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Jan 10, 2004
New York
Michael McNichols
MMcNic606 (AOL IM)

Real Name: Michael Monaghan
230 lbs
Hails from Parts Unknown
Theme: "Stillborn" by Black Label Society
What he looks like: An outfit much like Jushin Lyger's, though dominantly black, some red, no flare. Similar to the leather Daredevil outfit with no zip-up collar. The mask is black and the red markings make the face appear as a bat-like demon. Sometimes horns or pointed gargoyle ears are added to the mask by being drawn or painted or stitched on. (Though no horns or actual ears are sewn on, just their design). He sees fine and clearly through the mask btw.

What he does on his way to the ring: Ignores everything and stalks ahead slowly, thinking.

Past Feds: Various Japanese promotions

Past Titles: Various Japanese titles

Current Titles/Feds: The Mephisto persona is not currently active.

GIMMICK/PERSONALITY: The thinking man's sociopath with Satanic/Occult overtones and a jaded sense of humor.

10 Standard Moves:

German Suplex, Superplex, Tope, Sharpshooter, DDT (any version's fine), wild buckbomb, piledriver, Sunset Flip off Top Rope (or Eddy Guerrero's Murder, Death, Kill Powerbomb), hurricanrana, dropkick off top

Set-Up Moves:
Flying headbutt, Dragon Suplex, Full Nelson Slam (puts someone full nelson and sweeps the legs so the opponent crashes down with him on top -->Ares's old finisher), and he likes to mimick his opponent's signature moves

Sweet Dreams (stunner with or without a kick to the stomach to set it up), Tourniquet (crippler crossface), Mephisto Driver (Michinoku Driver regularly and off top, though rarely used)

How He Works a Match:
Adapts easily, always thinking, goes from submission to technical to wild brawl if he has to. Always with a plan. Willing to be extremely violent, sadistic, and masochistic. Will do what it takes to win, and will do more if he gets more out of the match than just winning. Think stiff, brutal, and willing to get as hardcore as should be illegal in most countries.

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