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Mar 17, 1988
My plan is not to release all the names of the competitors until we release them in full or release the brackets. We will post a thread with all the wrestler profiles at some point so you can see your competitor, get some bio info and see the sample roleplay to use to kick things off with.

However in the meantime, I'll keep a running tally here of how many wrestler profiles we've received as we try and get up to at least the magic number of 64 and get this thing started.

You can feel free to announce in discussion who you've signed up for the tournament, etc.
  • As of 4/7 2:00am: 20 spots taken
  • As of 4/6 4:00pm: 12 spots taken
  • As of 4/6 2:00am: 5 spots taken
    • Includes Eli Flair (announced in press release)
    • Includes members of DEFIANCE, IWF, ACW and a wildcard former ULTRATITLE Champion
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