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Match Writing (Length)


I will send you to the bin.
Jan 18, 2008
Aberdeen, Scotland
Hi friendos.

So if you've taken a look at our wonderful set of resource documents (http://www.fwrestling.com/showthread.php?31111-DEFINFO-Resource-Documents&highlight=definfo), the DEFtv Match Writing Format Guide lays out our preferred DEFtv match format.

We're supposed to be writing ​summaries, not full matches. We were doing it for a while, and it was great: stress levels were down, shows were a lot easier to put together, and people were able to concentrate on more important things like character development.

We lost our way at some point. It doesn't matter when or how, but we've gotten back into the habit of writing 5-10 page TV matches, when there's absolutely no need for it. So the purpose of this thread is to nudge everyone back towards the summarized format for the forthcoming arc, even for main events.

There's absolutely no need to go over a page and a half for a standard DEFtv match. In fact, you can probably accomplish everything you need to in half that. Lets get back into that habit, stop stressing out over weekly TV matches, and focus our energy elsewhere.

PPV matches are still to be fully written, but DEFtv should be summaries. We never officially changed the rule... it just kind of happened.

Here's a good example of what's expected: http://defiancewrestling.com/results/112#1756

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