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Aug 26, 2008

-- sick beats from old Plain Brown Rapper. Nice debut for Los Olvidados. Looking forward to seeing them grow into the tag scene here on the Frontier.

-- enjoyed the match between Cash and K2. I would have liked to have seen K2 just dominate that match though. I think he's far better than the Cash competition but it was still an enjoyable match.

-- REALLY liked the Cancer/Langston match. Was perfect for what that storyline required. Was a great result for all involved and gives some steam to progress with. I'm digging seeing where this is going.

-- loved the spanner in the works. I didn't even think of this angle until the words were coming out of the mouth. Hot diggity! Looking forward to seeing how that unfurls and it's the injection the World title needed, IMO. Well played!

-- liked the progression for the TV division in the Hollywood/Legion match. Good to see some steam building there as they figure out contenders.

-- and the TV division builds up some more pent up rage and I'm really intrigued by the way this storyline plays out. I honestly am not sure which way it's going to go but it's engaging and entertaining so I'm happy going along with the ride. A solid match but mostly it's pay-off is building that division further.

-- Ocho's back! Ocho's back! Enjoyed his return and enjoyed the test that it brought. Nice touch with the message from the old disgruntled manager and I'm excited to see where this is going.

Great show!


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Apr 16, 2012
St. Louis, MO
Sweet show, brahs!

- I love when jobbers get wrinkles of personality added in. Mystery Meat as a master beatboxer is one of my favorite revelations. Good to see another tag team enter the fray, and Cabron (and his many other aliases) is a badass character who will be awesome to have around here.

- I agree with a lot of the commentary and the story from the KK/Cash match, depicting Kuroyama as one of the hungry blue chippers who is ready for the next level. Langston has a similar thing going in the next match, though he has more of a direct feud going with Cancer. I could really easily see a perpetual Kuroyama/Langston rivalry where maybe they don't directly face off all the time, but their career arcs will be in parallel.

- CASTOR THROWING A WRENCH IN THINGS! Very good stuff, and hope to see some good stuff from Ford in response.

- Interesting twist to see Legion in singles action without his Graverobbers and getting the big W (even if it did include shenanigans from Malik). Curious to see what direction Legion takes from this as a character - he may not be about holding titles, but that outcome plus seeing the Malik/Blaine match on the next show, I could definitely buy into Legion interjecting himself more in the TV title division.

- Shaniqua pinned Stratton (!) and holy moley this adds to the idea that the TV title is in serious contention from a wide number of angles. Good all-around chaos from these two matches here.

- I'm back! And I love how much the ring rust/"is he still hurt?" issues were brought up. Excited to keep this train a-rollin'.

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