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MAIN EVENT: New ERA World Heavyweight Championship Unification: Hart (c) v Tact (c)


Jan 1, 2000
San Francisco, CA
All RP for the New ERA World Heavyweight Championship Unification match between SHAWN HART (c) and LARRY TACT (c) at Unplugged should be done in this folder. Any RP posted outside of the folder will not count.

The RP deadline is 11:59pm PST on SATURDAY, July 18th, 2009. Angles should be sent to wfwnewrestling@gmail.com ..


Jan 10, 2004
New York
'The Original.'

FADE IN: Bedloe's Island, now better known as Liberty Island, in New York's harbor. Standing in all its weathered glory, before a setting sun, is the Statue of Liberty. People are taking the ferry heading back to mainland, taking in the final moments of their time spent visiting this National Monument, and symbol of democracy. However, there is still a little time left before operations close up for the day.

FADE TO: a shot from inside the recently reopened crown of the Statue. There, leaning against the walls of the crown, legs bent on the steps leading up to the top platform, is Larry Tact. For today's excursion, he sports a pair of relaxed-fit, stonewashed blue jeans; black windbreaker, zipped up; and a pair of blue-lensed, silver-rimmed Covington sunglasses. A breeze blows through the few viewing ports of the crown, and he looks a bit cramped, but Tact looks triumphant nonetheless.

LARRY TACT: "For almost 8 years, I've been unable to make my yearly sojourn to this point."

"After September 11, 2001, Liberty Island was closed. And while, 100 days later, the Island was reopened, the Statue of Liberty remained inaccessible."

"Slowly, though... a comeback. By 2004, the pedestal level was reopened, and my friends and i hoped that, someday, maybe we'd again be able to enjoy what we've affectionately dubbed, "The Climb." We never ceased hoping, although it kind of receded as the years passed... but then, just recently, our hope flared to glorious life, and was validated. The Statue of Liberty is open again."

"Preparing for the match that I'm about to take part in, the historic significance... unifying the World Heavyweight Championship to its fullness, its oneness again... it made me think of all that's occurred with this promotion. Sound a bit familiar? WFW and NEW both shocked the world with their returns, and then the merger. And the history, while not quite as drawn out, is reminiscent of what this Island, and monument, have endured the past few years."

"Releasing the footage of Banned in the US and the Superbowl of Wrestling was a sign, a reignition of hope. The recent Almost Live and Raucous shows have marked the full reopening. And now, Unplugged will provide the resolution people have been wanting for years."

"Most important of them, of course, being myself."

"Rocko Daymon was right to admit the flaws he displayed, back in New Era of Wrestling. Just take a look at what he said during the Dueling Ladders, and then our Triple Threat Elimination matches, and you'll see why I have every right to have claimed as much. But he was wrong to say I didn't realize his transformation. I know he's changed; he added on a new moniker, and even refers to himself by his first AND last names, again. Now, he's not just DAYMON. He's not just ROCKO DAYMON. He is... "THE UNDYING" ROCKO DAYMON!

Tact chuckles.

"Hey, a little bit over-the-top, but I get it. And seriously, I DO get it, Daymon. I know you've adopted change in how you see things, these days. Y'know what? That's fine. Plenty of people adapt themselves to different opinions, and such. It's not so groundbreaking as you might think; it's called maturity. I'll hold my breath on whether or not that's what you've really embraced, though. I'm pretty confident that, at some point, I'll be putting you to the test."

"Not at the moment, though. Because at Unplugged, I've got other business with which to attend. There, two halves will, finally, become one whole. A unification match to bring an end to all the Heavyweight title shenanigans. And when it's all said and done..."

He unzips the windbreaker, revealing the NEW World Heavyweight Championship secured around his waist.

"...I'll have it all to myself, again."


FADE IN: Governor's Island. Tact sits on a picnic table, set in a spot with a nice view of the Statue of Liberty, in the distance over the water; its torch lit in the now-night sky. The NEW World Heavyweight Championship lays on the table, to one side.

LT: "Don't think I've forgotten about the other half of this Heavyweight title equation, though. I'm well-aware, and well-acquainted, with my opponent. In fact, a lot of people expected this match to happen back when he first signed on with the New Era. It's one of those Main Events that requires no build, no added hype other than our own input and visages. It's a Main Event that's made-to-order, drawing upon itself, because we're both capable of stepping up at anytime, anywhere. It's for the casual wrestling fan, the wrestling smark, and the wrestling fanatics alike..."

"It's quite simply... Larry Tact versus Shawn Hart."

Though his expression remains serious, he gives a small smirk.

"And for some reason-- though we've been in several 'same time, same place' situations, throughout our career-- it's been on rare occasion when we've found ourselves in the ring together, at the, 'right time and right place' to face-off. As if we needed a reason to spark us. Still, I can't help but feel that extra bit of juice, no pun intended... knowing it's you standing between me holding the undisputed Heavyweight Championship, Shawn."

"Let's get one thing perfectly clear from the get-go. Shawn Hart is a multi-time Heavyweight Champion. People call him whatever they want... whichever nickname, of his many, they desire. To me, he's a true "Phenom" of our sport, and lives up to that moniker."

"Shawn Hart is innovative and unpredictable-- at times, too much for his own benefit. He's got a list of accomplishments, including the reigning Legacy Champion. To his fans, he's the 'Champion of the Universe'... and I'm probably the first opponent of his to actually say that."

"I've seen you come along in the pros, Shawn, and we've been acquainted for a while. So I would be remiss if I didn't mention your hot sister, Felicia. I mean, jabs and ribs aside, we both know your sister's been a fine, busty, booty POPPIN' PIECE OF... *ahem* woman... since she was legal jail bait!"

"That said... hope there's no hard feelings, once I've put the beat down on your bro po, Leesh... and you've got a dance ready for me when this is all settled and over with."

He winks.

"You've done all those things I've mentioned, Shawn, and I credit you for it. You're one of the few... the very, very few in this industry... that I hold some respect for. But for all that fanfare, and the history of the Harts we all know and love... NOBODY should be surprised that, as far as I'm concerned, it ends with Shawn earning the title of NEW World Heavyweight Champion."

"We've done it before, several times. Hell, we did it in a School Yard Brawl. We made a High School Massacre. We've done softcore and hardcore."

He laughs a little, but when he stops, the smirk has disappeared from his face.

"Want to talk about the history of Shawn Hart? Historically, when Shawn Hart gets in MY way... I put him DOWN."

"And now, at Unplugged, you're in MY way, again."

He slides the NEW World Heavyweight Championship onto his lap.

"I heard what you said, too, Shawn... about being the superstar of WFW:NE. But look at it this way, Phenom."

"I rose up as the inaugural NEW World Heavyweight Champion. I might have won BattleBRAWL in place of you, had I been physically capable of participating. But when the New Era resurfaced with Banned in the US? I once again took the reigns, as World Heavyweight Champion."

"As for World's Finest Wrestling? I went toe-to-toe with the best that place had to offer-- never backing down, never being written off. I knew, at some point, I'd make my mark... and ultimately, I did, winning the SoCal Rumble, which only a couple can say they've done. Then, I went on to Main Event in the Superbowl of Wrestling, also something a select few can say they've done."

"And let's even stay current, Shawn. Take a look at the TEAM Invitational Tournament. I'm one of three left in the Regional Finals, who compete in the WFW:NE. But wait and see... watch what attrition does... and realize which of us from the WFW:NE survives, alone, to take his place the Final Four."

He smirks, nodding.

"Sean Edmunds used to go by a moniker, 'The Original.' Do you know why that is, Shawn? It's because he was 'the Original' WWL World Heavyweight Champion."

"Well Shawn... it's Larry Tact who stands as the enduring standard, and the original Superstar, of WFW:NE. And when my standard of wrestling comes into play, at Unplugged... even the Phenom will fail to prevail."

"And once I've endured this third out of my last four matches here, for this strap...(caresses the title belt)... I can finally carve one more mark in my legacy. And Larry Tact will be known as the first, and the final..."

"New ERA of Wrestling... World... Heavyweight... Champion."



The Phenom
Jan 1, 2000
Salt Lake City, UT
A scathing retort!!

Here he is, nnnnnndaddio! Prepare for the FIREWORKS!


"Where the F#%$ are my LEGS?!"


Birmingham, AL - Nighttime

On the rooftop of an old apartment building in downtown Birmingham, NEW Co-Champ and LoC Champion SHAWN JESSICA HART dances and prances about in dirty coveralls with a broom in hand.

SJH: "Chim-chiminey, chim-chiminey, chim-chim-chiree.... a sweep is as lucky as luuuuuucky can BEEEEE!!"

Hart pretends to suddenly take notice of the camera and quickly saunters his way towards it.

SJH: "Well, well, well..."

The Phenom taps the lens with his fingers.

SJH: "There he is.... and not a moment too soon, as the WEEK IS UPON US!!"

He pounds the ground proudly with his broom.

SJH: "The week that yours truly, the PRIME MINISTER OF GETTIN' SINISTER, fiiiiiiiiinalllllly SWEEPS Laurie Tact and this bastardized co-championship situation under the proverbial rug for GOOD!"

SJH nods, clearly quite pleased with himself.

SJH: "Tact, you and I go a loooooooooooong way back. So far back, in fact, that you and I are probably the only ones who are even aware of it anymore, but NONETHELESS - the fact remains that a history is there. A history that BURNS deep within our hearts and souls. One that buuuuuuurns like apple pie straight out of the oven..."

He strikes a pose so dramatic, to attempt to describe it here would be an exercise in futility.

SJH: "...Or like Flaming Hot Cheetos drenched with Habanero Sauce!

Or the CAUSTIC diarrhea that eating such foods inevitably brings!"

He puts a foot up on the ledge and relaxes his right arm on his thigh.

SJH: "It's a history that simmers and SCALDS like coffee right out of the pot!

Like liquid hot MAG-MAAA!

Like the wrath of a ring rat SCORNED!

Like that Internet hook-up that doesn't show!

Like that SCORCHING Tahitian Sun on my milky-white, BABY-SMOOTH skin!

Like the inside of your '89 Ford Escort when the AC goes out!

CUT TO: A black screen. A white-print graphic reading, "Three hours later..." appears. CUT TO: SJH, screaming into the skies.

SJH: "Like the HERPES you get when the Grand Wizard of Trowser Lizards forgets to wear a jacket!

Like the bridge back to your former employer when he finds out you've been hittin' his Baby Mama's backdoor with a turkey baster!!

But most of all... like the SUPERNOVA that is my ILLUSTRIOUS career!"

He nods with a toothy grin.

SJH: "Yes, our rivalry is one that continues to course through our veins despite the passing of time, but Laurie... ONE thing has absolutely, POSITIVELY changed since the last time we did battle. Cuz back then, however many years ago it was, you and I probably shared equal esteem with the fans, our peers, and everyone associated with this topsy-turvy, crazy-brazy business.

Now -- I'M the cat in the cradle and the silver spoon!"

Hart chuckles to himself.

SJH: "Hell.. just listen to yourself, nnnnnnnnnnnndaddio!! Name dropping Edmunds... leading with speak of Rocko Daymon - when those two JACKHOLES have NOTHING to do with this match! In fact, the only correlation between them and yourself is that the whole lot of ye have rendered yourselves completely and UTTERLY irrelevant!!"

SJH shakes his head in disgust.

SJH: "All Rocko's been good for since his GRAND RETURN is squandering away championship gold. He's done it in EPW and he's done it here! As for you, Laurie, and our home-boy Sensational Sean - yeah, it wasn't too long ago that we were all rocking to the Anthology BEAT... and SURE, when all's said and done and this match is in the books, I've got no doubts we'll be able to kiss and make up. But NONE OF THAT changes the fact that while you two have taken like 3 of the last FIVE years off, I've been here. Doing my thing..."

He retrieves his LoC Championship belt from off-screen.

SJH: "..Winning championship gold! Because THAT'S what I'm all about, LT... being a CHAMPION!!

Sure, it's a hard road to hold... but I've got all the requisites, Daddy-Mac! I'm hip, I'm HOT, and unlike you... I've got what it TAKES to be a RELIABLE champion! So while you're off nursing your latest wounds or falling off the face of the EARTH for whatever mysterious reason it might be that particular time, I'll be here -- HOT TO TROT and rocking out with my COCK-THING OUT!!

Call it an outrage, call it a mockery, MY Magic 8-ball calls it the TRUTH!!

And the truth of the matter is that compared to me.... you're nuttin' but a piece of SH(FCC)T!!

Heck, you're LOWER than sh(FCC)t! You're the AMOEBA that feeds on the PARASITE that feeeeeeds on the SH(FCC)T!!"

Again, he laughs at himself.

SJH: "Some might say I'm being TACTLESS, but the way I see it.... Having ONE of you ASSH(FCC)LES rollin' around this place is more than enough.

Like I said before, Laurie - THIS is the week when you get swept under the rug! After that happens and I beat you for SOLE possession of the NEW title, I guess we can only HOPE that it's not the last we see of your COWARD-ASS!

Either way... as relates to heavyweight gold, your BUM is GUM and I'M GONNA CHEW IT!!


Has left...........


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