewalk Slam
- Knee Lift
- Running Powerslam
- Canadian Backbreaker
- Bearhug
- Sit-out Powerbomb
- Guillotine Legdrop
- Running Shoulder Block
- Tombstone Piledriver
- Corner Avalanche

Magnus Destructo is the 11th-generation heir apparent of the Barony of Destructo. From his castle, the Keep of Eternal Darkness, he rules over the barren reaches of the Carpathian Mountains upon a campaign of brutality, terror, and gore. When he's not torturing the innocent or cannibalizing their children, he plots to expand the boundaries of his demonic domain to the furthest reaches of the world... and beyond.

He first emerged in New York City during Next Level Wrestling's short-lived existence, capitalizing an undefeated reign of dominance in the ring with a victory at the "Eye for an Eye" Pay Per View event to claim the NLW World Openweight Championship. After this, he did a little work for Castor V. Strife in New Frontier Wrestling. He's recently appeared in Intergalactic Championship with his intent to conquer the known space and time continuum, which could only have disastrous results.

Destructo's entourage of followers includes Dulak the Defiler, his whipping boy, Gollomoch, his fat-bodied enforcer, and Dominatra Bozoth, his shrieking witch main squeeze.
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