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Meaningless Subplot - Interlude


Hex Angel


It always came back to Hornet.

Eli Flair is sitting in a bar, somewhere in California. There's a band playing in the background. He's nursing a shot of Tequila.... and thinking about where he's been and where he's going.

And where the CSWA seems to want to take him. Teamed up with Hornet and Mike Randalls against the Playboys and Lawrence Stanley.


The bartender, at his request, turned up Billy Buckley's report on PRIMETIME in New Orleans, with Eli Flair quite surprised to hear his name mentioned as being a part of it. No big surprise - he was granted time off from the most recent CSWA event as he continued to rehab his leg from ELVIS LIVES 12.... and in that time the entire world changed.

Literally. And wrestling is simply not important anymore.

Eli Flair is tired. He's on the cusp of thirty, and he's managed to make more money than he can spend in a lifetime.... he's managed to save most of it, too. He's tired of dealing with the CSWA's political manipulations, tired of getting dragged into fights that he no longer wants to be a part of. He's tired of having to justify every aspect of his life to the strict moral code of Commissioner Chad Merritt.... tired of being recognized everywhere he goes.

Most of all, he's tired of Troy Windham and Hornet.

Troy Windham.... the Boy Troy. The other side of the coin that is Eli Flair. Where Eli is intense, Troy is flighty. Where Eli is serious, Troy is sarcastic. Where Eli has been focused on wrestling.... and focused on taking his career as far as he can and give everyone who watches a show that they will never be able to forget.... Troy Windham has taken every shortcut and made every alliance possible to get himself ahead. Where Eli Flair has become a success in the business because of his effort, Troy Windham apparently has done the same in spite of his effort.

And somehow, despite the fact that they're both at the same level.... Eli Flair can't see how Troy has paid nearly as many personal prices.

As far as Hornet is concerned.... Eli Flair would be just as happy to never see him again. He believed both Hornet and Randalls when they approached him about 'staking a claim' on the CSWA.... and regardless of the moral implications of the way they went about it.... nobody can deny that they were effective. His problems with Hornet are not professional.... they're personal.

Poison Ivy is his family.... Poison Ivy is his only family. Hornet disrespected that.... and Eli Flair let him have it at ELVIS LIVES.

Weeks have passed, though.... and Eli's anger has faded to nothing. He's taken the attacks on the United States of America, and the fact that he was dangerously close to losing his life.... as a time of reflection.... and the fact that his life since losing Alicia can only be described by one word.


Living for himself has gotten him nothing.... living for other people has gotten him hurt and f**ked up in the head. He has two choices now.... he can return to the CSWA and lose himself forever....

.... or he can sit in this bar for the next twenty years and kill himself, one drink at a time.

"What the f**k are you doing? Let go of me!"

Unfortunately.... as so often happens in this young man's life.... the choice is taken out of his hands.

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