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My Own Man



{{...FADE-IN: An alleyway just off Bourbon Street in New Orleans, Louisiana. The CSWA's masked man is leaning back against the brick wall of one of the buidlings. He's dressed in a pair of old, faded jeans, white and blue Nike tennis shoes, a plain black t-shirt and black mask. He tosses up an empty beer bottle, watching it twirl in the air, then catching it at the base....voice is slightly altered again...}}

Masked Man: You know Aho, I've just decided, I like you. Any man who uses quotes from Alec Waugh in his promo's can't be all bad, can he? I like yours, but MY favorite is "I am prepared to believe that a dry martini slightly impairs the palate, but think what it does for the soul."

" Anyway, on to more important things. Like....Primetime. The more I sit down and watch tapes of you Evan, the more my mouth waters at the prospect of you and I in a wrestling ring together, putting on a classic bout. Hell, it don't matter to me what you motivations are...I just want a chance to show the world what I can do, and I can't think of a better person to do it against, than YOU. You can take that as praise, {{...shrugs...}} you can take it however you want, makes no differance to me. The whole world views you as quite a talent....and when I beat you, I don't think they'll think any less of you. I won't. You know, there always winners and losers, but odds are, when you step into the ring with me...you'll be the later. "

{{...The masked man shifts his weight and sits the empty beer bottle down next to him on the ground...}}

" Defeat will accept anyone Aho, but not everyone accept defeat. Even when the odds are against me...I will not accept failure...but I will also not compromise my values. You attacked Wildstar like a coward. You attacked for no reason other than somebody TOLD you to do it. Right now Aho, you're not your own man...hell, by your actions at the last PrimeTime, you're not much of a REAL man at all. MEN fight face to face, they don't cheap shot. All battles should have an ultimate goal Aho. What purpose did your attacking of Wildstar serve? "

" Is it that you doubt your own ability so much that you turned to others for help? Well Aho, you turned to people that not only won't help your career, but they'll use you at every step, to fight thier battles for them...until they have no use for you anymore and toss you on the trash pile. You talk about MY focus, or lack of it, yet I'm the one watching promos of a confused man. I sit and watch as you debate your own self on the direction of your career, while not really in control of it. If I were you Aho, I'd be watching my OWN back, and not worrying about me watching mine. "

{{...The masked man rubs the mask on his face and thinks for a few seconds...}}

" Yes, I like you Aho. But I don't trust you at all. The most dangerous men, are those that have no direction....or even worse, the wrong direction. I'd like to believe what you say, I'd like to take you at your word, but you've proven to everyone that you can't be trusted, and until I see otherwise, I'm going to follow suit. But don't think for a second that will hinder my ability inside the ring. I plan on taking that Greensboro Title Aho. And once I do, maybe you'll finally understand what I've been saying. "

{{...FADE OUT..}}

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