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ONSLAUGHT I: New York, NY - 11/23/05

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Sep 11, 1997
Katy, TX
These will be short and sweet - dark match results from before Black Dawn.

Boogie Smallz vs. Jack Owyns

Jack Owyns' attempted comeback from Boogie's early offense was short-lived as Boogie Smallz took this one home. Smallz used his power advantage to overwhelm the smaller Owyns for most of the match, taking the pinfall after a Power Bong at around the seven minute mark.

Winner: Boogie Smallz

"Da Bomb" Mike Evers vs. Mike Diamond

Mike Diamond had control early on, but it was the technical prowess of Mike Evers that would impress on this night. A German suplex-dragon suplex combo gave him control around the eight minute mark and shortly thereafter he finished with 'Da Powerbomb', his sit-down powerbomb pinning combo.

Winner: "Da Bomb" Mike Evers

"Phenomenal" Frankie Scott vs. The Sergeant

The match of the night, these two put on a show to warm up the Madison Square Garden crowd. Frankie Scott was all over Sergeant to start the match, dazzling the crowd with aerial maneuvers and looking none the worse for wear after his long layoff. The Sergeant for his part looked crisp, landing several high impact maneuvers to take control about half way through. In the end, the finish came when Frankie Scott rolled up Sergeant from behind but was caught trying to use the ropes for leverage by the referee. After the break, Scott was arguing with the referee allowing The Sergeant to roll him up from behind for the surprise three count.

Winner: The Sergeant
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