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Moving Day in HOW

Lee Best

League Member
May 16, 2005
Today is moving day in High Octane Wrestling as Lee Best and his crew prepare for the first show in the relaunch of HOW. Not only are they moving into their new offices in Chicago Illinois, but also online.

The new online home for HOW is http://www.howrestling.com. The new permanent home for the forums can be found at http://forums.howrestling.com. Please update all your bookmarks.

Also Lee Best announced that today the special Sunday Night Mayhem will take place at the United Center in Chicago after he called in a favor. Lee might owe alot of people money in the rest of the United States but the hometown boy can still pull some strings in Chicago.

On a roster related note welcome to Adam Vincent who just signed a three month deal this morning!

Stay tuned for more news as this hectic moving day continues!

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