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"Mr. Relentless" Aran Thompson


Jul 15, 2011
Wrestler Name: Aran Thompson
Billed From: South Bend, Indiana
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 240 lbs.
Alignment: Babyface

Theme Music: "Champion" by Grinspoon



The fans explode out of their seats as Aran Thompson quickly walks out to the top of the entrance ramp and looks around with a proud grin on his face. The arena strobes red, gold, black and white to the cadence of his entrance music and he slowly begins walks to the ring nodding to the fans and showing himself off as well. Aran points down at his trunks that in big red letters read the word, "Relentless" and then points at himself mouthing to the camera; "I'm relentless personified!".

The fans continue to cheer as Aran slides into the ring and pops up onto his feet with his arms spread wide as he quickly spins around for the fans admiration, before a sudden change in character and Aran gets himself self focused.

Finishers & Descriptions:
Armbar Revolution (Tornado Plancha Armbar)

Icarus Switch (Aran locks Opponent in an Abdominal Stretch and jumps backward slamming his opponent into a schoolboy pin [The short term is Abdominal Stretch into Impact Schoolboy Pin)

Does your wrestler have any special set-up for their finisher?:
For both finishers: Nothing unique. Armbar Revolution is more of a momentum finisher like a counter to rope running or countering an Irish Whip based maneuver. Icarus Switch is just based on the emotion of the match of the time, Aran usually locks in the Abdominal Stretch and then looks around the arena with ferocity in his eyes before slamming them on the back of their head and neck into a pin.

Special Moves:
Action Before Chaos - Fluid Springboard Reverse DDT (No landing on his feet and hitting the DDT ala AJ Styles, Aran flips into the hold and uses his weight to make the DDT impact harder.)

Every match spots:
- Running of the ropes with counters ala Leap Frogs or step overs. Aran uses momentum and to enhance his offense. In the instance Aran is being hammed down or kicked repeatedly he counters into a rather average submission hold to ground his opponent (e.g: Punches get countered into arm bars and kicks countered into Leg Locks.)

10-15 Moves:
Elevated High Knee
Northern Lights Suplex
Running Legdrop
Tilt-a-Whirl Backbreaker
Suicide Dive To The Outside
Shining Wizard


Adopted from Seoul, Korea as an infant; Aran was raised in South Bend, Indiana with his adopted brother Corey Thompson. Being born from different worlds you wouldn't even notice a lack of brotherly bond. As children his adoptive parents were murdered and he and his brother Corey were raised by a friend of the family and the mother of Corey's best friend. Corey and his best friend started training in wrestling as they grew up and Aran would follow suit, literally following his brother around and learning as he could. Years later, Aran was offered a chance to train at a legendary wrestling dojo in Japan where he would hone in his craft and win multiple championships over seas.

Aran got his big break when his brother Corey was offered a tag team contract with Legacy of Champions but his friend Kris was sidelined with injury and it was only natural Aran was his next choice. They formed the tag team Action N Chaos and went on to compete in multiple matches for the LoC TEAM Championships but never grasped it.

Eventually Aran had enough of losing and blamed his brother for all of the loses. He turned on his brother and joined the ranks of The Faction. A dominate stable in Legacy of Champions that seemed to rule the roost and nobody liked it. Under the leadership and guidance of "Black" Tom Williams Aran was quick to win his first championship and further cement a legacy that surpassed his brother.

Aran was involved in some dastardly moments and eventually lost the Relentless Championship to Ulysius Solian. It started a down fall of many other bad decisions and Aran was eventually let go from Legacy of Champions.

Several years later after jOlt Wrestling and Legacy of Champions merged into one company he returned triumphantly and declaring he had turned a new leaf and he proved it. After a grueling match against Reno Davis that saw Aran literally break a hold using his teeth. Aran solidified himself once again as Mr. Relentless but this time his agenda was to prove he had changed.

An Agenda that his former LoC stablemate Jonathan Conspiracy was none too happy about.

Within just a short time, Aran went on to become the first ever Multiple Time Relentless Champion in the history of the title and a heated rivalry between himself and Mr. One Letter Better boiled over.

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