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Jan 1, 2000
Bethlehem, PA
(FADEIN to "Superstar" Scotty Michaels, again, sitting in his home office. In the background, we hear the lyrics of the Christina Aguilera song, "I turn to you"..)

For the strength to be strong,
For the will to carry on
For everything you do,
for everything that's true
I turn to you.
I turn to you...

(The music fades out, and Michaels begins to laugh hysterically..)

SCOTTY MICHAELS: You know, that's some good stuff. Now while I'd prefer the music stylings of Bon Jovi, Poison, or Guns N Roses any day of the week, those lyrics pretty much sum it all up..

(Michaels laughter stops, and his laughter turns to a focused glare..)

I've noticed that music is a big part of promos here in the CSWA, and that's fine with me. But the point of me playing that sappy song is that it brings up a point..

There's a lot of new blood in this federation. That's the BIG STINK around here, NEW BLOOD THIS, NEW BLOOD THAT! Well in the whole thick of things, where does Scotty Michaels fall? Somewhere, SMACK DAB, in the MIDDLE!

But getting back to the lyrics of the song, that's exactly what the CSWA did... they turned to ME! In a time of upheavals, in a time of firings, hirings, career-ending injuries, the CSWA needed someone to turn to, a man who can carry them for years to come.. a man who's seen it all before, and done it all before.. except rise to the VERY TOP, of the CSWA.

As Eli Flair had the balls to point out, I didn't win the EN World title fair and square, it was given to me by Merritt. However, I've got one thing to say to Flair.. that was THEN, and this is NOW! I'm a different man than I was back then. Back in 97, I was a dumb, 20-some year old kid, trying to find his way in life.. and professional wrestling just seemed like a good fit at the time, the right thing to do.

Fast forward seven years, and I'm BAACK! I'm back here in the CSWA, and I'm gonna do it right this time... I'm going to win the CSWA world title, in time. I'm in no hurry. In the meantime, I'm going to let Merritt stack up all of the CONTENDERS, the PRETENDERS.. the OLD BLOOD, and the NEW BLOOD, and I'm going to knock them all down, systematically.

It starts in Atlanta, Primetime, against a man who's been in this business even longer than I have, Joey Melton.

Melton, I've got to be honest... I wasn't the most dedicated CSWA fan while I was away from the federation, until more recently. I've been doing some research, and I haven't even heard a whole lot out of you in a while.

I know you're over there in the NFW, whippin' my dumb cousin's ass up and down the East Coast. Good luck with that, 'cuz I'm not the hugest fan of that loud-mouth never-was. That's the difference between Shawn, and myself..

He can come out there, PISS and MOAN, about how he was held back in the CSWA and how he never got his due. Well I'm not going to do that. I'm where I'm at right now, because that's what's meant to be.

And where I'm at, is back in the CSWA, Melton... but where are you? I hope your quest to win the Ultratitle isn't clouding your view of the wrestling world. I hope you're not SO WORRIED about THAT, that you don't study up on exactly what I'm capable of.

So bring it, Melton... I'm quite interested in what you've got to say for yourself, and more importantly.. show to me in that ring.

(FADEOUT, as "I turn to you" kicks in again, Michaels laughing in the background...)

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