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Memorial PPV Signed Matches


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Jul 8, 1998
Sierra Vista, Arizona
This will be an updated list so check back from time to time to see what matches have been signed.

The Final Chapter:
Rocko Daymon vs. Clapper

For the GWE Women's Title:
"The Blonde Bomber" Jennifer Rowe (C) vs. "Lady Lightning" Lori Wilson

For the GWE World Tag Team Titles:
The Monsta Boyz (Buff Bellows and Fat Farrell) (C) vs. The Dark Carnival ("Good God" Kevin Powers and "The Apocalypse" Gabriel Poe)

"Freedom Fighter" Marc Robinson vs. Ice Tre

Iron Man Match
For the GWE Television Title
Stephen Waltz (C) vs. 'Yours Truly' Adam Benjamin

Eddy Love vs. "The Patron Saint of Violence" Pat Black w/Jade

Iron Man Submission Match
No DQ's and Falls Count Anywhere
Christian Sands vs. "The Career Ender" Chris Lehew

Fatal Destiny ("Risqué" Roseanne Fairhurst and "The Dark Lotus" Miso) vs. Mercedes Devon and Karla Starr

"Fallen Angel" Chris Slayton vs. Zell Hunter

Evan Aho vs. Gemini

Armen vs Angelus

Kendal 'Blade' Codine vs. HaVoC

Lindsay Troy vs. JA

For the GWE X-treme Title
Troy Douglas (C) vs. Cameron Cruise

Matches are ALWAYS subject to change

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