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Mar 17, 1988
(A limousine pulls up in front of O'Hare Airport. Hornet steps out, revealing a young woman with Asiatic features dressed in a business suit. He seems slightly perturbed as she hands him an envelope, but finally shuts the door, grabs his bag and turns toward the airport terminal entrance...only to find a camera crew waiting.)

No rest for the weary, huh?

Segment Producer: Sorry, Hornet, just following orders.

I understand, Bob. It's not your fault. Let's get this over with. This is for Hornet/Southern right?

(Bob nods as he gestures for the cameraman to start rolling. He gives Hornet a countdown.)

I'm sorry if you think I came off as a whiner, Shane. Anybody that knows my history knows that's the last thing I intend. Otherwise, we might have to crown a new "King of the Whiners," and then people would just come up with less-flattering nicknames for GUNS.

If you want my 'spot,' Shane, then you know what you have to do. And you're obviously prepared to do. Now, to use an old cliche, you've just gotta cash the check. And I'm willing to bet my bank account against yours in this fight.

I just got done with an event in Boston for a wrestling promotion I never intended to set foot in the ring for, until Merritt decided to auction me off like a side of beef. But before you accuse me of 'whynin' Shane, let me be clear. I walked into the arena... the workers backstage knew who I was, and there were two camps. Some of the WWR's finest wanted autographs, and some wanted to be the next one to take me down a peg.

Talk to Brad Schilling about his 'spot,' about him being noticed. He wanted the rub off me...so I gave it to me. He walked into that arena as the WWR North American Champion, and he walked out with nothing around his waist but spandex.

Talk to Wicked Sight about taking my 'spot,' Shane. He walked into Seattle with high hopes, and then let a technical glitch distract him for just enough time to kill his rubber tree plant.

And that's all it takes is one little mistake, Shane. You're not one of the detractors that twists the truth... you know why I'm in the position I'm in. I didn't step into the CSWA as its 'franchise player,' I fought my way there, for better or worse. And that's why I know that no matter what warnings I give you about getting what you wish for, you're not going to stop until you're there.

But to get there...you've got to be PERFECT. You can't let anyone or anything distract you. Not in the ring, not backstage, not in the bathroom. You can sign all the autographs you want, but if you start focusing on doing everything for 'little Timmy,' you're setting yourself up for failure.

Because it won't be little Timmy standing across the ring from you, Shane. It'll be me. I'll said it before, and I'll say it again. I know you're a hell of an athlete, and you know what it means to be a champion. I sat there and watched you take Aho to the limit in Seattle...and if you can do it to him, you can certainly do it to me. You proved you were just as good as the man that holds the World Title.

But you weren't better.

On a personal note, Shane... and I know it's ironic coming from me to talk about 'personal' notes. Don't ever belittle what happened to me in Sweetwater. You can accuse me of whining about what Merritt does, or what anybody else has done. You can ridicule me, you can mock me, I don't care. But until you've had a concrete wall come down on your back, don't accuse me of whining about that. That part's off-limits. Cut a promo on anything else I've done in this sport, or in my personal life if you want, but respect at least that one moment of my life as mine and mine alone.

See ya in Kansas City, Shane.


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Jan 1, 2000
Sun's Coming Up

{{...FADE-IN: Just after PRIMETIME. Shane Southern is sitting in en empty locker room getting dressed....}}

SHANE SOUTHERN: " You'd think that I'd be pissed, right? You'd think that I'd be kickin' over trash cans and punchin' lockers. I just lost a shot at tha' CSWA WORLD Title, why ain't I upset? "

" I am. "

" I'm upset that Evan Aho pinned mah' shoulders to tha' mat. I'm upset that I didn't get tha' job done. I'm disappointed that I'm not goin' in ta' ON TIME defedin' tha' WORLD Title against tha' US Champion. I WANTED it so much, n' tha' fact I didn't get it, {{...shrugs...}} I just think of it asa' lesson learned. "

" Cause I know I'll have another chance. I'm gonna' BUST MY ASS gettin' better. Ya' know Hornet, I'm gonna' use your own words here, it's back from a time you so hate ta' think about. When you stood in that ring in Sweetwater after losing that retirement match to Guns, n' spilled yer guts. You were talkin' 'bout your first title loss, n' you said "....that match groomed me for what was ta' happen later. In all tha' time I've wrestled, in all tha' matches I've won, that match taught me how ta' lose. It was a lesson that I've tried ta' avoid ever' time I've stepped in tha' ring since. "

" Well Hornet, ta'night I had that same taste slapped in mah' mouth as you had fourteen years ago. I don't like losin'...but ta'night I got beat by a better WRESTLER, n' I accept that asa' lesson learned. But don't count on a repeat of that in Kansas City. "

" As for the tragic incident tha' followin' year, I apologize if you felt I was makin' reference ta' that. I think ya' know me well enough ta' know that I don't get off makin' a mockery outta' stuff like that. Man ta' Man Hornet, belive me when I say that I wish that on NO man,...especially me. "

" No Hornet, you're right. No man WANTS ta' go through what YOU've been through. No man in his right MIND wants that. You've gone through HELL n' back carryin' tha' CSWA banner, n' you DO it 'cause you LOVE this federation. Deep down, you LOVE those fans in tha' seats, you WANT them, if just forra' moment, ta' step outside there own lives n' live through YOU. That's tha' same thing I want Hornet. When that curtain parts and mah' music kick starts, n' those butts rise outta' tha' seats, there is NO place I'd rather be. NOTHIN' I'd rather be doin'...n' Hornet, there is NOBODY I'd rather see across from tha' ring from me thanna' man that wants tha' same thing. "

" You n' me...we're not that diff'ernt...'cept for one thing. I don't believe you WANT it any more. I think tha' HELL you've been through may be finally catchin' up ta' you. Maybe you're just lookin' out for tha' "new guys"...maybe you're just tryin' ta' ensure a fair playin' field for us...maybe you just want us ta' not have ta' go through what you did. That's a good thing I suppose, but in tha' end, you gotta' stop tryin' ta' convince me not ta' go after tha' brass ring...n' when I say brass ring, I'm not talkin' bout that gold belt 'round Aho's waist...I'm talkin' bout your SPOT Hornet. "

" I'm talkin' 'bout bein' tha' ICON...bein' tha' MAN. Championships come n' go. I'll win more than ONE World title in this federation before it's said n' done, but that's not truly what I'm after. I've seen tha' guys that have tried ta' take yer spot Hornet, I've SEEN 'em fall one after tha' other...but there's always a first time. Eventually, SOMEBODY will take it...I'm bettin' on that man bein' ME. "

" As far as ON TIME goes, hell...does it REALLY matter what happens there? Will ANYONE care if I take tha' U.S. title from YOU? Probably not. N' again, that's not mah' goal anyway. Mah' goal, for KANSAS CITY, is ta' give tha' people what they paid ta' see. Ta' step inta' that ring with Hornet, n' WRESTLE ya' man ta' man...ta' have one HELLuva' match...then, go home n' prepare for tha' next one. "

" I'm not throwin' mah'self a pity party ta'night Hornet, 'cause TA'NIGHT Aho was tha' better man. However, in Kansas City, I will be throwin' a party, it'll be inside that ring, n' it'll be a DAMN FUN one ta' attend. You're invited Hornet, but know this, most people that step inta' tha' ring with me don't leave tha' party very happy. "

" Party's Over. "

{{...FADE OUT...}}

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