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Aug 26, 2008

-- really enjoyed the opening segment. Especially how mysterious the speech was compared to how clear the actions were. Great juxtaposition there.

-- Harmen & Cancer on the mike was a really cool segment. Loved Harmen pulling apart history and the fan's appreciation, how they've driven the demise of their heroes. I love how Cancer spoke about the sickness of the company and that the heart was long gone. Interested to see how this relationship pans out if Cancer hangs by Harmen's side or has a feud of his own to sink his teeth into. Harmen & Cancer seem destined to collide. I can see one agenda getting in the way of the other with a dramatic explosion.

-- Digging PEEDUB all over the card. He's such an interesting character. Especially in a role of authority.

-- Good showing for K2. Interested to see what becomes of The Macbry on the Frontier given the complexity of the character. He seems already injected into trouble with Stratton so a great runway for him to takeoff wit. K2 seems to be picking up some really great momentum.

-- Langston is also building some great speed here. PEEDUB double dipping Teddy was pretty cool, especially given Teddy's reaction. Smart win for Da Man. Poor referee. Why is PEEDUB digging such a deep grave for himself? Is it sad I mark out every time Teddy Angerbash's some poor schmuck?

-- The triple threat triple tag team match was awesome. I loved how all the craziness interlayed and touched into what previously happened during the card. There were lots of rad moments in that match. Loved PEEDUB threatening to eject the Beautiful Blondes to encourage Cash to become involved. I loved how EACH individual/team got their moment in the sun. The ending was just great. Really well played.

-- The end was cool, too. Even if I do say so myself.

Really good solid card from top to toe with a story for the card itself along with playing to the full stories which are going on. Great work. I really love this format, too. Really like the digging with analysis. Great work.


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Jun 5, 2007
The thread that many people are starting to come after Eddie is very interesting as the presidency shows signs of cracking - Nice to see it's not just the 'Big Bad' in Cancer and Jack as well with Teddy Alexander bringing in his equivalent of Bill Alfonso in a sense (but Herpin probably has better dental hygiene :p). Teddy pinning Legion was good as well - Voss has been doing very well with the monster 'Kaiju' and it'll be good to see how Legion plans his revenge while he helps the Graverobbers overcome the Dragons.

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