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New WWA Signing!


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May 26, 2011
London, England

The World Wrestling Alliance is proud to announce that ‘The Unblemished’ Pete Sorzmo has signed a deal with the company. Despite the deal only having been completed a mere few hours ago, WWA sources indicate that Sorzmo has already been pencilled in for a debut match very soon.

When asked for comment on the signing, new WWA owner was his usual effervescent self: “I don’t know this guy. He might be crap. I am told he is not. Certainly he doesn’t compete at my level, but none do. I will continue to scout for great talent around the world; specifically in Canada, the greatest sports country there is.”

Sorzmo, meanwhile, was very excited about his new home and had some choice words for the WWA:

“I am very excited to get back into the ring and show wrestling fans what REAL wrestling is. I am very tired of people being misled by the wrestlers of today. The moves that these, quote on quote, wrestlers attempt in the ring today are a disgrace to wrestling and what wrestling once was. Parents, you no longer have to worry about the disgust that you are used to hiding your kids from when they turn on a WWA event ; for I, Pete Sorzmo, am here to clean up not only the wrestling industry but the World Wrestling Alliance.”
Sorzno’s signing is a continuation of WWA’s efforts to sign the best talent out there in the wrestling world. For more breaking news, visit:


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