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One And Out


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Jul 8, 1998
Sierra Vista, Arizona
DISCLAIMER: I did get Mad Dog approval!

CUTTO: A black screen appears on the screen and red lettering starts to appear.

One And Out

Ring Announcer: And your winner, moving on to the second round, HEENNNNNNRRRRRYYYYYY DYLLLAAAAANNNNNNN!!!!!

That was the sound Kevin Powers heard just moments after being rolled up by his opponent. To Powers and the rest of the crowd, Powers had control leading up to that moment. Managing to fight his way out of Dylan's Stranglehold, Powers was about to hit the slingshot powerbomb, otherwise known as Kiss the Canvas, on the newcomer and make his way on to round two.

But not everything is what it seems.

Dylan made his way out of the ring and started to head towards the back stopping for a brief moment here and there to take in the reaction of the crowd. While the victor embraced the spoils, the defeated Kevin Powers continued to sit in the ring in utter amazement. First looking left and eventually looking towards his right, Powers was in shock that his drive to the ULTRATITLE came to an abrupt end, but not a total surprise. Brushing himself off, Powers got back to his feet and raised his hand to the crowd which got a decent size of approval back from the audience. As he made his way out of the ring, Powers slowly made his way to the back, but he too also stopped to take in the cheers one more time ... one last time. Powers gave one last wave to the wrestling fans before disappearing behind the curtain and making his way towards the back.

He shook hands with a few standing near the gorilla position and shared a laugh or two before making his way towards the open area leading back to the locker room, but before he could wipe the sweat from his brow he was confronted by Rudy Seitzer with cameraman in tow.

RS: Kevin Powers a moment of your time please ...

Although he didn't want to do it, Powers knew it would be best to give one last interview before hanging up his boots forever. "What the heck", he thought to himself. "One last go and it's back to business where business is good. I can do this at least." Powers stopped in his tracks just as Seitzer made his way next to him and begun to do what he does best.

RS: "Good God" Kevin Powers you just put on one heck of a match with Henry Dylan. It was back and forth and it looked like you was about to make the move, but one counter later and Dylan continues on. Now, what is in everyone's mind is what is next for Kevin Powers? Are you back in the sport for good or is this the final act for The Emperor of Hardcore?

KP: Rudy, I'm not gonna lie ... Dylan and I put on one heck of a match and he caught me with a roll up. Any other day I kick out and I take it right back to him, but on this given day Henry Dylan was the better man and the hungry continues to stalk the prey which is known as the ULTRATITLE. As for me? It was a one time deal. I've got a business to run and we're doing great things you know? It was great to entertain one more time, but to make the career move back to wrestling? At my age? I just don't think ...

Erik Zieba: That's just it Kevin. You just don't think!

The voice was heard off camera, but Kevin knew the voice all too well. As the camera panned to the right, Powers turned towards the same direction and came face to face with his manager and former Extreme Wrestling International owner Erik Zieba.

KP: Zieba, don't start with me OK? I couldn't find your title and I'm not in the tournament any more. It's over.

EZ: (smirking) Over? I saw that match ... it barely even started! Let me put your mind at ease first Kev. That title? Don't worry about it. I wasn't surprised to know that Gemini was the one that got his greedy steroid mitts on it, but I was surprised on how I got it back. All I remember is a package with the title and a note inside that read "We're Sorry". I would go and thank him for all of this but he (ahem) THEY, like you, got a early ticket out of the tournament. Now he can go back to whatever insane asylum he dug his way out of and just sit there and wonder W-W-W-D.


EZ: Yeah Rudy, What Would Winners Do? I'd ask Kevin here the same question, but ... OH THAT'S RIGHT! I can't now can I?

KP: (Deep sigh) Look, I get it. I lost, but you got the title back. We're good OK?

EZ: Well, you didn't get the title back for me, but you know what? We're good. I mean I'm not the one that's gonna have a difficult time sleeping over this.

KP: what do you mean?

EZ: What do I mean ... cute. You see, when I leave out of this arena it doesn't matter where I go cause I'll have a clear mind, but you big man? YOU?!? Oh, that's a different story there isn't it? No matter where you go you're gonna have to carry the thought of your last match being a loss. And, not only a loss, but one in which you got outsmarted! You had total control, but one slip up later ... roll up and done! The big bad Double G KP backs up all his talk and hype with the image of shoulders on mat and eyes towards the lights. It might be better that you go back to your successful business since success isn't exactly a word associated with you within the squared circle!

Powers, hearing enough, reaches towards Zieba and grabs him by the shirt backing him up against the wall until he his close enough to look him directly in his eyes.

KP: Stop it ... stop it now!

EZ: OR WHAT KEVIN? You're the would've, should've, could've, but just can't do it poster child for wrestling! Don't get mad at me because I brought the truth to you. You've heard the whispers behind your back? Hell, you proved it in the ring tonight! ALL THAT HYPE ... GONE! Can you say anything? ANYTHING?

Powers continues to shoot Zieba an angry look but slowly starts to release his grip and slowly makes his way back from the scene. Brushing off his jacket and readjusting his tie, Zieba takes a long hard look at Kevin Powers before throwing him another smirk.

EZ: Our contract? It's over. You're a free man Kevin Powers so do what you like, but know this. That last shred of dignity and respect was just taken away from you by Henry Dylan and only because you flat out handed it to him. Live with that Good God and let me know how that feels.

Zieba shoots one more stare at Powers before walking off towards the right. Powers looks on before raising his right hand to his nose and squeezing the upper part of it while closing his eyes. Turning back towards his left, Powers is bumped by an oncoming Shamon and Disco Midget. Powers and Shamon brush eachother back and give each other a stare.

Shamon: Heee Heee! How's it going Kenny Powers? I saw your match and oowww it didn't look good. Looked just as bad as your Eastbound and Down ratings. Too bad that wasn’t renewed. Owww uhhh! Now how about you move aside and let Shamon show you how a real man gets it done.

Shamon grabs his crotch and lets out a loud scream of “HOOOOO” then brushes right past a speechless Powers ...

Disco Midget: (turns around) Mr. Powers, you couldn't even win your match for (put his pinkie to his lips) ONE MILLION DOLLARS!!!

With the sounds of Disco Midget laughing and Shamon singing "You knock me right off my feet ... WOOOOO", Powers just looks off towards the distance with a look of disbelief.

KP: .... I need to make a phone call


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