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No, Rudy... Of Course Not


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Jan 1, 2000
[font color= black] Michael Plett is regrouping from a loss at On Time in Kansas City. Not a loss against Lance Liezure - a guy he would go on the record as saying has the potential to go far - No, Plett's loss at On Time is one he MUST regain before he gets off this Road to Fish Fund... he has to find a way to make a pit stop and pick up the trust and the fans that he has been gaining...[font color= red]

RS:[font color= black]
Mike... I don't want to ask this, but it's my job... Has Wicked Sight turned to the GXW?

He still hasn't showered or even thrown his hair back - he's standing in the doorway of his dressing room, black hair hanging over his face and his biceps elongated as they hang seemingly to the ground. But as Rudy asks this question - RUDY *** ****** SEITZER, Mike's own friend... his face lights up.
[font color= red]MP:[font color= black] Of course not, Rudy... you think after all the blood I've given the CSWA... you think after the sweat I've given these great fans... Do you REALLY think after all the time I spent defending our name to the GXW that I would turn my back on the guys in the back? Does anyone out there REALLY believe that Michael Plett's color is yellow? Or that I'd support a bunch of guys that's only motto to wrestling is "X-Treme"? "X-Treme" is a synonym for "sh**** workrate", Rudy...

GUNS... you think you're getting to my head? You think by turning the locker room on me, and turning the fans on me, you think you can bring me down?

You're damn right you can. You can play other people's music, blame it on Hornet... And without these CSWA fans, and without guys like Shane Southern and Lawrence Stanley as friends - I would be nothing. But you're games aren't going to fool ANYONE! I'm marching into PrimeTime with my head held high, and no matter what happens, I'm trusting that I can believe in these PEOPLE to support me...

Which brings me TO PrimeTime... Hip Hop Express? Boogie, Inferno, brothers... we used to roll man. We used to run together backstage, we were like a frat. At a time when the only guys that I knew all tucked tail and ran, at a time when The Blade ran like a coward, and Apocalypse and Kevin Powers were way too busy to spend time with me... we hung. At a time when I had been all alone, on the verge of insanity going into Cincinnati to fight Gemini, you guys were there...

And you're going to treat me like you did here tonight, here at On Time?

There will be Hell to pay inside the ring, guys, and no matter if your partner is Carl Brigsby or GUNS himself, the three most willing guys in the CSWA are going to show you just why the FREAKS run the pageantry!

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